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  1. Treble is pretty sweet and extended. I have heard others saying it can be a fraction bright with some ss amps. I haven’t experienced this myself. It is the mid range where it really shines imho - vocals are very natural.
  2. Do you mean in general terms or have you specific experience with this and Heco Direkt? In terms of the former - yes thanks I am very well aware of that given appropriately efficient speakers and partnering of amp. User reports thus far outside this forum indicate that ~10 watts of EL34 or 84 won’t give thunderous bass on Heco like you would get from a powerful SS amp. As I said I am not bothered. I am not interested in high powered push pull valves either.
  3. Thanks both. I was considering an EL84 or 34 based integrated tbh. Rather not ss as have that in my main system. Looking for liquidity and tone more than thunderous dynamics.
  4. Hello, Recently acquired a pair of these and looking for feedback on amps that people have tried. Any experience is appreciated. Cheers
  5. The dac sounds hugely impressive on the spec sheet - how do you find it, Jack. Assume it sees off the Elyse?
  6. My goodness - what is going on - some mild love for Focal
  7. The point I am making (and I think he was) and learnt from a wise man : Hum loops exist because most kit is unbalanced and most kit needs earthing for electrical safety. If everything was balanced, then hum loops wouldn't have any effect - they would still be there, just wouldn't do any harm. Equally, if everything was double insulated or had seperate and isolated mains safety earths and audio earths, ground loops wouldn't happen. As kit isn't like that, ground loops are a pain to fix, and the most effective way is to use transfomer isolators. Not cheap but equally very effective and transparent.
  8. Sorry that is not what I have written. You are making a different point entirely. At no point have I insinuated that one can't go back and forth with proper implemented gear - I have done that myself for years successfully.
  9. I think what he meant was that to benefit from the hum free benefits of balanced cabling that the entire signal path should use balanced cabling and circuitry.
  10. What is the recommended maximum length of unbalanced interconnect using a standard CD player output ~2v using regular (not deliberately strange measuring) interconnects?
  11. I think that you could try Tascam da3000 or other products - it is sdif3 though.
  12. Would be interested in any feedback you find on this arrangement. The only question that I have is whether it is stable into low impedances with that configuration as typically bridged operation normally isn't.
  13. Hi Santosh, How do the YGs sound with the Analog Domain - I would think it could work very well with a "musical" front end.