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  1. Andrei, that is impressive weight loss and certainly an example to all of us! I could do with losing a couple of stones and have tried the low carbs / high protein diet. At first it worked very well, but after losing half a stone, I seemed to hit a plateau and no matter how much exercise i did, I could not shed any more. I am in my late 60's, so walking 4 miles, three times a week, is about my limit. I would like to try this new approach and before I embark on the fasting diet, I need some advice. For instance ...what time do you have your main meal? What type of food do you have at the other meal time? What low-carb snacks do you use? Finally.. would the odd glass of red wine be allowed, at the end of a busy day?.
  2. Thanks Ray, I totally agree. A genuine hidden gem.
  3. NOW REDUCED, AS I HAVE TOO MANY AMPS! ....£850 ovno
  4. Selling my trusty 2011 Volvo V70 Diesel Estate. Finished in silver metallic with black leather interior. 6 speed manual gearbox. 205 bhp D5 engine. 116K Miles and used daily. Very economical. Recent 4 new tyres, service and all new engine belts. 11 months MOT. Fitted boot and carpet protectors. Exceptionally clean throughout. Based in Shropshire. More photos available to any one seriously interested Safe motoring and a joy to drive. New car arriving, hence sale. May take something interesting in p/ex or just a straight sale So offered to Wammers at £5850
  5. No, but a very comprehensive data book for this tester is available to download online. Just google Avo Mk1 valve data, or....
  6. Selling this lovely old Avo Valve-tester, hopefully to someone who can repair and restore this wonderful piece of Valve history. There are a surprising amount still out there, being used by enthusiasts. This one powers-up, but that's about it, so i am selling it as not working and for spares or repair. £165 plus post
  7. Selling this simple Isotek mains conditioner. Isotek Instructions state, to provide a cleaner mains supply, just plug it into a socket, close to noisy appliances e.g.washing machines/ central heating pumps, kitchen appliances etc. I found it easier to use in a spare socket, next to my hifi sockets. Very little use, ....... £45 including postage NOW REDUCED TO £35 inclusive...SOLD