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  1. Range extenders can be used in two ways. As a ‘repeater’ they create their own LAN and devices can connect to that LAN by connecting to the WiFi network name of the range extender. Those devices would be on a different LAN to your main router that is accessing the internet. The second way is a ‘repeater bridge’ where they just extend the main network LAN and the SSID or network name is the same as for the main router. It sounds like that is how your extender is set up at the moment and it is probably what you want.
  2. Your problems all appear to be caused by the fact you didn’t get your range extender working, which has an Ethernet port and would sort everything out if it worked. But you haven’t given us much info on what went wrong with the setup of the range extender so we cant help much.
  3. Yes, +1 to using public transport more. I think we still need cars, lorries and vans but fewer of them. If any company is going to make electric vehicles then I’m personally happy with Tesla and Elon Musk being one of them because they’re good at it.
  4. You can still vote in UK elections until you’ve been away for 15 years - you can just get a postal vote for the voting district you were last living in. After that as a UK citizen you have no say anywhere at the moment.
  5. You’re lucky to still be able to vote. Thanks to Brexit I can’t vote anywhere, either in the UK or in Spain. The current UK government are trying to suppress voters who don’t vote for them by making it harder to vote too.
  6. This is the company that Oxford Audio Consultants recommended to repair the unit, and they fixed it for me in 2007: Sound Systems Technology Unit 7 Bentinck Court Bentinck Road West Drayton Middlesex UB7 7RQ Tel. +44 (0) 1895 422244 Email info@sstonline.co.uk Web: www.sstonline.co.uk
  7. I’ve got one that no longer works. I don’t think the transports are very reliable. I had mine fixed in about 2007 and it broke down again in about 2014. The DAC part no longer works either. I would love to get it fixed but it isn’t very convenient to send things off for repair at the moment.
  8. Have you tried doing a factory reset on the range extender? It just connects to WiFi network and I can’t see why the WiFi on your 4GEE should be different to any other sort of WiFi network. Is one device on a 5 ghz band and the other only working with a 2 ghz band?
  9. OK, I don’t know anything about your range extender, but they shouldn’t be too difficult to set up. I have a gl-inet travel router which has a nice web based interface which I would have thought a non-technical person could use. This one is pretty cheap and has two Ethernet ports: https://www.gl-inet.com/products/gl-mt300n-v2/
  10. You said you failed to get a range extender to work - what went wrong with that?
  11. If you know what sort of kit someone has got, you have some idea of their perspective. Valve or transistor, high efficiency or low efficiency speakers, digital and/or vinyl and so on? Without that sort of context I find the OP’s comments meaningless.
  12. Why not fill in the ‘Wigwam Info’ section of your account so we have some clue whether you know anything about HiFi?
  13. Surely you need PC or macOS software running on a computer to rip CDs? It isn’t anything to do with recording CD playback unless you wanted to go through an analog to digital converter for some reason. Once the tracks have been ripped, there is probably software to copy the tracks onto a CD-R.
  14. Yes. I don’t leave anything with valves in it on all the time, but I never turn off my DAC and streamer for instance. DACs can take a long time to settle down too, which turning them on and off doesn’t help.
  15. Components are stressed when equipment is switched on and off, and leaving equipment on is actually better for the components.
  16. Another kit arrived and I made it up to use with my Glow Amp One in my main system. This time I made sure all the text on the wires were going the same way, which I hadn't done with the previous two. The build instructions don't mention getting the wires to be the same way round, but it doesn't cost anything even if it makes no difference. I also used an AMR 3 amp fuse and changed to that fuse in the other two Duelund mains leads I've done. Here is the cable at the braiding stage clamped in a vice: The Hi Fi Collective video shows the wires being twisted and given some heat shrink tubing every 20-30 cms or so, which seems more work than braiding to me. I changed the mains cable on the Glow Amp from the Isotek Evo3 Premier to the Duelund and didn't hear much difference at first. But after about two weeks my system started to sound different and it might have taken even longer to break in fully. The overall effect is certainly a substantial system improvement and I've been listening to my modified Klipsch RP600Ms just amazed how good the whole lot sounds. I titled this thread about going for a full 'Duelund Loom' and I have all connections to the amp and speakers as Duelund, as well as the speaker internal wiring, along with this new mains cable, and not forgetting the Duelund bypass cap in the Klipsch crossovers. So I think the cabling and speaker tweaking have really given my system plenty of 'Duelund DNA' with a sound having naturalness, great tone, resolution and focused imaging. The room is well treated acoustically and I think that adds to the sense of great resolution at the same time as sound very 'natural' which is hard to define, but when you hear a guitar sounding like a real guitar string tone, or the voice of of a singer sounding like a real singer you know it's there. The cable isn't bright and might be thought of as rolled off, but after listening to it for a while I think it isn't artificially bright and all the detail and dynamics are there in the treble which very much takes on the sound of whatever recording is being played.
  17. What about the Bluesound Powernode 2i? I’ve never heard any Bluesound stuff, but the Node 2i seems very popular on this forum.
  18. Qobuz take their Hi Res albums from the record labels and so in theory for the same masterings, they should be the same across streaming and download services.
  19. The rp600m has a rear port and needs to be well away from walls and corners unlike some other Klipsch speakers, and so it can’t be ‘tucked away in awkward places’ as the OP wants to do.
  20. Yes - or make the apps use UPnP devices as renderers like BubbleUPnP and mConnect can.
  21. Thanks I’ll know what people mean when they mention Material Skin in the future.
  22. Thanks for that. I’ve just been looking at the Qobuz Android app and I can’t find any way of controlling music replay on another device, which makes it pretty much useless. The Qobuz app on the iPad can only play music on another device with Airplay and so it doesn’t play HiRes, which means I don’t use that app either.
  23. If you use mConnect or BubbleUPnP you only need those apps on the device you are using to control music replay. What software runs on on the tablet or phone when you do that? I’ve searched the Apple iPad App Store and there are music apps called ‘LMS’ there, so I don’t see a difference in numbers of apps needed. I’m not sure if entering your music service credentials at the client or at the server app makes much difference as it’s something you only need to do once.
  24. I don’t use Tidal but I use Qobuz with MoOde using mConnect on iPads or BubbleUPnP on my Android phone. Once you have configured those apps with either your Tidal or Qobuz credentials you can use MoOde as a UPnP renderer to play music. Maybe the Volumio support allows you to enter your credentials in Volumio instead of in the client apps on tablets and phones, but isn’t obvious to me what advantage that would have if you’re happy with the mConnect or BubbleUPnP UIs
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