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  1. moo-fi

    Newbie Intro's

    Colin, one day we will have a bake off in our actual house in Bristol rather than a Vicarage. On a more positive note Nicky and I are considering doing some form of bake off, perhaps smaller than normal, before Christmas.
  2. moo-fi

    Newbie Intro's

    Welcome Lloyd, we aren't that from you (just above Retford) and normally host a bake off each year. For obvious reasons we haven't hosted one this year, but once the restrictions are lifted you'd be welcome for coffee and cake.
  3. Venues themselves play a large part in how something sounds. I can think of a couple of UK venues which are so reflective they are incredibly difficult to get a decent sound from. Another venue is so hamstrung by local noise regulations that it totally alters the sound of a group due to the compression we have to use.
  4. Amazed at how many speakers just cannot time properly, particularly when the volume increases. Before anyone gets hot under the collar, my PhD was in time distortion in live sound and in particular DSP based systems.
  5. Short answer, no. For me big horns get close, but the real problem is the size of our domestic rooms, particularly ceiling height. A lot of live music Pa's are mono and have way more drive than domestic hifi. A typical line array will have somewhere in the region of 35kw of amps behind it.
  6. Looking at wind turbines this gives a basic overview: There are a lot of cowboys out there, in fact the whole renewable field has been like the wild west for some time.. You will need a site survey and planning, which is getting tricky due to a lot of misinformation going around (Before live sound this is what I did, as a chartered environmental engineer).
  7. Wind power is great, but very dependent on location and the fact that small turbines are generally disappointing in terms of output.
  8. Only problem with solar in the UK is from late autumn to Easter the output is negligible. Our canal boat has 4kw of solar panels on the roof and 6 deep cycle 130ah batteries. In the summer solar will supply more than enough power, in winter we need to run the generator a lot.
  9. A lot of issues mentioned are really only applicable to suitcase generaters. If you are living off grid it would make sense to get a proper gen set. This would give you cleaner power than most of us get off the mains.
  10. The Jbl extreme can be paired with up to 100 speakers. I have used 50 at a gig and it was surprisingly good (Large Cathedral with one sat every second pew).
  11. Lyra also do a trade in policy which gives a substantial chunk off a new one if the home insurance won't cough up.
  12. moo-fi

    Speaker Dilemma

    Biggest problems, clean stable power and health and safety. Some days you relieved just to get any sound let alone a decent one. The next issues are consistent volume levels and cable management.
  13. moo-fi

    Speaker Dilemma

    Myself, I run a live sound outfit now based in Dublin. Learnt the trade under a certain Mr Andrews and then Martin Audio out of High Wycombe.
  14. moo-fi

    Speaker Dilemma

    Putting my work hat on; our company mantra is do the least changes possible with source signal. DSP should always be last option and never the first action.
  15. Slight thread drift: do PSA have a UK importer yet? I had considered them but didn't want to buy blind.