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  1. Quite right Bazzer - nicknamed 'The Long Fellow', Lester was 5 8" and used to ride at around 8 stone 7 llbs my then girlfriend's weight. Of course a lot of them probably skipped breakfast - so there was their 16 hours off and 8 hours on. Joe Mercer was born on 25th October 1934, began his riding career in 1947, and rode a total of 2810 winners. He retired from raceriding in 1985. He is still alive today. 5 times champion jockey Doug Smith lived for 72 years. Said to 'posess rare strength in a finish' jockey Jimmy Lindley was born on May 16th 1935 and is still alive today. Jimmy was forced to ride over hurdles for a time due to weight problems and gave up his battlle with the scales to join the BBC commentary team - a path popular today. Lindley was of relatively normal propportions for a jockey. Many jockeys retired from riding and became trainers - the Easterbys from Yorkshire are examples. Mick Easterby was born in 1931 and can still hold a conversation and train a racehorse: two things to note there - longevity and still got his wits about him. Jack
  2. Flat racing resumed in this country on Thursday, much to my delight as I love the game. (I run the odd thread in the Sports section on here.) It had always puzzled me how jockeys, especially on the flat (where weights carried by each horse are smaller) could maintain their health and strength on the minisculist of diets. They usually have frames that could and should have more flesh and so they have to waste and use saunas to maintain their 'racing weight'. Despite all this they are pound for pound some of the strongest athletes on the planet. Furthermore these jockeys seem to go on for ever - Lester Piggot is still with us, Joe Mercer and many others are living and have lived to a ripe old age despite effectively fasting all their lives. The answer has now been made clear by the research done by American Universities as shown by Michael Moseley and the Horizon team. Also, Lord Nitrogen kindly sent me an academic report documenting a whole raft of experimental findings in this field showing how strength, health and brain functions can be maintained and improved by fasting. Before all this scientific research was instigated, professional jockeys were exhibiting all of this in real life. They were doing it. A poached egg for breakfast, a cigar for dinner and a steak for supper (hold the fries). Definitely no snacking. Their livelihood relied on staying light, some as light as 7 stone 10lbs with saddle. It all makes sense now. Jack
  3. Speed: Kameko did a 1m 34.72 Montatham did 1m 35.16. A difference of.44 second per mile instead of the par figure of 1.3 seconds. So Komeko's Guineas will prove a below par renewal.
  4. Jockeys: Not a subject I go into much as I dont think there's much between the top 10 jocks. But Adam Kirby had a 'mare on Shades Of Blue. And I have just seen him give King's Pavilion 2 hefty wacks with the whip when the horse, who had drifted from 20/1 to 50/1, and was clearly not wanted today (something the jockey would surely have some sort of idea about), was dropping out of contention. That's not an ideal first outing of the season. Since KP won both his races with claimers on board -one an amateur - I'll be filing that away for later in the season. His last winning mark was 88 and he will come doown to that from today's 90. Another day.... Meanwhile A. Kirby, who is 0-15 this season and on 8 occasions out of 15 his mounts received a lower RPR than expected, is one to be wary of. (After today make that 0-17 and 10 with a lower RPR.) Jack
  5. 1.Kameko, 2.Wichita, 3.Pinatubo, 4.Military March. The money wasnt far wrong - Wichita reversed with Pinatubo and Arizona (who was 8.5 out to 11+ and very weak) and ran a stormer, Kameko was steady and MM was also well backed in the 48 hours b4 the race. The time will be interesting and, for me, the relative time of the mile handicap is crucial. Kameko has to be 1.3 seconds quicker than the winner of the following handicap. Any bigger margin is obviously credit to the 2ooogns. (Yes, thanks, Makanah did me proud..) Jack
  6. it is currently raining heavily @ HQ and this may be enough to alter the going. I looked at the unpronouncable Alemaratalyoum earlier when looking at King's Pavilion's form, noting two respectable speed figures in soft ground (56, 54). He could benefit from the rain if it gets in to the ground; secondly, the rain wont harm Military March's chance in the Gns, but it wont help Pinatubo, who has consequently eased slightly. KP, a horse i have already backed for the mile handicap, will relish any ease too. Ive had small interests accordingly. The Derby betting is getting a shake-up already with Mishriff overturning the Waldkonig (pron. Valtkonig). 2000gns - It's a pity neither channel has been allowed a member of the team in the parade ring. Racing TV had Nick Luck talking form when each runner came round in the parade when we badly needed a judgement on fitness. Poor - NL is a presenter with excellent grammar but he doesnt know one end of a horse from the other.
  7. 2000 Gns - we have a 'springer'! Punters have got behind Frankie Dettori riding the Ryan Moore reject (we supposed..) Wichita. Wichita has taken over from his stable companion Arizona as the second favourite to hotpot Pinatubo. Wichita has over 4L to find to beat the jolly - that's a very optimistic bet without any 2020 form to go on. As I expected Military March has overtaken Kinross in the betting - he has more solid form in the book and has apparently filled out to be animposing 3 year old. Whereas Pinatubo, pictured on the Morning Line alongside his trainer Charlie Appleberry, looked positively diminutive to these eyes. When asked if his charge had grown during the interim, Appleby was quite guarded and had to choose his words carefully. If you are used to spotting the subtext when trainers and jockeys talk to camera then you might agree with me that Pinatubo has hardly grown an inch. J.
