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  1. Also, I suppose, if you are using a SUT + mm phono, your gain is provided by the step up, avoiding one set of switches. Jack
  2. The next Chichester Record Fair, which is held in the Assembly Room, The Council House, in North Street, will be on Saturday 22nd May. I have managed to get a table at this, my local fair, and I will be in the foyer providing suitable musical accompaniment via my TD124/Rega/Ayre/Adams A5 outfit besides the usual line up of a dozen or so LP record 'crates' (official terminology) , plus 2 singles boxes. Free entry. Hope to see you there.. Jack
  3. What's the alternative, Richard? Jack NSM
  4. £500 was my ,go-to, pricepoint for used electronics for ages, and I consider it a sweet spot if you are smart. One of the best value phono stages I had was a Welborne Labs clone which cost me exactly that (pre-owned). Your system's overall cost will be a factor in what proportion you want to lay out for a phono stage naturally: roughly 1.5K front end, £500 phono, £500 pre, £1K amp, £1K speakers, give or take.. Graham Slee kit looks good value to me, if you are happy with SS. Jack
  5. Talking of the F.A. Cup - its this Saturday. Chelsea take on Leicester. My eyes will be focussed on the £2000 Chelsea striker Timo Werner, who has netted a paltry 6 goals in 33 appearances in 20/21. He cant shoot straight for starters. They could do with Harry Kane - mind you, he's passed it. Jack
  6. Also we had the 2nd eleven on for the first half.. Jack
  7. Arsenal lost to Villareal in the other semi and Man U did enough in their second leg to see them through to the Europa Cup Final, so its Man U. v. Villareal. Damned if I know how we failed to make the F.A Cup Final but this is Europe so, arguably, its more prestigious.
  8. Speedracer and Wizmax got the Silvercore monos to me on the first leg, and, having stored them in Lurch's garage overnight, loaded them in the car and drove up Maidstone way to Joolz's place. The only hairy bit was getting up the muddy drive which has a steep incline and some unevenness, let's say! After a coffee and a relaxed listen to the system on hand (CD player, PS Audio Dac, LDR 'Coffee' pre, the newly acquired 6V6 power amp and the Fosteks) we substituted the Cat's Whiskers 300B monos (seen on the bottom shelf in the picture). That was a step up, building on the very 'open' and imm
  9. Great stuff Tom - you were always into your mono from way back and its an education for us all when you describe your mono exploits in print. I remember you as being the Wammer who discovered Miyajima and brought the Japanese outfit to the attention of those of us potentially into mono (which is were Miyajima started). Then you caused a stir amongst 'The Old Guard' when you ditched a top of the range IO in favour of the stereo Shilabe! (Correct me if I'm wrong, but is that the same cart that went from Petrat to CliveG and thence to me..?) There's a primer in your post above fo
  10. David Shaw (of Icon Audio) claims that 'valve circuits are much more tolerant to overload, they recover much quicker and distort less than transisters..' Is this true? Follow the discussion in Audio Science Review. (I googled David Shaw on valves). One response is that any SS design can be engineered for greater overload margins - its just more expensive. Ex Wammer Serge Auckland contributes (so that's where he went..) Jack NSM
  11. You would think conservatism re colour would apply to golf equipment wouldnt you?...However, Cobra brought out a range of drivers with orange, silver and maroon woods, in addition to the normal black and were highly successfull with that commercially. I bought one (orange). Jack
  12. In layman's terms what are the different kinds of circuitry? And what's the inside 'lowdown' on them? Jack
  13. Though the unit you built for Westlower came in at £2750, it is clearly the case from the above quote that you can build a Satchmo that gets close to that one and which conforms to the £2K ceiling... I should add that the Satchmo is more than just a phono stage, its a pre amp with phono stage (yes?), so there's more bang for your buck, n'est ce pas?
  14. May I draw the readers attention to the EAR 834P stage and the possibility of improving it. We all know it was designed by Tim D.P. but I read in Lenco Heaven that the BOM (parts list) is comparitively weak and therefore ripe for modding with better components. I cant say Ive read all the threads on Lenco Heaven but the amount does suggest that this is a phono stage ripe for DIY development. The leading expert re the 834P appears to be one Loesch Thorsten in the U.S.. I found a thread started by Brian Clark, of Ongar UK no less, on the quirky Goodsoundclub Forum, entitled '
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