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  1. on the bay now at £495 but still availble to wammers for £450 or a maybe a little less, offers invited
  2. Last bump, if it doesnt go in the next couple of days i will list it on the bay at £495. New ones are about £650 on there. So still a big saving.
  3. Unbelievable prices, last young dac mk1 i saw sell went for £500 +pp
  4. £450 includes robust double boxing the orginal packaging, shipping via UPS (with the parcel hand delivered to their depot - not left in a corner shop) and full value transit insurance. In simple terms everything to ensure the dac reaches the buyer in first class condition. I strive to sell in the same way that I like to recieve.
  5. Topping D70S Dac for sale £450 delivered UK Basically as new with original box leads and instructions, The BT aerial is in the box I never used it. · MQA USB DAC with Bluetooth support. · Balanced or Single Ended output · Internal Linear Power Supply · Operates as DAC or Digital Pre Amp Probably because the D90 stole the limelight over the D70, This Dac the D70S seems to be a bit under the radar, with dual AKM AK4497 at its heart it reportedly measures better than the D90, sounds more like an R2R dac than most other Delta Sigma dacs. Design wise it looks to be significant improvement on the earlier D70, one reviewer called it a D80 !! Is double boxed and ready for shipping via UPS NB the grey blotch is on the camera lens, it needs a clean
  6. I use these too, figure disputes will be no worse than with courier but costs are way way lower like under 1%
  7. Though 9.1 were mains 9.0 surrounds,
  8. Not sure about this route, 9.1,for sure but 9.0 maybe not the way to go for stereo
  9. Many thanks for all the suggestions and advice, looks like wharfdale diamonds are the way to go, there is a pair of 8.1 on the bay at £60 which is tempting but I am away so cant take delivery, start looking in seriousness when I get back
  10. Great speakers, i have a pair in my second system driven by a meridian 101/103b/104 but somewhat ott for what I had in mind
  11. I have small class d single input class d integrated and a topping e30 dac sitting unused and am thinking that coupled with a pair of small speakers they might work well in a budget phone/laptop based set up for a friends daughter. But which speakers, will need to be mint condition so new or newish, small and cheap. Jbl control one, wharfdale 9? Not really my area of expertise, any suggestions?
  12. 10 years ago I sold my TL12.1 pair to pay off the mortgage
  13. Guess its all about synergy, it could be that its my speakers, impulse h2, that need the valves. I know the top end was too bright when i used ss pre and chord power amps with them.
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