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  1. What do you base that on - have you heard the LS50W-2? The original LS50W certainly scales with subs, and I would expect the new model will too.
  2. That looks a nice little amp - it should go great with your Heresys. I use a Glow Amp One with a pair of Klipsch RP-600Ms, which is a single ended EL84 amp too. The main problem with both amps is that they only have a single pair of RCA inputs - I use a Tisbury passive pre to switch inputs with mine.
  3. The problem is that every time MartinC or myself try to discuss bass traps this troll intervenes. We are both familiar with physics, and we have measured and published REW results of how bass traps perform in our rooms. If we try and avoid feeding the troll, it pretty much shuts down having any sort of normal discussion of bass traps on this site.
  4. My opinions about PSUs have absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with whether or not bass traps sold by highly reputable companies such as GIK are effective. I really don’t like your patronizing attitude.
  5. Oh, a purveyor of active DSP solutions is spouting nonsense knocking a highly reputable manufacturer of acoustic treatment, well that is a surprise!
  6. It’s simply bullshit, certainly not physics.
  7. You don’t need a quarter wavelength of passive absorption to make a difference, that’s as nonsensical as the comment about towelling.
  8. Towelling won’t make the slightest bit of difference to a bass trap, it will only absorb high frequencies. There are plenty of videos created by professionals on places such as the GIK site that explain how to install bass traps, as opposed to what some random bloke says. I’m not personally convinced that making your own bass traps saves all that much money by the time you’ve managed to make them attractive enough to want to have in your living room.
  9. With the silver DC cable and rhodium IEC socket, the last one I bought was 290 pounds.
  10. I've got three MCRU power supplies, and they all have the pure silver DC cabling upgrade option and the Furutech IEC rhodium socket upgrade. I use them with a Chord 2Qute, Slack Audio Link and EAT e-Glo Petit phono preamp. I wonder how much of the difference heard between the SBooster and the base level MCRU PSU was due to the DC cable and IEC socket, and how the MCRU with the upgrades would compare with the SBooster.
  11. I bought a pair of the original KEF 104s in dark walnut finish in 1974 for 137 pounds IIRC, after a lot of washing up in a Berni Inn as my Saturday job. I later upgraded to the acoustic Butterworth crossover which improved the clarity as far as I can remember. I think they need an amplifier with a bit of oomph to get them going and I wonder what a modern high power class D amp would do with them - it could be a great combo. GLWS anyway.
  12. I've got a pair of B&W MM-1 speakers which are no longer made, but might be available second hand. I use them with an upgraded Audioquest Cinnamon USB cable and they are driven by an iFi Nano USB3.0 for a clean USB signal. They sit on a pair of IsoAcoustics stands with a couple of acoustic panels behind them. I think they sound very good and would class them as 'HiFi'. But in terms of the question "How small can a speaker be and still be HiFi" that is the title of this thread, here is my travel system based on a pair of JBL Go speakers: I use a GL.iNet AR300M travel router to create a LAN in the hotel room. There is a Raspberry Pi Zero W running Moode Audio as a music server in a nice wooden case, powered by the router and it communicates with the router via WiFi. The USB output of the music server goes to a Shanling M0 DAP, and the Shanling drives a pair of JBL Go speakers via a cable I made up with Duelund DCA20GA cable. There is no bluetooth involved, and the JBL Go speakers are used as a stereo pair when I think they are intended to be mono bluetooth speakers. I use the battery at the bottom left to charge the JBL speakers. Apart from missing low bass the treble and midrange are really quite good. It is difficult to say whether they qualify as 'HiFi' but to me they just about scrape in - I can sit in a hotel room with a glass of wine and listen to the system as I might do with my home system. I can control Moode on the Pi with an iPad Mini using the mConnect Player HD app and play Qobuz High Res tracks. The Shanling has an SD card with 400 gb of music on it, and I can also store music on the SD card in the Pi and control music playing with Moode's MPD play via the Rigelian app on my iPad. The total music system weighs 390 grams. The speakers are 140 grams each, the Shanling is 41 grams and the Pi music server is a grand total of 21 grams.
  13. rdale

    USB cable

    If your digital source is a general purpose PC it would probably make more sense to change to a dedicated streaming device rather than changing cables.
  14. Someone is asking £699 for a single non-working speaker on eBay! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Vintage-Tannoy-Speaker-Uber-rare-large-ceiling-wall-TANNOY-hanging-speaker-RARE-/184397897574