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    Kenwood KP-1100
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    Kenwood & AT33PTG/II
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    in-built in amp
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    Raspberry Pi4
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    Pioneer BDP-450
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    Chord Qutest
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    Yamaha A-S1100
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  1. Yes, long since sorted on the DAC front, thanks.
  2. Thanks but I'll have to pass.
  3. I'd quite like to get my hands on a cheap MiniDisc deck. I've been scouring Gumtree/Evilbay but I have no discs with which to test a machine in the event of a purchase. Does anyone have a disc or two they could spare that I could use for that purpose?
  4. Thought this may be of interest to Topping fans:
  5. norliss


    Talked to a girl in a HiFi store. She was really cute but seemed a bit young. She said "Don't worry I've been active for a good while". To which I said "Really? Since when?" She said "Since I got my LS50s about 2 years ago".
  6. norliss


    I met her in a bar when I was chatting to some fellow audiophile friends. She seemed keen to come back to my place with minimal effort from me, which was great. Although my hopes were dashed when we got in and she said "I can't wait to sample this dac you've been going on about".
  7. norliss


    It was big, thick and so powerful it made her howl with delight. Alas she was greedy: "Are you going to get a second subwoofer?" she asked.
  8. norliss


    I thought it was the beginning of a meaningful relationship but quickly realised she only came around for a Bang (& Olufsen).
  9. norliss


    She'd just moved in and I went around to help her. We were meant to prioritise the kitchen but one thing led to another. I pushed it in as much as I could to which she just kept saying "Deeper, deeper". I told her we needed to leave space around the back for the cables.
  10. norliss


    She invited me around and asked if I fancied a bit? I told her I was more of a PCM guy so politely declined.
  11. norliss


    She was the adventurous type and immediately said she wanted to try something different. So there I was fumbling around and I just couldn't get it in. Boy do I hate TOSLINK connectors.
  12. norliss


    She was ok but a real size queen. After the first time she came around, she complained that 6.5" wasn't enough for her. She said she couldn't be happy with a guy with anything less than 10"... ...drivers.
  13. norliss


    She was quite a shy girl and wanted to take no chances. She asked me to use a good, tight fit without risk of anything slipping off.... .... so I swapped out the RCA for a BNC connection.
  14. norliss


    Boy she was really hot but liked to overdo it. The first time she came around she blew my.... ....tweeters.
  15. Thought I'd start some audio-related innuendo-type gags. Here's a few to get you going (oooerr)....