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  1. I run a pair of Bastani infinite baffle 18" active subs 'underneath' a pair of Jantzen TQWT main speakers. 'TQWT' stands for three quarter wave tube, so they are rear loaded exponential horns with the base of the speaker providing the 'open' mouth of the horn. The Jantzens are on spikes at a designated height to allow the bass to exit from the bottom of the speaker. The length of the horn is calculated so the 'low' bass is in phase with the 'mid-low' bass emanating from the 8" driver. Even in corners, which helps 'load' the horn, they are arguably bass light. The subs, after trial and error sessions, I have set at 55Hz, which probably overlaps by 15 Hz or so. The crossover in the subs is probably 2nd order so there is a gradual slope. Had the crossover been 4th order, as in pro audio, there is a case for zero overlap as the two frequencies would be near enough right angles. With 2nd order crossovers overlap is necessary or you will get a suck-out, or a drop off at the frequency meeting. The way I have the system connected is to drive the Jantzens 'full frequency' with my valve amp (Cary 805 SET) via the balanced output from the Ayre K-5xe pre amp (the Carys are balanced, unusually) and then run a second interconnect from the other output of the Ayre (which is unbalanced) to the RCA input of the Bastanis. The advantage here is that I donate the onerous task of driving a pair of 18" subs to the onboard ss power amps, and save the single ended triode amp (which doesnt have the current capability) for the highly efficient and largely resistant Jantzens (easy load). My arrangement allows me to just have the subs going on their own - I just turn the Carys to standby. To measure my needs I just compare the output from the Jantzens, then the Bastanis and then both together. I can play with two controls on the subs, (well 3, but I set phase @ 0) - crossover point and volume. Ive had a few visitors from the south coast bake off circle and its unanimous (I think) that the subs are doing a good job of opening up the sound as well as giving me the extra octave. Ive played with subs before in my multiway horn system, though that's all 24db slopes as the analogue crossovers (Ashly) are american pro audio. Ive never felt the need for DSP. Jack NSM PS i might experiment with the phase, maybe invert it..see what happens..
  2. You could do with something to provide a sense of scale e.g., a beerbottle or a bag of sugar.
  3. 50% strike rate. Well done! Personally I dont think Potters Corner would have won it as the Welsh Grand National form hasnt stood up well and it was a poor time. (PC won the Welsh GN.) But its no big deal. Jack
  4. Cancelled till further notice of course.. Jack
  5. Looks a very fair price to me. I used the earlier Snell Js and really liked them. Valve-friendly. Right stands. Jack NSM
  6. Result: 1. Potters Corner 2. Walk In The Mill 3. Any Second Now.
  7. In a few minutes time the 2020 computer Grand national will be televised. Basically into a computer programme has gone all the relevant information to find the theoretical result. For the record i had 2 antepost bets for the real GN - Magic Of Light @33/1 and Any Second Now @ about 25/1. Each to win about £300. I wonder how they will get on...? (Ive had my bets refunded in the real world.) Jack
  8. I have the Wilson Benesch Act 0.5 tonearm mounted on a modified Thorens TD124. My techie mate and I devised a way of increasing the effective mass of the arm to take a low compliance Miyajima Shilabe. Consensus is that its a good combo. Arm has killer looks. Jack NSM
  9. Me too Ron. Stood the test of time. They were very long episodes back then. Some of the cast, inc. Trevor Eve turn up in the excellent 'Unforgotten',(Netflix) but in different roles, even though its a 'cold case' genre example. Jack NSM
  10. Ive had about half a dozen AR decks through my hands. As most people in analogue know this was the very first sprung sub chassis turntable, predating the Thorens TD150 and the Ariston RD11 and obviously the Sondek (which was derived from the Ariston (both Scottish). The designer was somebody called Vulcher (Ed?)if memory serves. In those days it was known as the AR77 or AR AXU. The springs will be fine according to my experience, even on the old ones. AR updated the styling some years later with the 'Legend' but the motor, 'T' Bar sub chassis remained the same. The advantage of the Legend was it became a transcrription deck i.e., one where different arms could be fitted, as opposed to the vintage model which had AR's inhouse arm. That arm was a monstrosity and enthusiasts such as myself, fitted their own arms by modifying the T Bar. A Hadcock 228 Unipoivot was popular as was the same effective length and you just drilled out the old arm and slotted in the Hadcock. I took mine to the machine shop on campus at Sussex Uni, pretending it was an engineering project, and I got that modified to take a Linn LVV. Later on I fitted a Tabriz to another by sawing off the end of the T bar and bolting on an attachment. (You have to cut out a disc in the top plate so the base of the arm doesnt foul it.) Those decks would be easily a match for a TD160 and superior to a Rega 3 (old arm). The one pictured (see above) is the EB101 which has its own arm - a rebadged Mission - and superior wood finish (it tends to peel off on the Legend). If you wanted a reasonablely good sounding deck, good to go, I cant think of many better alternatives. Its easier to set up than a Linn and the sprung sub chassis provides better isolation than the comparable Rega. It doesnt have the RB300 arm, though - the Mission is merely adequate. The price on the one pictured looks about right. I have a Legend here and refused £150 for it w/o arm at the recent Tonbridge Audiojumble, so £214 with arm looks reasonable (if we are looking at the same auction). It may need a new belt but my 'Technical Advisor' (the very same student) knows where to get them and just pm me for that information. Jack NSM
  11. Ploughing through 'Better Call Saul' currently (as recommended on this thread). Set in the U.S. in the nineties it has a 'Pulp Fiction' feel in its episodic structure and occasional reverse timeline. Also I detect a lot of 'Carrie Matheson' (Homeland) in one female lead 'Kim Wexler'. (Its not the worse for that. I havent looked up the dates but I suspect it was that way round in both cases. Americans love a winner. Its very good. Jack
  12. May I echo Brook's sentiments.. I accompanied Brook on a couple of visits to Clive's house in the new Forest. He was a friendly, knowledgable and stoical character and great music and hifi enthusiast (firmly in the Idler turntable/Valve/Tannoy brigade). (My Miyajima Shilabe cartridge came from Clive.) Many sympathies to his widow, the rest of the family and his friends. Jack NSM
  13. 'Unforgotten' S1 and S2. Excellent cast with some members drafted in from 'Waking The Dead' though, interestingly, occupying different roles. Trevor Eve makes a great villain (even when he was a hero in WTD). Also there's an actress in S2 who was a detective in WTD whose character was tipped over the top of an apartment building and was killed. She's in it and I confess to having a bit of a soft spot for her. Nice to see her back on the screen. The lead female detective was in Spooks, inter alia, and very recognisable. Too many tears from arch villains which is a bit unrealistic from narcississtic career criminals, otherwise worth a watch. Jack NSM
  14. I heard a Decware driving Klipsch cornerhorns once. I had driven to Birmingham to buy a single Vitavox Thunderbolt prototype loaded with a Vitavox AK157 15" driver. Interesting chap who was the earliest importer of Klipsch loudspeakers in the country (he told me). The amp easily drove the Klipsch's. Jack NSM