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  1. Craig, That's the best price I have ever seen for this wonderful player. I hope whatever is replacing it is as good. If it is a CD7 please make sure it is before you change Apparently, there were only 500 CD12 made - a subset of these being the LE model you have. In today's money this would cost more than £8k! They don't build them like this anymore.
  2. Hi Alex, Sorry I missed your post. The CD80 is sold, but I have several other TDA1541A-based players if you want to pick up by PM.
  3. Hi there, I did not retain records of the serial numbers, but reckon you have had very good fortune in finding two closely matched units. I agree with your assessment of the performance of this combo - the only thing detracting from mine were a few failed segments in the LED display of the transport. I will see if I can find it again, but I am pretty certain that I found in an old HiFi magazine that these units were originally on sale around 1992/1993. They weren't cheap either. I also had a few Cambridge Audio CD2 players. None stayed functional for long as they were very temperamental, but the audio performance was sensational.
  4. I've got the main board from a Marantz CD75 mk2. It is intact and has the usual chip complement together with the classic TDA1541A chip. This has been unused for many years and I have no way of testing now. Please feel free to contact me by PM if of any interest.
  5. Thanks for these. I had the same combo a handful of years ago and loved the dynamic presentation. I was brave enough to remove the heat shield from the TDA1541A chips and confirmed they were all matching date codes (1988) S1 chips.
  6. I have recently been experiencing the same thing - stereo image skewed to the right. This is independent of speakers, amps and sources as I have tried several of each. Altering speaker positioning has helped, but not eliminated this effect. I now realise that my listening chair is responsible - it is a large armchair which wraps around at ear height. I tend to sit over to one side. When I sit way forward perfect stereo imagery is restored. Might some similar interaction be at play with the OP?
  7. Chris, Many thanks for the kind words. The highly modified Marantz CD80 that I got from you is going strong. I am just thinning out my classic CD player collection so others can enjoy their many charms.
  8. Bump and price reduction to £225 delivered within the UK
  9. Just to add, this is the model with fixed and variable outputs. The variable output is controllable via the remote that operates a motorised Alps pot.
  10. This heavyweight player was Ken Ishiwata's first full design for Marantz. It features the classic TDA1541A S1 specially selected (single crown) DAC chip and the Philips CDM1 mk2 mechanism. This example is in excellent cosmetic and operational condition. I have owned a number of these players over the years and this is by far the best. The item is located in Northern Ireland, but I can package very well for transport. I am looking for ***now £225*** to include delivery within the UK. Please PM me for further details and photos.
  11. Agreed - classic Marantz players are hard to beat. I have a mint Marantz CD80 going spare, should that fit the bill.
  12. Years ago a local HiFi shop was selling several Marantz CD11LE and CD12 players Marantz had found at the back of a storeroom during a stocktake. I spent a great few hours listening to both, but was a student at the time and could afford neither. Listening to the CD12 that afternoon was one of my great HiFii moments. I recall asking the guy in the shop which he would choose and he said the CD11LE as it was newer and used bitstream.
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