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  1. I have a brand new acme 274b that I bought spare.
  2. So Keith now believes in cables ?
  3. Do I have to read 30 pages? 😍 I have a simple view, I look for really big changes. Rabski did the best job of explaining these points earlier... Audio memory is terrible, measurement is never good enough, DBTs test conditions have to be so perfect you certainly can’t achieve it in an average house, where even the time of day will impact mains voltage. My findings... like politics this is where you may find your own internal bias will kicking in... I have couple of thousands of pounds worth of mains cables and can’t hear a difference with any of them. I have equally expensive interconnects and speaker cables where I can head big differences. I don’t know why and I don’t worry about that. I keep the mains cables in as they are like a comfort blanket. My friends who have no vested interest were very surprised at the difference cables make and weren’t expecting it. Hope this is of some use!
  4. Wanted - MC Phono stage around £200 What have you got? Cheers, Tim
  5. Good condition only. What have you got? Cheers, Tim
  6. These are fantastic and weight a tonne! Probably worth saying that they have a clever system for raising and lowering the height whilst fitted. I have these on my 85kg Utopias and they make this easy.
  7. 1 amp or more (ideally more). 5v dc. Hifi not a cheap wall wart. What do you have? Thanks !
  8. I'm sure there's someone on here that doesn't want to listen to all these speakers, but just needs measurements to tell them which is best Best I've heard, and I'm sure it has a lot to do with what it's hooked up to.... Magneplanar 3.6 - driven by vinyl front end, gives a hugely impressive large soundstage. Also very big! Wilson Bench Chimera - driven by huge Chord amps Both systems from 10-15 years ago, so I guess newer isn't always better.
  9. That's cheap! You can spend way more... I just picked up a Phasure Lush^2 to see if it makes any difference. My preamp is out of action so can't test yet, but has decent reviews amongst those who believe in cables.
  10. I suspect he's after a specific high end cable guys? https://curiouscables.com/ These ones are circa £400 new.
  11. To clarify I'm still looking. Cheers, Tim
  12. Thanks Droom. That one is 8VDC 450mA. I would need 7.5V 1amp, do you still think that is safe?
  13. Awaiting info from G8ina. Looking for high spec rather than cheap. Cheers, Tim