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  1. Provisionally sold. To be confirmed on Tuesday 12th February
  2. Interesting reference to the use of the McIntosh MC-2300 by the Grateful Dead - Does anyone know if this amp was designed for PA or high end domestic audio? I have also seen McIntosh valve amps in use in old GD photos. Anyone know of this?
  3. for info , my reply to a PM Sorry I dont have any more info about the drivers but I bought the speakers from the original owner who bought them new in I think 1970? The cabinets are original Tannoy , no port , called Coda I believe. The Golds apparently dont suffer the same surround rot as the HPD. Series.
  4. Hi , Lovely pair of Tannoy 10" Golds for sale. I am the second owner. They are in excellent condition. I would only be prepared to sell to someone who is willing to visit Bristol to view and audition to ensure all is to their satisfaction. They sound lovely. I would only comment that there is slightly more bass vibration in one of the cabinets when played at volume (i only noticed this by resting my hand on top of the cabinet). This does not affect the sound. The drivers have been checked with a software test and are working as they should. £625 Regards Rob C
  5. Yes , mine are connected to a Yamaha CR-450 receiver from the 70s. Chromebook laptop as source , internet radio and YouTube. Sounds great. I have also connected them to an 8Watt 300B valve amp ; they really dont need much power to play loud! Not really looked into fixing the midrange unit so far. I found an old ebay ad with some for sale but they were long gone. I really like the HE1! Nice to know there are 2 fine examples within one family!
  6. I think member electrocutas obtained a kit to repair the mids (see earlier post in this thread). The mids on my nm1 pair are also a bit flaky (held together with some unibond). I too would be interested to know if the repair kits are still available. Welcome to the Wam , sijohn!