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  1. Hello Up for sale my Marigo Labs transformation cd mat. I have been using various versions of the mat for many years and in my opinion and significantly enhances the quality of cd replay. Here is the companies website for details/reviews. I have just upgraded to the latest version at a cost of £180. I am asking £60.00 ono inclusive of postage in the uk.
  2. BERK59

    Pioneer DV-AX10

    Yes champagne.
  3. BERK59

    Gorgeous Gadgets

    I am using this 55lb over engineered beast of a universal player which I believe was the first on the market. Great sounding on all formats.
  4. BERK59

    Pioneer DV-AX10

    Hello I purchased this 55lb over engineered beast of a universal player as I have a large collection of sacd's/dvda's. In 2000 I believe that it was the first universal player on the market and cost $6000.00. I purchased it for £550.00. Superb sounding in the high res formats and in my opinion a great sounding cd player.
  5. Hello If anybody has any titles they are considering selling, please message me. Thanks Ian
  6. Up for sale my Sennheiser IE80's which are in excellent condition, boxed with the accessories. In addition they are fitted with a superb Forza Audio works Hybrid Series custom IEM cable which retails for Euros 139.00. They dramatically increase the sound quality. Please refer to Asking for £150 ono including uk postage.
  7. This is the ORIGINAL edition of this much sought after Box Set, Barcode is 0 8122 77645 24. This version has the revolving "Spy Hole" feature on the front panel which when held up to a light source will show you various band photos that can be turned with the outer plastic edge. A very unusual feature and was only included on the first edition. I believe these are quite rare. The box and discs are in very good condition. Looking for £80.00 ovno including postage to a UK address.
  8. BERK59

    Sorry all.

    Wishing you a speedy recovery.
  9. Hello If anybody is going to the show that lives in my vicinity ( Dagenham, Essex ) and has a spare space in the vehicle please message me. I will obviously contribute to the fuel cost. Thanks Ian