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    SBT....qnap ts-112
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  1. Looks interesting.
  2. meridian man

    JBL K2 9800

    Give us a loaner, take very good care of them here in Dublin.
  3. My hours in work reduced by half! Oh well life goes on.
  4. A nice few on this site.
  5. This is such sad news, a true visionary. The audio world is now a lesser place. God bless, R.I.P.
  6. Im not going to read it, im just sick and tired of this climate carry on.
  7. I will still never but a sonos product or similar again.
  8. Its a bit like the logitech sbt, im so glad i bought a dac instead of a sonos port, when they pull the plug on my play1 im done with sonos.
  9. Are you saying your phone/ipad is acting as the middle man and if they were powered down the music would stop?
  10. Maybe this, looks great.
  11. Well i hooked it up today as a replacement for my cheap ebay dac €12 that does tv duties and its such an improvement just watching regular tv with it. Im going to get a spidf cable soon so i can use my chromecast audio to listen to spotify through the schiit dac. Bargain!