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  1. Divine Audio is just west of Kettering.
  2. Seen Pat and PMG many times over the years. Most memorable gigs was PMG on Boston Common, one glorious summer evening in the mid 80s, with the city lights all around. Another was Pat and Charlie Haden playing Beyond the Missouri Sky at the Barbican ... some of the most beautiful music I've ever heard.
  3. Very nice! Will these be at Scalford, Geoff?
  4. Petrat


    Yes, but Rabski's system sounds a lot better than your's. QED.
  5. Something new ... Tannoy Revolution XT6. Picked them up half-price in a Black Friday sale. Nice little things.
  6. One of life's little mysteries With an Io1 (your Io1, in fact), I had my Arm3 set with about a quarter of an inch gap between the metal housing on the left and the left edge of the slider weight. In other words, not much. Mind you, I was using the crude measuring devices on either side of my head, rather than any of the several precision test records what I own ... which are mostly farkling useless ime.
  7. Petrat

  8. Relieved to see the TD125 survived the cull Always liked Densen cdp's, and that one looks quite superb. Nice system!
  9. This is rather pleasant ...
  10. Petrat

    Ear 859...

    Sorry for the late reply, was away yesterday. Yes, a kit one, but with evidence/provenance that EAR have passed it to their standards, I'd pay around the £750-850 mark. If you want to add a bit of value, get EAR to send you the o/p transformer chrome caps/tops, and upgrade the speaker sockets to the type they use. Some are wary of this amp due to the scarcity of EL519 valves around, but it is a properly decent amp, particularly when used with sympathetic speakers. It's worth opening it up and seeing if the o/p transformers have 4 ohm taps, too.
  11. Petrat

    Ear 859...

    Was the repair work carried out by EAR? This amp was also offered as a kit by HiFi news mag, and so there are a lot of 'home build' specimens around, potentially with problems (such as the one you mention). As they are getting rather long in the tooth, I wouldn't pay more than £900 max. for a kit one ... less for one built by a clueless monkey. For a factory one (has serial numbers, multiple speaker sockets, EAR QA stickers on the circuit boards, etc), maybe around £1200.
  12. Petrat


    Hi David. He's had design input elsewhere, too ...
  13. Petrat


    Difficult question, Colin, for obvious reasons. Unmodified, in good condition, I've seen them go for around £2K in the UK. The V20 is popular in Japan, so maybe a good, long listing on ebay might bring better rewards, if you are happy to ship ... particularly with the exchange rate working in your favour?
  14. Exactly this! I use a REL T9 with Harbeth P3ESRs ... new model means it's on sale at the moment ... highly recommended. Benefits are not really just the extra bass, but vastly increased sense of soundstage and 'ambience'. Difficult to describe, but once you get it properly integrated, it sort of vanishes ... not intrusive, plodding bass, like you hear on poor av systems at all.
  15. Hi Pete. The AN Arm One has a rather stiff copper cable, which will interfere with the deck suspension. You'd need the Two, which has a very flexible silver cable ... unless you are thinking of 'locking down' the suspension, which some have claimed improves the performance