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  1. If you’re in the Bedford area you’re welcome to hear the Scala like the ones above.
  2. Thanks guys appreciate the support. I just have a camera that will do video for now. Trying to avoid spending a tonne on kit before I find out if anyone watches it! The camera doesn't have scope for plugging in an external microphone so is a little limited. I certainly will try and improve. First vid has 1.7k views so not too bad
  3. Stream from your phone and you never need to do exercise again
  4. Well honestly if eBay let people know that they can list expensive items at 0 fees and there's no risk if it sells at a low price, then they shoot themselves in the foot! A good place to be a seller.
  5. I suspect they are going for 0% selling fees if listing from £0 which on a very expensive item (which this is) would avoid a great deal of fees. The risk is therefore that it doesn't meet the expected value and they pull out. On this item if it had sold at this price as a seller I would want to pull out. Problem is I don't know if the sale is still valid given that it seems eBay themselves cancelled it.
  6. Paypal shows as me paying to them and not to an individual.
  7. Very likely price was too low for sure.
  8. If it’s not a hacked account I expect this to be the case. Figured out how to contact them over eBay now.
  9. So I bought an amp on eBay at a decent price. An auction ran for some time on it. After winning and paying by PayPal a few hours later the listing was cancelled (and removed from eBay), I also received this email: We had to cancel your order. Unfortunately, due to concerns, the item listed below has been removed from the site. Contacted eBay who said the wording of the email was unhelpful and the item purchase is still valid. I should wait as it may arrive, and to claim money back if it doesn’t appear in a couple of weeks. Very confused now. I can’t contact the seller as the item has gone. Anyone else had this? Thanks, Tim
  10. Yep will have to test my camera, not sure how good the microphone is. Thanks
  11. Thanks Justin, I will certainly try and improve!
  12. Hopefully the link to my channel will work! Let me know if not. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0Zyd3sphlcI00lSEHfjeYg
  13. So I've had a go at creating a couple of videos on YouTube now, first one has hit 1.5k views, which isn't bad. Thought it would be useful to ask for some general advice from those of you that currently watch. One caveat for now is that I don't have access to a great deal of new kit, so I won't be buying £30k amps every week (sadly). What would you like to learn more about? What subjects are of no interest? Any general advice? Cheers, Tim
  14. I'd recommend https://titanaudio.co.uk/pages/titan-audio-nyx-mains-block You may be able to get the styx version (which is older) for a cheaper price second hand. Avoid plugging power amps into surge protected mains blocks as it can ruin the sound.
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