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  1. Got a phone call from an old school chum today - Chris is a Man U. season ticket holder and he cant make the 12th Febuary home game and he has offered me the ticket. Checked with the daughter and that w/e is OK with her, so I'm putting the Wam Taxi back a week. Hope nobody is too inconvenienced and this does give others a chance. So travelling up the Friday (11th) taking in the game 12th, and back down Monday 14th. Jack
  2. On a more mundane note, what about the World Audio Designed D'Appolilito (sp?) floorstander DIY jobbie. Use to advertise in the mags along with their valve amps (HFW?). Can't remember what they called it - some letters and numbers?* If my ailing memory serves, it was a Peter (?) Comeau design that was reportedly around 94 db/w. I once did a complete review (in my head, not on paper) of all such speakers that were suitable for my favourite type of amp -SETs. The LV Auditoriums ( e.g., Avatar, OBX) always figured in the list but there weren't many. Snells were ok because, though not particularly sensitive (90/91 db/w, they had well designed crossovers and were an easy load. AN having been the Snell importers, have since developed the brand and put their own name to them, as we all know. But there werent many of this type this side of the pond. The next step was a horn (mid/top) and direct radiator bass/mid hybrid and an external crossover, with valves on top and ss below. I still reckon that's a viable configuration for your typical UK listening room - best of both worlds. (google Volvotreter). Jack *WD25a
  3. Taken delivery of the CR-V today (thankyou Brook for the lift over there). The sellers were a GP and her husband - lovely couple, and they have kept this car well serviced (oodles of documentation) and it shows in the tight steering and handling. There's plenty of clutch left and the road noise (of which I had heard < positive reports) was really ok to my undemanding ears. Really happy with it. I know its just a jeepy thing but I like the looks.. The real test to come is our late Joolz's drive: I have the clearance which is undeniably a boon and we shall see if the 4WD system is any help in getting up the incline and coping with the terrain. (Joolz house is remote and the drive/hill climb was deliberately difficult as a security measure. Not only that, but you have mud to contend with in the winter.) Maybe I'll take a tip from one of the above contributors, and get some proper front rubber for it. What contributed to a fun buying experience - (OMG I love buying stuff - it was the same when I was in Retail and buying at the NEC Trade Fairs. I went bonkers, but I WAS a 'judge' haha.) - was that Brook and I quickly discovered that the couple were jivers, like moi. What followed was a run through of the terrific south hants modern jive venues over the last twenty years between 3 animated dancers, whilst Brook quietly and slowly supped on his milky coffee. We promised to keep in touch and meet up soon at a nearby venue. (And that goes for Brook too..) Good day. Jack NSM
  4. PLAY OFFS Absolute stormer of a 4th quarter between the Bills and the home side, the Chiefs. WoW! The Chiefs won in the dying seconds in a topsy turvey game that must have made nailbiting viewing for those playing on Betfair in running. Fine advertisement for the game. cant wait to see what Jason and Ose make of it on the Beeb - they are the best sports broadcasters available on tele, bar none! Jack NSM
  5. Ive heard Living Voice Tone Scouts. They use a Fane bass mid driver instead of a Vitavox and I think the GP1 instead of the S2 doing treble duties. I guess it was the JBL slot or bullet (cant remember) tweeter on top (2305?). There's a refined version of the latter in the higher end models. The owner was an anaesthetist from Swindon Hospital who was a big mate of Kevin Scott - Dr Bun. We teamed up as punters at a Scalford and I visited his house where I heard his system. The rest of it was SME 20, V, IO REF, Ongaku power amp and the missing bits were obviously AN, but Kondo, not PQ. When I was buying the Psvane 300Bs from Kevin recently I asked after him and I was shocked to hear he had died from a heart attack..sad news, and he was only about 30. The system was fabulous. The bass horn in the Tone Scout is known as a scoop bin in pro audio circles. You see the driver and its rearloaded with a horn. But that does it an injustice as they are superbly built and weigh a ton. David told me it took 4 men to get each one into the house. He had a very large listening room, but in my experience horns can work well in smaller spaces. Jack
  6. Some lovely music here. Chris is a gent - well he plays badminton and golf - how can he not be..? Jack
  7. Jag has confirmed the Logic DM101 pick up in Coventry. Nothing further to report, except that I'm not full yet. There's still time to arrange further collections/drop offs. Jack NSM
