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  1. Bencat, thanks for the input. My DAC is only analogue out. The A60 has built in phono stage. I was hoping to correct for both the turntable and dac in one easy go. Therefore, I either need a room correction unit that can take a 2V RCA input (DAC) and 1.5mV input (PHONO). Or I could use the tape function so the A60 can do the switching and phono amplification. Is it worth paying out for the DDRC24 over the miniDSP 2x4? If so, I might wait a bit and see if one comes up 2nd hand. Many thanks, Lee
  2. Hi all, Would I be able to use the tape monitor function on the A60 to use a mini dsp for room correction? I don't know if I need room correction but the cocensus seems to be that it usually helps. The speakers are placed where they are (in alcoves against the wall) and cannot move. Many thanks in advance, Lee
  3. Wishing a speedy recovery.
  4. You can never close the topic. It will be here forever. Occasionally get a post, years into the future. Set up an alert, just in case! Forever will this thread be open!!!!
  5. I see now. Many thanks for looking. Yes, it seems that the price just escalated.
  6. Hi all, This has got me interested. The exerps from the email I received. Audio Improvements Media Center 27 adds support for the next generation of DSP effects by supporting VST 3. All modern VST plugins will now use the v3 architecture. This allows a myriad of third party effects to be used. Dirac, the Swedish developer of room correction and other audiophile enhancements, is just one example of what VST can do for your system. JRiver IdPi We offer the Linux OS and JRiver Media Center in an easy to set up package for the Raspberry Pi. The JRiver Id (rhymes with did) is available on a microSD card that gets inserted in your RPi, or with a ready-to-run Raspberry Pi, fully assembled by JRiver. It makes a great DLNA/UPnP Renderer (aka endpoint in some circles) for around $100 or less. It can also stand alone as a media computer, connected to a receiver or TV. It is simply amazing! How much is DIRAC and could this be a cheap way to get a media server/renderer/digital room correction in one package?
  7. Well, as is my style, I plugged them in and there are no ground loops or strange buzzing so I guess they are ok. These are the plugs. https://studiocare.com/collections/connectors/products/neutrik-rean-nys373-2-phono-red Maybe its the helping hands? The wing nuts might need tightening up causing the solder points to move at the slightest touch. Also, when stripping the wires, I think I am not stripping enough of the positive. This leaves the negative braid too far away from the soldering point. I think it might be best to buy some cheap as chips connectors and practice on them first. Soldering bits into a circuit board is a lot easier than this.
  8. The insides? Its a bit embarrassing but, if its ok, I'll post tomorrow. They are in the car as the cable was to wire in an underseat sub.
  9. Hi all, I bought some Rean Neutric RCA connectors and attempted to solder them. The solder point for the centre pin and the solder point for the ground are too close for my liking, or I could not be doing it correctly. I tinned the wires and I used the helping hands. It didn't help the 8 year old was 40cm from my head watching my every move. Maybe a larger tip to the soldering iron would help to heat everything a bit quicker. The iron was set to 400 degrees. Are there any easier RCA connectors to solder? And what's the best way to ensure there are no short circuits? I watched a person on YouTube using a multimeter on diode setting. My multimeter does not have that function. Many thanks, Lee
  10. Come on, you are selling a house for a quarter of a million pounds! Spend a day, move some stuff out of the way and this will enable you to get some more pictures without your nickable stuff in the shot. I see stairs and only stairs. Or, maybe the mystery of the spaces inside could entice views? Anyhow, best of luck with the sale. It looks like a lovely house in a great location.
  11. So, as I discussed a price of £500 plus postage, that's where we are. Reduced to £500 plus postage or collection more than welcome.
  12. The only thing that might come close is a Fatman? Otherwise, for £200 it would have to be a DIY job.
  13. Thanks for all the replies. It seems like storing hifi in the loft is alright, until it's not alright. This a good thing as I have more motivation to not keep equipment hanging around the house. However, the cables and odds and sods will still stay up there.