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  1. Luckily for me, Baltimore got a result against the Chiefs to go 1 - 1 and not 0 and 2. What a tremendous game! Ose and Jason have taken over the NFL Show on the Beeb as Matt Chapman bows out. I'm not sure that's a good thing. But the result is still better than Channel 5's highlights show which is puerile and disastrous. Jack
  2. I'm in the MF1000 camp I' afraid. A multiway horn system and the profusion of equipment that goes with it (in a confined space, in my case) is not conducive to maximising aesthetic appeal. (And then one man's meat is another man's poison..) Also, kit drawn from different manufacturers and different eras (chosen on SQ criteria and compatibility) is not going to match. For instance, Ive got a TD124 in large ply plinth, with a space age Wilson Benesch Act arm, utilitarian black Iota-by-design 2 box phono underneath, and below that a shiny Ayre pre amp, and then back to black with a pair of Monarchy audio monos on the bottom shelf. (I have been aggravated more and more by that ply plinth - its just not 'right'.) In my case, getting the system actually installed and working was the main priority; but now, admittedly, the visual anomalies are becoming irksome. I had a visit from Speedracer and I showed him the mono. unbalanced room - his comment 'this looks much nicer' (paraphrasing); and he is right. (Lovely shiny German skeletal deck, Tube tech Unisis valve integrated, pair of 845 monos on the bottom shelf (awaiting the winter months for switch on). I suppose I put sonics first and aesthetics second. One thing though - I love the look of almost all valve equipment where the valves are above the surface. Jack NSM
  3. Ive heard Tannoy Canterburys sound very good indeed (@Montesquieu) on the end of top class analogue ancilliaries. Tom's had the crossover mod that is done by the right person. Still a 'vintage' visual vibe though. Jack
  4. Favouring Jez's option at the mo, as Ive got a Sony player I can use as a transport. But thanks for contributing Richard. Jack
  5. Looking for a CD player with balanced circuitry for reasonable money. No need for grandiose facilities - just good working condition. Jack NSM
  6. Any thoughts on what kit will be needed Julian? What's in situ? Size of room? Jack NSM
  7. Mopped up a few' stragglers', having missed the boat early on - very pleased with Blue Note REs at a tenner, by jove. Great Stuff Steve! Jack
  8. There have been some small changes to the system of late. Foremost amongst them was the re-introduction of the First Watt F5 (Joe Henry) clone to the supertweeter level. (Its a ring radiator, not a compression driver though there is a waveguide.) This gets rid of the last vestige of 'unbalancedness', as the Rotel 40w SS, which was doing duty on the very top, though a worthy stand in, has RCA connections only, The benefits have been felt throughout the midrange and top, ridiculous as that may seem as, strictly, you should only hear an improvement above 16KHz; and I swear the system is one click louder. This is a benefit of a completely balanced system - no half-baked interconnects any longer. The Audio Technica has a few more miles on the clock and is now completely run in and Ive replaced a couple of ageing Psvane EL34s for a pair of Winged Cs in the midrange amp. So this is now a fully balanced, class A, 5-way, active, horn system. Jack
  9. Absolutely cracking combination. The Miyajima monos are top class and have an enviable reputation in their sphere. Out of my price bracket for a mono cart unfortunately - I have to make do with a .7mm mono'd Decca (which does the job this Zero does. (Had it been the 1mm spherical I'd have been tearing my hear out with frustration..). You have some special kit on offer at the moment D in D. Jack NSM
  10. I can recommend it. I have the XR4001 (4 way stereo) and the 3 way as well. Jack
  11. Ive heard an SME 10 with an SME 1V and a Cadenza Blue. I was impressed. The accompanying electronics (Modwright/Plinius) and speakers (Revel Studios?, the floorstanders that arent Salons anyway) were very good and the TT fitted right in. I cant comment on the price but its a proper front end you have there. The system belongs to Batterredhaggis of course. GLWS. If by any chance the prospective buyer has no use for the XX2, do drop me a pm.. Jack NSM
  12. Watched the Ravens at home to the Raiders on Channel 5. The Ravens are currently weakened by injuries, though their QB looks as good, if not better. It was a good game marred by some truly infantile and loud linkpersonship in the Channel 5 studio. (The commentary team at the game was exemplary, by contrast.) I knew Baltimore, one of the top 6 sides in the NFL last season, would take a nosedive in the betting for the Superbowl after losing their opening game, so I availed myself of the 27 available on betfair to win £200 to win the whole shebang. (This after hearing their injured players would be back in weeks 4-5.) Jack
  13. Like to try the lower gain 6072 in my Consonance Basie pre. It takes 3 valves. Jack
  14. Hope to see a Wammer or three on Saturday in the Council House, North Street, Chi. I'm in the foyer. Jack NSM
  15. L.A.T. International 1m pair. £100 plus shipping. Jack NSM
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