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  1. Drop me an email address and I will send you all photos. Thanks
  2. I have a mixed lot of around 700 to sell and I am in North Shropshire
  3. Selling two pairs of 10.5” metal reels including boxes. They all have tape, but I have not tested them, so best to ignore that fact and purchase as empty spools with boxes . The top pair are labelled Spectrum.......£75 plus post for all.
  4. A unique opportunity to sample what Dolby USA can offer, in the way speaker quality. I had the good fortune to be able to purchase 3 pairs of brand new and boxed, SLS Audio CS890S speakers, (a company owned by Dolby USA), surplus new stock from an extensive local cinema refit. They also make superb stand-mounts, once provision has been made for the position of the connectors. Their tone and imaging are outstanding and so pleasurable to listen to. Each speaker boasts a very high-spec 5 inch ribbon driver and an eight inch woofer. They are 8 Ohm and 95db. From what I can gather, these were around £1350 new. I would like to offer the last pair for sale, which have only had light use in my second system........ £300 ono plus courier Please Note..... Buyer can collect from Shropshire or they can arrange own insured courier to collect, as I have the original boxes. (Stands not included)
  5. Last pair for sale due to downsizing
  6. Thank you. I will be in touch
  7. Still looking... cash waiting
  8. Thanks Edward I'll give him a call
  9. Looking for Revox A77 Reel2Reel VU meters for a project. Silver or black background, working or non working, it doesn't really matter. Please drop me a pm if you have any.
  10. 1999 Porsche Boxster 2.5 manual in silver, with blue soft-top. 112K miles This is my partner's car and it hasn't been used for some time now. However, this Boxster is probably the best example, for it's year, that you will find . It has been loved and cherished most of its life and although not used recently, it has been started regularly to keep things in good working order. Also whilst in my care, it has been covered and garaged at all times. This is an exceptional example of an early 2.5 and was intended to become a 'keeper', but unfortunately I will soon be losing garage space, so several toys have to go. £4350. Please click for more photos https://flic.kr/s/aHsmVi7pqN i will also be selling my 2004 Boxster 2.7 . Please contact for details.
  11. With a heavy heart, I am down-sizing house and therefore down-sizing garage space 1968 Jaguar 3.8 Mk2 Auto. Professionally restored over the last 10 years, but now seldom used. Loads of photos and invoices available. https://flic.kr/s/aHsmVnReVC Serious inquiries only. £38500 ovno
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