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  1. spook

    Speaker change

    Art speakers go very well with valves. Zingali's are also good but a tad laid back. I used to have a pair of Proac Response 2.5's and I found them to be a little rolled off at the top end. B&W's however, were bright and harsh to my ears... the complete opposite end of the spectrum to the Proacs. I currently use Kudos Cardea C30'S which work well with reasonably well powered valve amps. They have the same tweeters as most Art speakers (SEAS Crescendo), which are beautifully sweet and detailed with no harshness.
  2. I've got a Tisbury passive pre which I daresay is similar to the NVA. It's good and transparent but to me it lacks the soundstage and airiness that a decent active pre provides. I have a Kingrex Headquarters headphone amp which has a pre out and that sounds significantly better to me. I'm also considering a Simaudio Moon P3 (or possibly a P5), as I understand that these are very transparent and have great soundstage. I'm just a little concerned that they may be a bit on the 'lean' side.
  3. Anyone had one of these? I'm interested as to what their contribution to the sound would be, (I know pre-amps should not affect the sound but that's a separate debate). Would be using it with a quad 606 power amp. Anyone used with similar? If not, what have you plugged it into?
  4. Is there anyone who can give me a heads up on what these sound like? I've seen one for sale and I'm considering trying it. Cheers.
  5. Anyone on here used these in the past? I'm thinking of getting another preamp as I currently have a dCS classic stack plugged straight into a Quad 606. I have a tuner which I would like to be able to switch to. Not bothered about the preamp being non remote control. I appreciate that these are getting on a bit now but so is the 606 and I love that. I believe these were the work of Tom Evans who obviously has some pedigree so I was wondering if any wammers have owned or heard this combo and what their impressions were. My preferences are detail, (without overt harshness... hence the 606), and large soundstage. Cheers, Steve.
  6. Bit of a long shot this one.... Does anyone have a Kingrex Preference preamp they would like to move on, (or know of anyone who does)? These are a bit of a rarity now and the only one that I know of for sale is from a dealer in Greece. I'd be grateful to hear from any one who has one and would like to sell it. Thanks, Steve.
  7. Link to thread from the original seller with pics. http://www.hifiwigwam.com/showthread.php?71199-FS-Audionote-DAC-Zero-(-Modified)
  8. A cracking smooth transparent DAC at a bargain price for someone..