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  1. WEEK 5 Bills beat the Chiefs handsomely - the latter bottom of their division; Arizona go top of their division by beating rivals San Francisco. They remain unbeaten. Baltimore were beaten in their opening game but have since gone unbeaten and so are 4 - 1. This latest victory over the Colts was a humdinger, with the Ravens coming from behind. They are learning how to win. I must check if they are back to full strength. My bet for them to win the whole shooting match @ 27/1 looking good (for now!). Bills promoted to Superbowl favourites in an open year. Jack
  2. I had a Django passive with the Billington transformers. Had balanced outs which I liked. Sold it to Jessica_k as I needed the money for summat else - normally the Django is a keeper. You will find a buyer for the Leak. Jack NSM
  3. Leak Stereo 20s work very well with a unity gain pre amp or buffer stage (similar thing). A TVC with unity gain and perhaps a +6db option also ideal, such as a Music First Audio pre. Nord do one too and there's one called the Silver Knight; plus the Dave Slagle Autotransformers. There's appeal in the simplicity of these units combined with the high input sensitivity of the Leak 20. Jack NSM
  4. Not quite what I was looking for Chris, but thanks for taking the trouble. Jack NSM
  5. Those Odeon Rigolettos are gorgeous! (and the 401/Hadcock isnt too shabby..) Alas, I have other fish to fry.. Here's hoping they end up further South.. Jack Ahem, how old is this thread? Its deja vu all over again!
  6. Ive been to Tim's recently and I know he hasnt got them now. (I know Tim can answer for himself but I wanted to put Alan out of his misery..) Funnily enough a hifi buddy has expressed an interest in building a pair of Kurts (which is why Im on here..) Jack
  7. I have a £100 budget towards a longer (and better quality) interconnect needed for a system reshuffle. This musical chairs switcheroo is in aid of improving my bass response and the big 300 watters are going on the subs - which has been the plan all along (just hadnt prioritised it till now. I cant get them close enough to the crossover for a regular 1m length. No brand loyalty here - what you got? Jack
  8. Ive had good results with Atlas cables in the past. My association with their Navigator is about to be renewed as Ive copped a pair of the XLR variant this time (off Ebay), as I now run my main system balanced. GLWS
  9. It was once said to me that valve amplification is physically frail, but electronically strong and solid state amplification the opposite. I dont know how true that is, but I always remembered it. Once you've had a reliable and predictable valve amp you learn to trust them. My Megahertz is a case in point - it has performed well for a number of years now and was not expensive. Its a SET design. Ive been drawn towards these simpler single ended triode amps driving ultra efficient speakers (e.g., horns) as a means of achieving high quality sound quality for reasonable money. Even in a more conventional domestic system I would advise having at least one valve powered device in the chain - I find an all SS system dry and uninvolving. That's my experience anyway. Jack I
  10. Jets versus the Falcons at Tottenham stadium today: who wins it? Watching Ose's analysis of the Jets and his interview with coach Sala(h?), I was forced to bet the Jets as underdogs. I buy into their defence having watched the way they took apart the offensive line of the Titans in a recent matchup. On offense they have a rookie QB who looks talented and can throw accurately and deep. Meanwhile, the Chiefs are 2-2 - what's the american for 'who would have thunk it!'? Go Ravens! - that's all I can say! Hope the Bills deliver for you mr.me. Jack NSM
  11. POSTSCRIPT Lurch took delivery of his Martin Logans yesterday and Robin (Wizmax) and Brook (Speedracer) were over to have a listen to them. As Lurch has the flat below me, it was convenient for them to pop up and check out the new L.A.T. International interconnect on the BMS-driven mid-range. Thumbs up from both on this upgrade. (Brook described Joni's voice as 'lovely' on Blue (180g reissue). Will be turning my attention to the sub bass and mid bass next. Ive got a couple of ideas on how to improve them. Jack.
