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  1. I'd suggest to be covid safe, don't lick the item's you bought and wash your hands.
  2. Nice deal. But buying old hat. This should of being the original price.
  3. Evening all, have any wammers taken up Google's offer with their latest smartphones, order before a certain date and claim a free set of bose qc35 II headphones. Looks like a good deal but how good are their phones?.
  4. I've my spare amps under the bed and in the wardrobe, never in the attic.
  5. Is it not just the grease gone hard from sitting idle for years.
  6. meridian man

    SME model 6

    Rather a rega planar 10.
  7. Do you find the music through spotify disconnects sometimes and you have to wait a few mins before you can play again? Is there any good, audiophile grade streaming devices around the £500/£800 mark?
  8. A bit of bling.
  9. Tell him to go jump, it's not like your house is attached to his.
  10. Wow, £700 for the hiline cable, that is some incredible inflation!!
  11. Looks interesting.
  12. meridian man

    JBL K2 9800

    Give us a loaner, take very good care of them here in Dublin.