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  1. High quality adaptor in perfect condition - £5.00 including postage.
  2. I have a brand new Mogami 2964 Digital Coax cable 1mtr long fitted with Neutrik RCA connectors. £20.00 including postage.
  3. Audioquest Dragontail Micro USB to USB A. Perfect condition as only a couple of months old. £12.00 including postage.
  4. After slimming my headphone system down over the last few months, I have now decided to go completely mobile with it, hence the sale of my KTB. This is a superb USB DAC, punching way above it's relatively cheap price and will certainly give much more expensive DACs a good run for their money's. It fitted into the Audiophonics case and is supplied with an Audioquest Forest USB C to A cable which is 0.75 mtrs long. I have been using my Android phone as a source and it really has worked superbly and sounds amazing to my ears:D. A Raspberry Pi is another good source, with the KTB plugging straight into one of the USB ports. All items are a couple of months old and are in perfect condition with the new price being approximately £140.00 including the case and USB cable. I'm looking for £100.00 including UK postage.
  5. I've been using a KTB for a month now fed from my phone via a USB cable, sounds great and I don't notice any harshness.
  6. Evening Ronnie, Just thinking about this again as not tried yet, can you please give me a bit more info on how you control volume when using headphones? I currently use my Android phone into the KTB. Cheers, Bill
  7. I have a brand new 1mtr pair of Mogami 2549 if of interest - £25.00 including postage. I like to think they are a bit of a bargain
  8. I've not used any Audeze headphones, but I wouldn't think twice about recommending an NJC Reference Headphone Amp. There are 3 gain settings and I believe it will drive virtually any headphones. Around £400 new, so plenty of change left over
  9. Last reduction before I try eBay - £15.00 each including delivery.
  10. I have two brand new 1mtr Mogami 2964 Digital Coax Cables for sale. I'm looking for £20.00 each including 2nd Class postage.
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