  12. Week 4 Cards sole remaining unbeaten team, having beaten the Rams as underdogs. Kyler Murray in top form. Ravens unbeaten since I backed them for the Superbowl. Their injury weakened team will be reinforced soon - hopeful of them making the play offs at least. Bucks sneak a win over the Patriots - QB Brady's old team. Jack
  13. Classique restoration adds value and some lovely valves on board. GLWS Jack NSM
  14. I really enjoy my visitations from Wam buddies. Everybody has a point of view and makes me think about the system and where I might improve it. Everyone brings their own way of designing a system and in every case, so far, no one owns or has experience putting together a full horn system as such. In some cases I find this is an obstacle to overcome - I have to win a few people over, some of whom, perhaps, are not aware of the quality of the drivers available these days for pressing in to service in a horn system. My JBL2435Bes, for example, would rival any mid/top driver in use today in a conventional speaker. (Panels are another matter perhaps.) (I'm lucky, (well I knew what I was buying!) that Steve, the builder of the speakers got it all technically correct, avoiding the old pitfalls of honky vocals etc.Horns had and still have in some minds' eyes a rep for such effects..also I bagged some of his drivers (the ones I could afford! So Joolz, Bigfool, Speedracer, Wizmax, Jessica et. al. will always be welcome - the horns have never sounded better than they do at the minute and that is in some respects due to them. Jack NSM
  15. I have Disarmaments unity gain buffer pre amp that c/w a Rod Elliot RIAA module that was originally and ideally partnered with a Leak Stereo 20. Just saying.. Jack
  16. Ive been having reservations about the vocals with this new cartridge actually, and another recent visitor echoed my reservations independently when stating that Mark Knopfler didnt sound like he remembered from seeing him live when I played him (Wizmax) a familiar Dire Straits album. Thus, there has been something amiss in the midrange which we all have commented on, but expressed in a different manner e.g.,'' recessed", lacking sweetness (moi), unreal (Robin) according to our different vocabs and slant on music. Undoubtedly we were all detecting a flaw and it was the cheap cable it turns out. Honestly Tuga, I am not one to exaggerate, but its 'chalk 'n cheese, mate, really.. Jack
  17. Fair enough - at the stage last night when the issue was identified by Joolz (he was in the hot seat, I was off axis all night) we had no idea what was the cause of the issue. I thought it might be the interconnect because when we set up the system (Martin Ware and myself, Speedysteve has long been out of the picture) I knew we were scraping the barrel on quality interconnects (I need 6 pairs). When I peeked behind the midrange amp I saw the cheapest pair I'd had on the most important amp. That was when my finger was firmly pointing at the interconnect. Also, I could see, with a bit of juggling, that I could use a 1 metre pair, which everyone agrees is better, othger things being equal. Results show I was right. Joolz had left for Maidstone by this time, so I am the sole 'witness'. Jack NSM
  18. Hi Tuga - the three top frequency drivers, (Visaton ring radiator, JBL 2435Be and the BMS 2" comp). are all push fit connectors and the colour codes are all clearly visible. The next driver down, the Vitavox 15" was fitted by the Hifi professional, and previous owner, Speedysteve, and uses Speakon connectors. There is no reason to check them, as I have found the culprit (see above). If you think that because cables cannot make a difference it MUST be something else, such as the polarity of the midrange driver, then you are wrong. It was the cable. I can reverse this should anyone be siding with Tuga, and thus demonstrate the difference. Jack
  19. The process of upgrading the interconnects began this afternoon. I had dug out a pair of L.A.T. International 1m interconnects with which to replace the 2m Chord Cobra (in its distinctive green sheath), but waited till I was sober to do it, despite being egged on by Joolz last night. Neither of us had any real idea of the culprit for the recessed vocals, and I actually doubted Joolz's observation, which hadnt been shared by anyone else as described by him. I had to shift the amp in question a bit to the left and swing the Ashly electronic crossover round through 80% to bridge the gap so that the 1m LATs would reach. I left 'Clouds (J. Mitchell) on the turntable and after a short warm up begain listening.. Uhm, I thought 'lowering the tone' was a bad thing but the midrange took on a body and richness that had been lacking and I was thinking this could be the answer. Thence followed tried and trusted 'Nightclubbing' side 1 and, the clincher, was the Allman Brothers 'Jessica', which lost its edginess from several earlier attempts