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  1. Funnily enough it had a 12" Jelco on it previously..
  2. Thanks Brook - cool pics. Forgot to mention the supplied platter mat is the vintage G.A Soundisc (heavy glass) that is rare as hen's teeth and does as good a job as any at damping that platter. Its included in the price. Jack
  3. Once upon a time I had a DIY kit KT88 amp that used 6SN7s. Something posessed me to buy a box of these NOS Russian equivalents (6H8C) from a guy who had imported them from the Ukraine (dont you love the box!) and only wanted 8 of the original 24. These are pristine and clearly straight out of the factory as you can see from the photos that will be following shortly. I'm asking £28 a pair delivered and you can have as many as you like as I dont use 6SN7s anymore - that amp has long gone but the trannies (Llundhals) have lived to fight another day in a Jessica project. Jack NSM
  4. There's no need to blab on about Tellurium Q speaker cable - since the famous group test conducted in HFW when the original Blue version burst on the scene it has become an industry standard in its various guises and colour coding. This 4m stereo (i.e., 4 metres a side) pair has been resident in my TD124/Iota/Ayre/Megahertz/Jantzen system and has done a great job. Its smooth and open at the same time and occupies a place in our industry that satisfies both the need for good SQ and reasonable cost. (I have often thought that upwards from this original Black things get a bit silly and
  5. This RB300 is in good working condition and features a really smart aftermarket counterweight that lowers the centre of gravity to good effect in these arms (as is well known). It has come available as I have upgraded the arm on my record fair TD124 to a silver wired and fully balanced Roksan Tabriz and so this capable Rega is now surplus to requirements. Offered @ £150 plus postage. Pics to follow.. Jack NSM
  6. Offered for sale is my Garrard 401. Its not an early one, nor a recent one - somewhere in the middle.. This unit has had a very professional repaint courtesy of Falcoren - in gunmetal grey - and a complete refurbishment by my longtime HiFi mate Martin Ware (who was responsible for Monitor Gold Ten's TD150 (see Stuarts thread on this)). This turntable is therefore in very good working order and looks a picture. It has the Kokomo bearing mod. Martin does a lot of work for me on idlers and knows his way round them like an expert, cos he is one! It is housed in a smart layered birch ply
  7. Let's see how Ronaldo and Fernandes gel for Portugal in the forthcoming Euros. (I hope they get a decent run so we get a good look.) It woul;dnt surprise me if much of the Old Trafford Faithful will be watching keenely too (gettit..?). As a manager Ronaldo will get all the power and attention he needs - he will make a great manager and where else should he be managing but here or Iberia..? (Manchester preferably - he can retire to Portugal..when he has won us the European C..sorry, Champions' League. He looked chunkier than I remember in a recent friendly.. What position wo
  8. Man United need to bring Ronaldo back to Old Trafford imo. I would play him for one season, employ him as the Under 23 coach for 2 years and then manage the kernel of that squad, added to the cream of the senior players, as senior first team coach where his determination and winning mentality will restore Man U. to sustained Premiership success. Jack NSM
  9. Crucially, what speakers are you driving with the amp, Justin? (Sticking with the Sonus Fabers?) Jack NSM
  10. A note on my choice of amps for the 5 ways: I'm following the well worn, tried and tested path in a 5 way active horn system of using solid state on the sub woofers (<80Hz) and woofers (the big conical horn 80-450 Hz) and valve amps on the 3 levels above 450 Hz. With the huge efficiency of compression drivers I do not need a lot of power (the midrange driver on the second larget horn is the BMS 4592 ND (stands for neodymium), which is listed as 118 db/w and is 35% efficient). But I could use pp valve amps - why choose SET amps? Trawling through the Lenard Institute essays on
  11. My 401 is being photographed on Thursday ready for insertion.. Jack NSM
  12. Ive come back to this thread because my renewed interest in classical music continues unabated. Its been aided by the resurrection of my 5 way active horn system, which excels at the drama and excitement of classical combined with an ability to do 'soft' - i.e., dynamic range. Petrouchka has just knocked me out, (again), and I was looking for a 'heads up' on other ballet music that has this unusual tempo (with 'stops'), quirky instrumentation and variety. I seem to be drawn to ballet music. Wondered if anyone had some more suggestations re titles that I should look out for (viny
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