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  1. I think anyone that has read any of my posts here (or anywhere else) will have noticed that I'm never confrontational nor offensive to anyone. I enjoy learning and hearing the opinions of others, regardless of whether I agree with them. But I'll break my 'code' on this one occasion because I just have to say that @Klassik - in constantly talking about yourself in the third person you sound like a complete and total 24 carat bell-end.
  2. Pretty sure that on a number of occasions he's said that the money should be primarily spent on the hardware ie speakers, amp etc and that tweaks and upgrades like wires and cables should be the last thing upon which to spend. I think you're misrepresenting him somewhat.
  3. So I made a purchase. I got a lovely old JVC QL-7 from a very nice bloke of this parish @BB Wan who was nice enough to deliver it to me. It's set up and running nicely
  4. Having seen a Technics SL-10 in the 'flesh' as it were, I'm quite taken with them (and the similar SL-7) and think that it would be ideal as a second table. In part because the whole ethos of it (closed lid, linear tracking arm) is different to what I already have and also because its tiny footprint definitely makes it easier on the storage front.
  5. Thanks for all your replies. Still 🕵
  6. It's sans tonearm and cover, unfortunately.
  7. My current table has been on the blink for a while and the plan is to take it to be repaired over the weekend. If I'm really lucky and it's something super-simple I might be able to bring it back with me but in all likelihood it will be away for a bit. Regardless, I like the idea of having a backup table so am on the lookout for something. I have a particular predilection for direct-drive (ergo Japanese) so I'm looking for one of these. Some models would appeal more than others, but it's really a question of what's about. I'd like a complete unit and not something sans-tonearm because I don't really want to go down the rabbit hole and/or be messing about fitting arms for what is almost certainly to be a back-up table. I'm quite intrigued by linear trackers and something like a Technics SL-10 (and similar models) could be beneficial for storage reasons due to the smaller footprint. I've become something of a Luxman fan of late and would doubtless be enamored with one of their DD machines. I appreciate that the Japanese weren't the only purveyors of DD tables so would be willing to consider something like a Dual too. I'd rather something that was mid-range upwards i.e. I'd rather steer clear of the lower-end machines if possible. The inevitable (and understandable!) question will be "what's the budget?" In all honesty I wasn't planning to spend a huge amount but I could be tempted to spend a bit more depending on the table. Put it this way: as much as the idea of owning a Kenwood L-07D, a Technics SL-1000 (or any other equivalent juggernaut) appeals, the asking price for such machines is likely to be an order of magnitude more than I'm willing to shell out right now! So I'm interested in hearing what's out there and go from there....
  8. Steve Guttenburg reviews some Accuphase:
  9. Yeah, why would anyone do that? Norliss never does
  10. I stuck this on when I saw your post. It's good stuff: very King Crimson-esque of which I'm a huge fan.
  11. Was listening to this: and just switched gears somewhat to:
  12. Just listened to this: And now on this:
  13. How's the job at the EHRC going?
  14. I'm a big Yamaha fan; colour me envious! I got back into cassette last year and would have loved a KX-1200 alas have had to make do with a mere KX-580SE!
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