at reproducing it, and gaine a smoothness most becoming. I had confided in Joolz the evening before that this cartridge (my new AT Art 9SI) was useless at 12" singles - which had both disappointed and puzzled me. I blurted out some theory about groove depth, width on 12" singles, but it was all very speculative. Well I have just played one of those singles (by Sidney Youngblood, 'If Only I could') and it was glorious, easily as good as I remember from my Miyajima Shilabe. Naturally in tip top scientific fashion I had changed only one thing - the aforementioned interconnect - and the results are unequivocally in favour of the LATs over the Chord Cobra. (I have used this cable before at a Scalford Show and Speedracer reports an RCA pair performing well in his sytem. (I'll , ahem, have those back Brook, if I may . So there was an overall improvement in SQ and, judging by the Karelia Suite (performed by the Halle) which I played there was no shortage of drama - I wouldnt call anything in the midrange 'recessed' on this display. I can hardly contain my satisfaction at having identified a problem, pointed my finger at the likely offender and getting a result using an item I already had in the cable flight case. Jack NSM
  20. Recent changes have been (1),addressing the polarity of the subs' drivers (and correcting it), (2) NOS output valves for the Mid and top valve amps (Psvane Black treasure 'T'' 300Bs and Golden Dragon EL34s), and (3), the re-introduction of an F5 clone amp in place of the RCA-only Rotel, completing the totally balanced chain. These changes have wrought benefits to my ears, but have my 2 recent guests been impressed? Bigfool67 has been over and so has Joolz - both having their first 'look' at the horns. I would say Dave was slightly more complimentary, adopting a neutral stance and trying to keep his own preferences on one side. He noted the longterm listenability of the sound and commented that he enjoyed the system. I daresay a 5 way horn system is a different experience for him of late, but Dave, as a former reviewer for a HIFi mag has heard plenty of horn systems in his time (mostly at Shows and including Avantgarde). He said how well I (and my mate Martin Ware) had done in getting the system installed, set up and running (in the space available). One caveat was he felt the system was bass light. Overall though, given the detail and openness of the midrange it might be unwise to upset the applecart by drowning it with extra bass . (I have the flexibility of an engineer almost with how I can blend the different outputs of all 5 levels via the adjustable active crossovers. (They operate like a mixer.) So, best left alone. Joolz was slightly less charitable about certain aspects of the sound, whilst enjoying the fresh detail from familiar records. In particular Joolz was adamant that, compared with several high end (and very costly systems) with which he is recently familiar, my vocals were comparitively flat and recessed. Uhm..this gave rise to a bit of discussion as nothing similar had been voice by the 3 or 4 other visitors ive had since the changes. I was prompted to speculate as to the cause and had a look behind the midrange amp to clock the interconnect. Ah, well, it was a bog standard 2m pair of Chord budget level Cobra, which clearly had been the last long pair of XLR interconnects available during the installation (May 14th). Room for improvement on the quality of cabling then. (With a 5 way system you can imagine the combined cost of cabling. (I use 13 sockets to power this system.)) Thanks to both Dave and Joolz for their comments. I'm used to handling criticism and all comments were taken on board in good spirit (I like to think). Now those comments will be acted on and future upgrades will target the weaknesses. On the lookout for XLR interconnects the next level up.. Jack NSM
  21. Rams beat the Superbowl holders Tampa bay in convincing style. The acquisition Of Matthew Stafford at QB seems to have worked and they have an excellent coach in Sean McVay (McVey?). My Cardinals are going well with their fit and well pint-sized QB throwing bombs. I regret not having a few quid on to win their division (like I did last season). However also in their div are the Rams so they have to play them twice..ooer! Exciting season so far with many games going to the wire.. Jack NSM
  22. I thought Lando Norris was extremely foolish in ignoring his pit and staying out. He's not an experienced driver and couldnt have been aware of all the circumstances. Nor does he have the clout of a World Champion to make a call like that. A case of the tail wagging the dog. He did his team no favours at all. The probability call was to come in early and secure second spot for his team in the knowledge that Lewis would get him before the end anyway (and leave his personal ambitions in his pocket). Jack NSM
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