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  1. Hey Dom, what are you running? I’m interested as I would like to try it myself.
  2. I totally get the believer versus non believer. This is why I only get impressed with kit that makes a big difference rather than the “I think I can hear something”. My mains cables and a lot of isolation cones etc fit in this bracket. Valves, interconnects, speaker cables, rack and components showed major differences. The one piece of advice I’d give over this whole thing would be try a mains conditioner like isotek first, the change was much more marked than any of my mains cables, which may or may not be making a difference. They simply didn’t do enough to wow me. To those who love mai
  3. I have ended up with two of these valves. This one is brand new and never used, only opened to photograph. I think this is one of the finest rectifiers on the planet. I have a lot of NOS rectifier valves and always come back to this. It has the best micro detail, image size and neutrality of any valve I've used. It is way better than all the cheaper rectifiers I own. £280 posted to UK - no offers thanks.
  4. Linn Linto MC Phono stage - excellent quality stage, very linear sound. Great stereo imaging, just an all round classic. £570.
  5. I don’t usually engage in mains cables debates but testing myself I found the following. 8 different types of mains cables from pure silver to DIY. Expensive stuff and cheap. £60k system retail price. Big believer in speaker and interconnect cables. I went a bit nuts with my testing. I noticed no difference between any of them but they look cool so left them in. I only rate items where I can hear a big difference, if it’s small I discount it as not worth the money or maybe just my imagination. isotek mains conditioner made a massive difference and I’d start here b
  6. This one http://www.soncoz.com/sgd1.html#/
  7. Got sorted. Thanks for all the offers.
  8. I'm over in Bedford. Thanks for the info I'll take a look. Cheers, Tim
  9. There are so many fakes about it may help you sale if show the actual cable inside the connectors and explain the history of these. Cheers, Tim
  10. WTD 6CG7 / 6FQ7 valves - pair or ideally quad - what do you have? Thanks, Tim
  11. Having picked up an Isotek Sirius Evo3 a while ago and being impressed with it, I'm after another one or something higher in the range. What do you have? My budget is not fixed so let me know what you have. Thanks, Tim
  12. Looking for something higher end, but thanks MS
  13. Ideally something decent, not a £5 block from Argos. What have you got? Cheers, Tim
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