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  1. Have you tried optical connection for audio? Tends to be clean from noise.
  2. Well my music source of choice at the minute is charity shops. Recently picked up 16 Jazz CDs for the princely sum of £4 I won't be rushing to look for them on Vinyl. Once you get your system good enough there is very little sound difference between media.
  3. Have a look here https://www.hifirepair.co.uk/shop
  4. I have 2 MC cartridges on the go currently a Hana SL and a modded Denon DL103 Rehoused in a Cocobolo body to match the Apparition 12" tone arm with a Shibata stylus. The Denon is installed currently. I have to say it's the winner. The Hana is very good but a bit polite and neutral. The Denon tracks brilliantly with the Shibata and has more punch and excitment. Just gives more life to the music.
  5. Did you wind some of those inductors yourself?
  6. Now that really is a man cave! There could be Trolls lurking down the back and you wouldn't know.
  7. This is getting quite surreal, ornaments, workout space in a garage, bowls of porridge. Perhaps I should show the speakers in the downstairs Loo for those long periods sitting? (Have I spelt that right?)
  8. Not convinced of the viability of a format without overnight stay. It's just too much faff to fit into one day. We just need to find a suitable central UK venue. I'm sure one of these seedy hotels currently running on asylum seeker takeover could accomodate us.
  9. So the isolation radio tray came this morning. Package still sealed from the year dot. As you suggested isolation units full encased in greas and in mint condition. I don't have a use for it yet but I'll hang on till the need arises. Do you know what weight each of the mounts is optimised for?
  10. All ancient stuff but it sounds pretty good.
  11. Judging by the last bake off I went to - to annoy you by being big, cumbersome and too short.
  12. I've seen a video of that but never seen one in the metal. Do tell us how you get on with the refurb.
  13. You've convinced me! I don't need any isolators at the moment but I thought it would be interesting to try. One ordered.
  14. When I went off to Uni we were all keen to get a HiFi. Standard setup was a Sansui AU101 with a Pioneer PL12D plus speakers of choice.
  15. I think it was the flat aboves under floor heating
  16. Beautifully matched pair of Ditton 44s see second picture https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/194525472224?hash=item2d4a9f25e0:g:wlAAAOSwcCdhnRNr
  17. Big thanks to Julian and Diane had a lovely day. Good to catch up with people not seen since Scalford days.
  18. I intend to bring a Guy Sargeant Valve phono stage, a 1:6 Partridge SUT and a Hana SL. Look forward to seeing you all Saturday.
  19. Scroll down this thread for a list of players compatible with SACD ripping. https://hifihaven.org/index.php?threads/rip-sacd-with-a-blu-ray-player.3652/
  20. I wanted this combo and also the ability to rip SACDs. Ended up with a Sony model that did the ripping off ebay for the princely sum of £40.
  21. These people have a good range of guaranteed used kit at reasonable prices. https://www.hifirepair.co.uk/shop
  22. Standard pick up colours are Red : Right positive (+) Green : Right negative (-) White : Left positive (+) Blue : Left nnegative (-) Some arm cabling has an extra black that is shield soldered to the arm.
  23. Perfect Christmas present for a youngster that wants to get into vinyl. I recently passed on the Tandberg TR200 I bought in 1973 to my daughter for her starter audio system. Great little receiver still going strong.
  24. You probably need to reset your Ciscos to factory default. Something like this, you haven't specified model https://www.datacentreplus.co.uk/support/knowledge-base/reset-a-cisco-2960-switch-to-factory-default-settings/
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