  8. The 'Kitchy Koo' principle: Alan Potts wrote a book entitled 'Against The Odds (the Methods Of a Modern backer)' published by Aesculus. In the 'Strategy' chapter he describes an occasion when he and a punting 'buddy' identified a handicap hurdler running in a race at Warwick with a poor favourite and a couple of 'cant wins' in the field. On some bits of form Kitchy Koo had a chance and had won a similar race of today's mark with the same 7lb claimer aboard. The horse won at 25/1 and neither Alan nor his friend had a bet. From then on Potts held to the following... '..If as a result of your form analysis, you can make a good argument for supporting a long shot, then you must make a bet. The key factor is no bet on such a horse can be expected to fulfill all the exacting criteria that you would apply to a 4/1 shot.... 'It is these bets that most clearly mark out the punter who is betting against the crowd.' Ive always held to this principle because, as Potts states elsewhere in the book, these bets make the difference between a winning and losing season. One such bet I have identified this a.m. is King's Pavilion in the 1 mile handicap following the 2000 guineas. He has decent form in large field 7f and mile races at Grade 1 tracks such as York and Doncaster and a decent speed figure equal to anything in what I regard as a winnable race. He has topweight but is well up to carrying it as he was the winner of an Amateur race last season with 11 stone on his back (minus 5lb claim) and was a winner carrying 10 stone earlier in the season (minus a small claim). The negatives are (1) I havent a clue about the trainer and (2)he didnt do anything formwise early on last season. Ive taken 20 on Betfair to a few quid. Jack
  9. My daughter (remotely) and I are ploughing through 'Alias Grace' - a period North American drama starring (inter alia) Edward Holcroft ('The English Game'). Its showing promise in a dogged way and we are sticking with it. I'd call it a 'psychological drama' (i.e., no car chases and explosions). Also tried the series about O.J. Simpson - naagh. J.
  10. S.of Blue is an excellent shout Antonio. Makanah, my selection in the 5f sprint that opens the card, not only has the excellent Portland form, but will like the ground and won first time out last year. If you look on Betfair at its betting profile (the squiggly line) you willl see it oppened @ 25 yesterday and then dropped to 1.7 before steadying at 12. That was my money at 25 (£4 out of the £11 available). Its trading at 9.6 currently. Aplomb has better form but only in the soft. Mum's Tipple is very interesting on time. (I may have overlooked this one..!).I've given it a 67 when it won the Goff's sales race by 11 lengths. On the downside the second was only 12th n.t.o.. On the other hand the 4th, Piece Of Paradise (debuting) won a small Listed race.. MT was reported to have finished lame in the Middle Park when nearer last than first. MT has the ability to surprise but confidence has to be dented by the fact it only beat Molatham in a threeway photo on its debut and the latter was over 7L behind Military March subsequently in the Group3 Dubai Autumn Stakes. Jack
  11. Saturday's Newmarket card features 10 more races and I have selected a sprinting filly I followed last year. She can win the 1 35 Group3 5f event. This is 'Shades Of Blue' who went close a number of times against better opposition than she meets here. I'm on Makanah @ 25/1 for a sprint handicap (again its the 2019 Portland form) as well as the Guineas pair. Jack NSM
  12. The scintillating victory of Oxted in the Abernant points to Wentworth Falls in the last at Newmarket. WF was 5th behind Oxted in the Portland. Available currently @ 7.6 on Betfair. 2000 gns - money has come for Kenzai Warrior (50 into 34), possibly following the good form of the stable. Pinatubo is still strong. J
  13. Newmarket Fri 5th: Coronation Cup is the main feature (covered above) - no reason to desert AVD as the ground is fast (leading to some withdrawals from the card). The 2 25 has Brando as fav. due to his rating derived from some late season prominent GP 1 showings (2nd and fourth), achieving a speed rating of 58. But he didnt really fire until the autumn was there was give in the ground so he is passed over in favour of Keystroke who won this the Abernant (Group 3) last season and holds Brando on that form. The second fav Oxted is the youngest of the three and made improvement throughout last season but, again, he finished behind Keystroke last year. Emaraarty Anna has been supported but I couldnt find much hard evidence in the form book to back her chance. Keystroke is a big 10/1 for a horse who has beaten his two main rivals and achieved a bigger speed figure twice (63,64). Jack
  14. 2000gns update: Now that all the trainers, jockeys, work riders, scribes and professional punters are on the spot at Newmarket (meeting starts today), the tongues are wagging and this has brought developments in the betting market (which is led by Betfair). Kenzai Warrior cant win (drifted from 30 to 50) and neither can Al Suhail (18.5 out to 25). Pinatubo must be in great shape because he is very strong at the head of the market. I watched the Solario (Group 3) last night and Kameko (many people's idea of the winner and a Group 1 juvenile winner), who finished second to Positive in a photo, struck me as a real 'looker'. Watch out for the paddock watchers drooling over this one in the parade on Saturday. Coronation Cup: This is the middle distance Group 1 for older horses to be held on Friday. Ordinarily this would have been run at Epsom and Defoe (who was last season's winner) would be rightfully short in the betting. But its Newmarket and it is wrongfully short in the betting - everywhere but Epsom last year it returned really poor speed figures. I cant have the Godolfin fav - this has a flying win abroad but has done nothing here and it reminds me of a horse called Benbatl I was sucked into once (to my cost). Stradivarius will be popular but Ive never liked it on time and this trip is too short. They will have their eyes on the Gold Cup and will have an easy time of it on Friday. The winner, by default is Anthony Van Dyke. This is the logical early season target for last year's Epsom Derby winner even though its not at Epsom. Third in the Breeders Cup was only one of a few other smart smart performances last year and this is his day imo. Help yourself to the 9/1 - I have. Jack