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  1. I think you could easily remove the Dynamat, it’s just that you wouldn’t be able to do it to easily do a before and after comparison.
  2. I wrapped the plastic bass horn/port of my Klipsch RP600ms with Dynamat and thought it made an improvement for not much money. But ideally you want to be able to revert back to stock after a week or two to get a proper feeling for how much difference it made, which isn’t possible like most speaker upgrades.
  3. I’ve got an EAT Glo Petit with an MCRU linear PSU that I’m very pleased with although I haven’t tried an MC cartridge with it yet.
  4. Sitting on an IKEA Poang in beech and white leather.
  5. I've no idea why you post here if you won't reveal what kit you've got, and yet make sweeping statements such as the above. I've seen no evidence that you are actually an audiophile, as opposed to someone who is merely here to bait and troll audiophiles.
  6. It’s USB Audio class 2.0 and doesn’t need a special driver, so it will work on Linux. The only thing that might not be supported is native DSD and you might have to use DOP instead if you’ve actually got any DSD music.
  7. I think the survey is assuming we only have one system, whereas I personally have several. But I only have one system that I can play LPs on, because the physical media can only be in one place. It isn't that vinyl sounds good or bad, but my digital collection is on multiple hard drives and SD cards in multiple locations and is vastly more versatile. Additionally, I can also listen to Qobuz Hi Res music anywhere on any sort of system - headphone or speaker based.
  8. I answered that the best quality source depends on the recording, and I personally don’t think the question makes much sense. Certainly in my system my CD player was never as good as vinyl, but that was a long time ago and I don’t even listen to CDs any more.
  9. The album is available on Qobuz for 13.99 euros in CD quality or 19.49 euros in HiRes 24/48. I can get the HiRes version for 9.99 euros with my Sublime membership and can also listen to it before I buy it. Hence, I’m personally unlikely to buy either the album or CD.
  10. Same with me - I kept the crossover circuits as they were and just put in better components. Upgrading electronics as opposed to speakers, requires a higher level of skill than I’ve got, unless I just follow someone else’s recipe perhaps. But I think you are likely to get more bang for your buck with speaker upgrades.
  11. I’ve modified a couple of my speakers with better internal wiring, binding posts and crossover components and got a large improvement. I spent about £300 pounds on a £600-700 pair of Klipsches, and I may or may not get my money back, but I’m not that bothered. Modifying stuff is very educational and fun, apart from the sound quality improvements you get. You might need to be careful if you modify more expensive gear and don’t intend to keep it long.
  12. I use Duelund DCA16GA as speaker cables - maybe that is more detailed than the 12 gauge you tried? Probably system dependent though.
  13. But what is the point of a CD player at all?
  14. Not to say proper acoustic treatment too for the bare walls.
  15. I love valve amps, but it is very sad that the LEO computers were scrapped as I don't think there are any left. AFAIK they were the world's first commercial non-scientific computers run by Lyons, a chain of coffee bars and unlikely computing pioneers.
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