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  1. I have cable lifters! Only to get the cables off the floor as they were getting knocked about. Don't think they made any difference to the sound at all.
  2. Hehe this was a unit that already had one in
  3. Just bought a mountain of these fuses to try this out, I hold little stock in measurements and like to actually listen for myself. Sadly my pre-amp just died so I have no idea if they make a difference!
  4. I can't deprive those in lockdown from having a laugh
  5. For those actually looking at this ad, I am after some hifi fuses. Bit of an experiment. Cheers, Tim
  6. Thanks I was looking for cheap second hand standard ones, ideally not blown
  7. Standard UK plug fuses wanted - variety required including a few 13 amp ones. Let me know what you have. Cheers, Tim
  8. Yes aware of this, I'm specifically running ethernet to see a difference in cables. I can switch back to wifi at some point.
  9. Oh I wasn't after comments on the cables, that's just for fun. It's more the Dac aspect. I put the subjective measures up so there's a reference point, however I would expect a very poor dac not to image well.
  10. By the way, where are the measurement focussed on this thread? Very quiet!
  11. To answer the question of what I'll be subjectively looking for in a DAC: For this to be successful I would expect any DAC that measures well to provide quality at the minimum level of what my GG2 is doing now. I have valves that are pretty linear, as well as those that would be considered high distortion (typically described as warm) so I will compare against the most linear ones I have. A very impressive soundstage Wide soundstage with the speakers effectively disappearing Deep (front to back) imaging Height (top to bottom) imaging I would expect instruments to be very precisely placed and no smearing of detail. A very high degree of clarity in the mix. I would not expect a dull treble, lack of midrange or excessively bloated bass. Feel free to modify the parameters above, these are first thoughts. In simple terms if measurement is what matters then the cheaper DAC should be superior. Cheers, Tim
  12. Yep Ian, I have an existing cheapo cable so should be fine to compare it. It would actually be a lot easier to borrow a Dac than buy one but not sure if anyone would be so generous! Cheers, Tim
  13. Audioquest Cinnamon RJ45 Ethernet Cable on the way, will report back with findings...