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  1. I also bought a Hypex NC500 from Mirek, and it all went really smoothly with great communication and quick delivery.
  2. I have a friend with a spare mc7r. I sold it to him originally, and now I’ve just sold him my Unison Research Mystery One so I’m sure he will be happy to sell the Ming Da. It’s an early model with the high output, so he was using some Rothwell attenuators which will also be spare now I guess. Let me know if you are interested and I’ll get a price off him and give you his details. He lives in Hull, so could probably meet up/deliver if required.
  3. I worked in a hifi shop during the mid 90s so I know what the margins used to be around that time - generally about 30-45% for most stuff depending on the brand. Apart from brands like Sony where you would get about 5% unless you shifted hundreds of units. Most customers, even after borrowing loads of equipment, home visits etc, would still end up asking for some discount or at least throwing In some free interconnects or speaker cables. I used to do the accounts, and it certainly wasn’t a money printing business even in those days before internet sales began. We used to do lots of high end valve brands like Audion, EAR, Unison Research, etc, and also Naim, Rega etc. The outlay for demo stock was considerable, so you had to sell two amps to pay for your demo model before you actually made a profit! When we got the Naim account it cost tens of thousands of pounds to buy the initial demo stock. I think people underestimate the amount of time good hifi dealers spend with their customers and I don’t begrudge them making a decent profit. Having said that I only tend to buy second hand nowadays, apart from my excellent ICON 4 AVC preamp which I bought direct.
  4. There is a DSPeaker Antimode on eBay at the moment. I use one, as my lounge has a bass boom with most speakers and it works a treat. Might be worth a try, you could always sell it on again if I wasn’t satisfactory. It will fit into most systems and has analogue and digital ins and outs.
  5. Hi Bob, 

    Sorry to bother you, but I was hoping you could help me. I have a AI P1 phono stage with a faulty mains transformer. I noticed on the AI owners page you said you had schematics for their amps. Do you have a schematic for the P1 by any chance? I would love to be able to fix it if possible. Any help would be greatly appreciated! 



    1. It Cost How Much!?!

      It Cost How Much!?!

      Hi Martin,

      It's not me that has them, it's Guy Sergent at PureSound, who used to work at AI.

      Best wishes with it.  Bob

    2. martinclemas


      Hi Bob

      Thanks for the reply, I’ll send him an email and keep my fingers crossed. 



  6. Hi, I have a P1 phono stage with a faulty mains transformer. I was hoping somebody might have a schematic for it so I can see what type it uses. Any help would be much appreciated. Here’s hoping, thanks in advance. Martin
  7. I use one of these as well. My listening chair is in a big bay window and it creates a really noticeable resonance in the Mid bass. The Anti mode completely sorts it out. I’m also currently using it as a DAC as well and it sounds great IMO although I haven’t tested it against anything newer than my Logitech transporter which I also think was pretty good in its day. You can use it between any two components, either digital or analogue and it will apply the correction. I wouldn’t be without mine!
  8. I'm having the same problem too. I assumed I had messed something up as I have just been setting up my new iqaudio digiamp+, but it would seem not. I was going to try again tomorrow and hope it would sort itself out!
  9. I had the same problem with my I now use a £28 rasperry pi running LMS on Squeezeplug. It's quite easy to do (there is a thread on here started by Glowing tones describing how to set it up, as well as a YouTube tutorial which is easy to follow.) Mine has been on continuously for a couple of months or so now with no problems and my squeezebox devices all run better than ever. I did run a windows PC previously but it would sometimes crash or stop, whereas the pi is rock solid. You could buy a nice DAC with the money you would save compared with Sonos!
  10. My system was suffering from really bad noise for quite some time. I had to disconnect the whole lot, which was a nightmare because it's all in an enclosed cupboard and plug everything in one by one. It turned out that my preamp was picking up noise from a powerline adapter in the TV cupboard feeding the Apple TV box and music server. I ended up having to buy a roll of cat5 cable, a crimping tool and some plugs, and run a cable right the way round the outside of my house and through the wall. I run everything off an 8 port Ethernet switch now and it's as as quiet as a mouse. I wish I had just wired my while house up with Ethernet when I moved in. Unfortunately, in 2004, I assumed wifi was the way forward!
  11. I received my replacement wolfson board today, and I'm glad to say that this one is working fine. I'm just listening to it through my Antimode DSP2 as preamp/room corrector into an icepower amp and first impressions are that it's very good! I'm going to leave it running on repeat for a few days before doing any serious comparisons through my main amps, but I'm secretly praying that it's not as good as my Transporter! While I was waiting for my replacement I notice that you are trying out the iQaudio board Ian. I'm looking forward to knowing what your thoughts are after the "Pepsi challenge" between the two boards.
  12. Talk about frustrating! I bought another pi, wolfson board etc with a view to replacing one of my SBT's (maybe all of them if it's as good as you say!), but after setting it all up, I think I have a faulty Wolfson board. The P5 pins dont seem to reach the Pi board properly. I am assuming the pins are supposed to go fully into the holes on the Pi? I made sure the nylon screw was fully in, but didn't want to force it too much in case I broke one or both boards. Now I've got to wait to get the board replaced. I had Squuezelite working, with the device showing in LMS, but no sound from line out, phones, or SPDIF. Bugger!