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    Avid Volvere Sequel
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    RB300/Dynavector XX2
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    Krell KPE Reference
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    Krell KAV 280cd
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    Micromega MyDAC
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    Krell KAV400xi
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    Krell KRC-3
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    Parasound Halo A21
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    Martin Logan Clarity

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  1. Thanks for that - it's been puzzling me all day :-)
  2. Hi folks. What is the difference between Audio Research's LS and SP ranges? Ta Dave
  3. Not any more, he can't - his business and personal profiles have been removed. This accountancy firm is listed as his company secretary: http://www.companiesintheuk.co.uk/director/5061160/keepers-accountancy-limited
  4. Just manages to add to my list today: ZZ Top at the Hammersmith Apollo in June Uli Jon Roth in Bilston in April Oops, forgot Rush at the NEC too.
  5. The Black Crowes in Birmingham Rush in Birmingham The Labecque Sisters in Birmingham Johnny Winter in Bilston Antonio Forcione in Bilston
  6. Another vote for some Martin Logans. What's your budget? If it's around the £2-3k mark, I'd go with the Electromotions. However, Midland Audio Exchange has a pair of Clarity for £899, which will perform well on the end of your Krell kit: http://www.hifiwigwam.com/showthread.php?79539-F-S-Martin-Logan-Clarity-in-Cherry I've only recently changed from a Krell integrated into my Clarities - I was very happy with the combination.
  7. Just got back fom the NEC after seeing them this evening, and they were excellent, as always.
  8. James for starting this site :-)
  9. On the 200g vinyl, half-speed mastered Analogue Productions re-issue, and sounding gorgeous
  10. Birmingham Odeon - first gigs I ever went to were there. Birmingham Symphony Hall - lovely acoustics Honourable mention to Nottingham's Rock City But my favourites are: The Robin 2 in Bilston - great venue - lots of rock and blues The Musician in Leicester - really intimate venue with wonderful bands appearing there all the time. Going this Friday to see Jason and the Scorchers :-)
  11. Autumn international tickets at Twickenham go on sale this week, starting with the Fiji game for the 10th of November.
  12. If you're looking at a BMW 3 series, why not look at the Audi A4 and the Merc C180?
  13. Diverse Vinyl offer some of the best customer service I have come across from any retailer.
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