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  1. They have stood the test of time - still manufactured pretty much as they were when George made them. Apparently his son, Charles, has improved the build quality recently and both the 288 and 242 are still available. I can't think of any other 1970s tonearm still being made now essentially unchanged.
  2. My late 70s Hadcock 228 - now rewired by J7. Still playing with my Decca C4E - In fact listening to it now.
  3. When it’s clean, it will make a very significant difference. Wet clean your records if you can. That way you will keep the stylus clean and prolong the life of your cartridge.
  4. That's why your cartridge won't track properly. The stylus should be absolutely clean. If the gel can't get it clean, the best way is a steady hand, a fine sable artists brush and the merest whisper of fluid on the brush (I use the Last stylus cleaning fluid - but the standard brushes supplied with must stylus cleaning fluid are far too coarse and would hold too much fluid).
  5. How clean is the stylus? Sounds like a silly question. But I have seen quite a few styli, which have a small amount of crud caked onto the tip. That would be enough for this and any cartridge to fail the HFN test tracks. A nude mounted microline tips would be tiny.
  6. How about this for new Tube preamp porn? 4 line inputs, tape loop and a remote control option (if you don't give a damn about your step count)
  7. I seem to remember that when the Atlantic 300B was first announced, it started about £7k incl shipping in a custom flight case. But you could always contact GT and ask him. As they are custom built to order, there are a number of options and you can get it matched to your preamp.
  8. I have to say that this is a stone cold bargain at £1300. The replacement for the Seven, the new TRON Atlantic preamp starts at £3500 for the basic version (line stage only). This sounds better than the vast majority of preamps you to £5k. I already have a TRON preamp, so sadly I don't need this one. Good luck with the sale.
  9. Loved my Alfa in the late 80s - black 75 2.5V6 manual Quadrifoglio, which I bought from a friend who worked at AR head office in Dover. Lovely car with the most fabulous engine. I kept it going for about ten years, until a major engine rebuild beckoned and I sold it to an Alfa enthusiast garagiste, Tony In Carterton, who was building a Stratos replica at the time.
  10. Early thoughts from testing 1) Mercedes DAS steering system could really stir things up 2) Racing Point looks on the money, even if rivals are concerned about RP copying the 2019 Mercedes 3) Good to see Williams looking competitive again 4) Robert Kubica 1.7 secs faster than Giovinazzi in the new Alfa Romeo on day 1 testing. Would love to know the tyre choices and fuel loads. I suspect that @IanW can't comment, but maybe RK still has real pace.
  11. How many and what type are you looking for?
  12. Deccas have virtually no vertical compliance, but conversely they have high lateral compliance.
  13. Hadcock is the best affordable arm for a FFSS MkIV. I've used mine (C4E, Garrott Gold & Maroon) in Hadcock, AT1100, Schroeder Model 2 & Reference over the years. There's a thread on Audiogon here.