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  1. I have a pair of Mogami 2964 interconnects that are no longer required. They are 250mm long including the Neutrik connectors. They are nice and flexible, so easily routed in tight spaces. Excellent condition. £15.00 including postage.
  2. Sounds promising, please let me know if you do find one and are ready to move on your regular Digione.
  3. Sounds promising, please let me know if you do find one and are ready to move on your regular Digione.
  4. Everyone has a different opinion on cables, especially USB (and mains). For me USB cables have the same affect as any other interconnects, but I don't bother with blind testing though. I think the Chord cable is a very good cable and sounds natural to my ears. It's always been my USB cable of choice in the past, but in my current system and the way I have it set up, I need a very short cable. In answer to your question, yes I think it's very much worth the asking price and being a secondhand price, you can move on at no or little loss if it's not right for you I have sent you a pm.
  5. I bought this recently, but have now found a shorter cable that I was originally looking for, hence sale. It is in excellent condition and includes the box. £28.00 plus postage.
  6. Thanks for your help Ronnie, much appreciated 👍 It's running Volumio and been playing most of the day. I've just added the 'System Information' plugin and can see the temp is 50degC - I guess this is OK?
  7. I have recently bought a R-Pi 4 and have it in a Flirc case, do I need to worry that it gets quite hot? Cheers, Bill
  8. 4-way Permaplug mains block with the neon light removed with 25cm Mark Grant DSP 2.5 mains lead (I know it's a bit short, but worked perfectly for my set-up) Excellent condition £25.00 including postage.
  9. I have been using the headphone amp for a couple of years and have recently bought the DAC. Not only are they handmade to the highest quality, the customer service is fantastic, always going above and beyond what you would expect and they sound amazing.
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