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  1. I would assume you would roll off the subs when the main speakers start to roll off in the bass, which would be lower than 120 Hz for Harbeths and likely to be 80 Hz or less.
  2. Cable threads appear to need practice as this must be at least the 100th thread where people appear to attempt to improve on saying exactly the same things. Only cable thread connoisseurs can tell the difference between this one and the others. Obviously I am attempting to rise to the challenge and look for something new here, but I have to say I’m feeling challenged.
  3. There isn’t going to be much phase difference between stereo channels below 80 hz for the same reason your ears can’t hear a difference, the wavelength of the sound is going to be much longer than the distance between the mics or your ears. I would expect a mono signal from two subs to be more effective at cancelling out room modes than stereo subs.
  4. I read somewhere that the current demands of a cpu in a streamer can vary rapidly according to the load, and if the PSU can’t keep up with the CPU’s demands noise is generated. So it is possible that purely computer based circuitry is demanding of the PSU as much as for analogue circuitry.
  5. rdale

    Room measuring

    I think I uploaded the UMIK calibration files to my Google Drive so that I could find them in AudioTools.
  6. rdale

    Room measuring

    You can also use AudioTools with the UMIK-1 using the Apple camera adaptor.
  7. rdale

    Room measuring

    I paid 112 euros for my UMIK-1 from Sound Imports including shipping, and from the point of view of determining what further acoustic treatment I need at the bass end I regard it as essential and a bargain. But if you are not intending to acoustically treat your room and have an analogue based system, then it is less essential. To me seeing REW waterfall graphs of my listening room is a whole lot of fun, and I am normally very much not a measurist.
  8. Why the ‘war on elasticity’? Of course when speakers are being designed, listening tests are conducted and the test listeners have to report their subjective findings to the design engineers (assuming they are different people). A useful adjective for describing the sound of the bass may well be ‘elasticity’. To me that would mean something like accurate timbre combined with dynamics and little overhang. Expressing a subjective impression of timbre in terms of words used to describe graphs isn’t really possible.
  9. rdale

    Room measuring

    I’m sure you would be able to easily sell the UMIK-1 for not much less than the cost of a new one, eg 20 pounds less, as a lot of people want to give room measuring a go.
  10. You don’t need subs running in stereo. But two subs running in mono can pressurise the room better than one sub running in mono.
  11. That sounds a good solution, better than Time Machine for a Mac.
  12. It’s simpler to back up onto another disk drive rather than use RAID as the drive isn’t likely to be continuously updated, only when you add new music tracks. If you backup after adding new music that is sufficient, and ideally keep a backup offsite.
  13. I expect my streamers to support protocols such as UPnP, MPD, AirPlay and Chromecast. I agree with you that I don’t want to be tied to a particular control app which may or may not be supported in the future, whereas there will always be apps that handle the different protocols independent of which streamer is used. And ideally the streamer should have a web based interface which is more likely to be future proof.
  14. For completeness in category 3), MoOde and Volumio also support a protocol called MPD which plays music without it needing to be sent from the controlling device continuously. I use MPD with iPad apps and via the web interfaces of the streaming software.