  8. The recapping and general sorting out and rebiasing of this Unisis has been expertly handled by professional Jessica Kinchin. She has a track record with me, having virtually totally recapped my Cary 805s, which are singing away in my mono system, driving my Jantzen TQWTs. The 805s are operating quietly and reliably and sound great (and what an excellent contribution the Psvane Black Treasure 300Bs are making as driver valves (thankyou Kevin Scott)). This Unisis had the same brief with Jessica - to recap and recalibrate as necessary. She kindly found time for me from her main contract at the moment to supply part of the electronics for a satellite information system for a pair of N.E. England Universities. Did I mention she has a 1st in Physics from Royal Holloway..? I think this amp has a long and reliable life ahead of it. Jack
  9. Price drop to £850 (firm). Note delivery possible through the centre of England as far north as Yorkshire for a modest petrol contribution. Jack NSM
  10. Martin Ware (my RH man) and myself had another look at how we were running the system. We had experienced some noise (mostly a 'buzz') that was intrusive and unwelcome. There was one amp that had played up in the horn system that was fine in the second system and so we needed to work out what was going on. Martin suspected there was some incompatibility between the Monarchies (amp in question) and the Ashly xover. Whether it was an impedance mismatch or something else we didnt know, but they occupied the shelf below and were coming off the Ashly. At this stage we were trying to slim the system by using just the 4 way Ashly instead of the Ashly AND the 2 way Marchand (which gives you 5 ways). We achieved this by running a splitter connection from the bottom of the ashly to both bass levels. We thought this achievable because both the bass and the sub bass sensitivities were equal on paper. We still got this noise. So Martin hit on the idea that if we put the Marchand back in, but AFTER the Ashly, then the Monarchy wouldnt see the Ashly, but would see the Marchand. This worked and the buzz disappeared. Furthermore, we found that the First Watt F5 clone that was driving the supertweeters was also buzzing being physically positioned under the Ashly and bang up close to it on shallow racking. Dropping that to the bottom shelf cured that one. So the Ashly has some field effect that needs to be taken into account when positioning the electronics on racks. We tidied up the aesthetics by gently brush hoovering some speckles that had got onto the cones of the 15" Vitavox drivers during storage, turning both racks so that they are at less of an angle and distributing the equipment in a more pleasing fashion and attending to some cheap 'make-do' shuttering ply posing as a shelf. The fact that the Ayre combo (P-5xe and K-5xe) are back together in one system on the same rack adds to the appearance as they have that U.S.A. chrome look and match. Good session. (And we learnt a bit more.) Were it not for a pandemic these horns would be available for demo to visitors (as promised in my first post), but alas, things are different now. Jack NSM
  11. My RH man, Martin Ware and myself were rejigging the 5 way horn system yesterday in an attempt to solve a noise problem. This is just the sort of system where you find out about juxtaposition issues, though they are now much lessened in general since the system went 'top-to-toe' balanced several years ago. What we found this time around was that the First Watt F5 clone (toroidal tranny)(Joe Henry build) did not like to be close to the Ashly analogue crossover. With space at a premium for all the equipment in a medium sized room (if you've seen the system you would know what I mean!) we are constrained into having the electronics quite close. (We already were aware the Ayre P-5xe and K-5xe, phono and pre respectively need to be apart (1 foot and intervening item) to prevent hum.) We dropped the F5 to the bottom shelf and all was well. The system is pretty quiet now considering the widespread use of valves and in 2 of the 5 levels115 db/w driver sensitivity. Jack NSM
  12. i have an AR Legend with an LVX and a Nagoaka (sp?) MP11 on board that we were thinking £320 for.. Just giving it a whirl in the second system. Its from the Joolz collection, so any buyer would have the gratification of contributing to his legacy. Could be delivered via Wam Taxi, Feb 5/6. Herts fits.. Jack NSM
  13. Ive done 3 Wam Taxis now Jules, totalling 1800 miles, and I havent broken anything yet..! Jack NSM
  14. I'm a longterm Cranfield Rock user. Ive had 3 and still own 2, out of the 106 built. This original Rock has come up against a few competitors in its time e'g., 2 different SP10s, and a couple of correctly modded Thorens TD124s (one mine and one that I used to own, but which went to a mate). In all cases the arm and carts were ballpark similar in price and quality. All 3 decks were in the same class, with only marginal differences, in terms of sound quality. As we all know, there's a belt drive (Rock), idler (though its part belt driven) and direct drive there. In a (Lurch) bake off, my Cran Rock was pitted against a Garrard 401 and a 'Vinyl Passioned' LP12, again with similar arm and cart, and, of course, common partnering equipment, except for the unusual stipulation each owner paired their front end with their own phono stage. In a split decision the Rock edged it. I agree with the view that its how you partner the turntable that is