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  1. So this new naim tt will be bought by ones of people from here or anywhere else, so its business as usual for naim. I'm upset it's not more expensive, so I could slag them off even more.
  2. It looks impressive, If I was in the market for a new turntable I'd get the technics over the rega planar 6. Enjoy
  3. €4000. Rose RS150
  4. This covid has done so much damage to legitimate dog breeding, the demand and illegal (gangster) breeding is horrific, and will be for years to come. Inbreeding is rampant and I'd guess the life span and long term health of a "pedigree" is severely reduced. Example of price, I bought a cavalier king Charles about 10 years ago for €350, now they are looking for €1800/€2100, so you can see how lucrative it is for the gangsters and their breeding farms.
  5. Will there be a national holiday in the uk?
  6. I've downloaded BBC Sounds and so far think it's a very good package. Hopefully we won't lose access to it here in Ireland come march the 21st.
  7. Naim have been using Brexit even before Brexit to increase their prices. https://www.cymbiosis.com/2016/11/advance-warning-naim-price-rise-imminent/
  8. John darko thinks spotify won't increase its price for the hifi subscription.
  9. Naim increasing its price by 20%???
  10. Its comical that its advertised as CD quality, didn't we have cd quality for the last 30years! Where is the progress in audio.
  11. Ah this is so sad. Colin emailed me a few years back wanting to know my address as he wanted to lend me a cartridge or two, as I posted here about upgrading my rega. So a few days later they arrived and it turns out I bought one after his loan. It was such a brave and kind thing to do to an internet stranger living in a different country. After that, colin was a man I had a lot of respect for and enjoyed his posts. RIP
  12. No, everything above €22 euro. Come july it will charge vat, duties etc, on everything, this is the grace period.
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