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  1. moo-fi

    Linn Kazoo server

    Synology comes with its own DLNA/UPnP software and with Bubble DS, it just works. Also avoids have to use twonky as well.
  2. moo-fi

    Linn Kazoo server

    The main reason I went to Synology NAS was to get rid of Kazoo.
  3. The RME Dac is well regarded and at a higher price point either Prism Sound Callia (designed for the hifi world) or Lynx Hilo which I use for work can also be recommended.
  4. Atc products are a well considered design, with a long life span. I was considering a set of 50's myself but my other half thought they didn't have enough bass drive. In truth I think with Nicky it will either be large Tannoy's or JBL's.
  5. Active speakers dominate the professional world, but studio and PA for a reason, although I do prefer to see the amplifiers outside of the speaker cabinets. This helps increase the life of the equipment and makes fixing things a liitle easier, which is a concern of mine with many of the products currently available.
  6. Just so happens that I wading through the various amplifier top hats at the moment. I am meant to rebuilding a vintage Russel Newbery engine for my boat, but I am waiting for spares.
  7. The Beeb used Quad amps of various types, often 50e or 405's. No idea what the general public used though.
  8. I am following this with interest, currently using a temple audio bantam gold, but considering a Purfi/ncore lump with another passive pre on my boat (efficiency is important).
  9. For integration of a sub without using a computer you could try an anti-mode box. It's plug and play without the learning curve of faff of mini dsp.
  10. Nicky and I are looking to what we will do next, house is paid for, so we are going to spend a few years going the slow way around the UK in a few years. So I have bought a classic boat which needs some significant work, but I did spend 22 years fixing Warships for a living, so I might just manage to sort things out eventually.
  11. I was looking at something else a little bigger, ATC 50's but walked out of the shop with a new pair of Rogers ls3/5a's instead. That was the week before lockdown, and I have only just been able to get to use them. The Temple amp was only to get them up and running, while I ponder other solutions.
  12. Eddie we will give you a shout when we get to the llangollen, although I have to rebuild the engine first, vintage lump that hasn't been touched for a while.
  13. I have got a set of the new Rodgers sat on my Canal boat at the moment. They do sound lovely with the Bantam gold I am currently using. More power would be better but not practical on a boat.
  14. I have to agree on the Arc's, my brother has run a set for years on a really high end set up. No matter the upstream gear they still sound odd.
  15. I try and get some up later, out in the middle of field at the moment planning a gig.