important - but that's widely accepted. The snag with suspended belt drives is the belt tension tends to drag the platter out of position in playback; the problem with idlers is the motor is connected with rim of the platter internally and passes motor vibration to the platter (and thence to the record) (partially excepted is the TD124; and the problem inherent with DDs is cogging, the constant assessment and correction of speed. The latter requires a good servo, which David Cawley claims is present in the Technics, but few others. I have a Valhalla'd LP12 with an Ekos arm available now and my mate Martin Ware, Jessica Kinchin and myself are going to have some fun with it. We will see how it fares against the available opposition, including the aforementioned and my current number 1 - an Acoustic Signature Challenger 1 (belt-drive). Jury is out on the AS until i get a known arm and cart on it. At the moment its sporting a 14" DIY unipivot w/o bias and a mono Decca Gold. Jack NSM
  15. Thanks everyone for your contributions - very valuable if not all of it followed on this occasion. The big Skoda looks a candidate, I must say. Ive plumped fro a Honda CR-V. Its got the V-Tec 2L petrol engine that performed so well in the outgoing Honda Tourer, so I'm ULEZ compliant. Its fairly local and drove well in a test drive. Its a 2004, 167K miles, Navy Blue, manual model and we agreed £1300. Take delivery soon. My decision to change from the estate was forced when I reversed into a grassy bank in a tortuous unkept driveway and broke off the backbox. Buggar! But every cloud has a silver lining and the CR-V is better suited to my current needs. Drawbacks - less loading capacity and not a flat loading bay; bonus - 4WD for that testing driveway.. Jack
  16. The next Wam Taxi is taking shape.. These are the meeting up spots so far: Deliver Reel to Reel tape decks x2 to Audio Al @ most convenient M1 Services (hopefully one with a connection (Bridge) between North and Southbound). M1 Junction 25 for Karma's wall shelf (collect); Logic DM101 collect Coventry (to be confirmed by Jag); S.W. London - delivery of my Promitheus passive to Jazid; Coventry - collect Logic DM101 for Jag; Diffusers (from the Joolz collection) to Tim (Spider) Chesterfield; Collect Tron Convergence from Chop (pour moi) in Wetton (think that's right - its in a pm anyway) SW of Birmingham; Room for more! Looks like W. Yorkshire is the northernmost destination so far (daughter's abode). Jack NSM PS From the Joolz collection I have on demo at my flat in Chichester, his Plinius SA250 MK1V. Its unmarked and can be heard driving Martin Logan Summits (great match) or my Jantzen TQWTs ( 2 way floorstander, child's play for the Plinius). It would be ideal if I could find a buyer for this monster so I can have it on board. Or, I could bring it with me and demonstrate it to an interested party in their own system. It has XLR and RCA inputs.
  17. The Unisis is a prime candidate for my own Wam Taxi service due to make a run up North w/end 5/6 Febuary. A reasonable deposit would secure and balance on delivery. This is a compact item but its very weighty. I cannot see any way this could get up and down the country to a new owner without such personal service. As a concession I would waive the normal share of petrol that you might expect to pay. Now its been recapped and rebiased this amp will give long service to the new owner and it sounds fab. Jack NSM
  18. Thanks Myles. BTW, Brook was kind enough to do the David Bailey stuff for me, but in removing the tubes for cleaning (yes, they all went back in the right place!) he seems to have left a couple a bit wonky . Just to say they DO sit straight. Jack
  19. As we all know the injury-hit Ravens didnt make it to the playoffs. Several of their games were narrow defeats, but there's no room for excuses in this tough game. You all know the teams that have got to the playoffs already, and there is a bunch of games being played in the next 24 hours. Im a punter as well as an enthusiast and I think i have placed a value bet just now - the 49ers to beat the Dallas Cowboys.The key to this game is the San Francisco defensive line which is brutal and will not give Zak Prescott, the Dallas QB, any peace. He will not get the protection he needs to through the ball well and may throw interceptions as a result. I took 2.5, i.e., 6/4. Last season I backed Dallas against a struggling team (forget which) and he was crap - his handling and throwing was awful. It was later reported that he hated playing in the rain (it rained heavily throughout) because he couldnt grip the ball. If weather conditions are poor, either due to the cold or the rain, I'm doubling my bet. The Cards could upset the Rams. Looking forward to seeing the next few games - its all on the line! Jack
  20. Originally this particular amp may have had a phono stage (hence the confusion over the sockets) but it was removed in the course of the factory mods asked for by the previous owner. That's my impression. In any event it is an integrated without a phono stage. Jack Btw, re Brook's comments - the Kinshaw is sold.
  21. Trumpet - message received. Thankyou.. Jack
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