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  1. For some reason I thought you already had one of those. Or did you have one and sell it?
  2. Looking to buy a medium-sized van i.e. Ford Transit or of similar size, ideally standard wheel base as I don't need much room in the back and don't want the extra length making it that bit more difficult to park. Budget approx £5k but have a little flexibility.
  3. As the OP, I declare this thread has officially gone OT
  4. Well yeah - there are absolutely stacks of choices for passive floorstanding speakers but very few for active floorstanders.
  5. It definitely seems to me that active speakers are increasing in number/ popularity but I've noticed they are mostly standmounters. Why are there comparatively so few active floorstanders on the market?
  6. James Brown - Get On The Good Foot
  7. Thanks but I have something now.
  8. Does this phono stage have any way to change gain/ impedance/ capacitance etc? In the photos I've seen I can only see inputs/outputs.
  9. Sounds good but you're a bit of a way from me and I don't have wheels at this moment, unfortunately.
  10. Thanks for replying! Ideally I wanted a plug-and-play solution (at both speeds) so the TD150 and Alphason Solo aren't ideal for me. Shame you have no lid for the 160, but how much are you wanting for that btw?
  11. Yeah, I've read that it was an 'entry level' Luxman. Although entry level for Luxman as Japanese manufacturers go is like entry level for Mercedes vs entry level for Vauxhall!
  12. A few changes over the years, I see! Some lovely photos in there, too. Envious of you having the Luxman PD-272!
  13. Sure, although the turntable is 100v not 110v.
  14. Wow, that's a real blast from the past! I remember those like they were yesterday!
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