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  1. And another thing. . . Tidal started adding rap, grime, whatever albums to my favourites. I couldn’t find a way to delete them.
  2. Did this a few months ago, Tidal to Qobuz. If you want to move your favourites from one to the other you may need to use a bit of software called Soundiiz. In the end I didn’t bother but if you have playlists you may want to consider this. Qobuz has real hi res music, not the MQA stuff that Tidal has.
  3. MQA is a solution looking for a problem, IMO. Forget it, get Qobuz and you’ll be in the best place to then upgrade dacs, , streamers, etc.
  4. arturo

    Lumin or Auralic?

    What he bencat said. Switched my Virgin Super Duper Hub to modem mode, installed a Linksys WRT1900ACS router. This works perfectly with my Vega G1.
  5. arturo

    Lumin or Auralic?

    If you go for the Aries G1 a powerful, stable network is essential. Then it’s flawless with possibly the best ui available in Lightning DS.
  6. Moving from Helicon 400 mk2s to Epicon 6, the main noticeable improvement was in detail, apparently due to almost zero distortion. Vocals where the lyrics were sometimes masked come across as clear as a bell. Beautiful objects as well.
  7. Dali fan boy here, unashamed. Enjoy! I’m sure you will.
  8. On the Auralic forum I see frequent posts on this sort of problem. In 90% of cases the problem is solved by ditching the broad band supplier’s router and installing something decent. Auralic ceo even issued a statement to this effect. My drop out issues were solved years ago by switching my Virgin super duper hub to modem only, and installing a Linksys AC 1900.
  9. arturo

    Black felt pens.

    We’ll have Peter Belt referenced next. Oh, I just did.
  10. Blimey, that’s some setup Murat (?) has here. Libertango sounding ace. Interestingly, at least to me, is the fact that Piazzolla is considered the great maestro of tango music, yet hardly ever played at Milongas, mostly not danceable.
  11. The final word, this is the graph that tells it like it is.
  12. Hitchens’ Razor: "What can be asserted without evidence can also be dismissed without evidence."
  13. arturo


    I find this quite noticeable too. Here’s an example of real double bass, probably best to start at low volume!
  14. arturo


    Pretty much same here. Rel R328. I stopped fussing over it.
  15. Recreated with similar results.