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  1. I like your taste in dance music, especially the mix albums.
  2. Hi all, I bought some cheap speakers. The tweeters were working but pushed in. The mids and bass were fine. A child at school turned the amp up and blew one of the mids. Therefore, before disposing of them, I rescued the crossovers and the bass speakers. Any use to anyone? https://photos.app.goo.gl/bTdqf2LLsFgZtHjc6 Collection only please from SE23. We will be driving to Birmingham at the end of October.
  3. There was a news bit in radio 4about this today. Yes, this is true what Octopus says. The more people that "buy" their energy from green suppliers, the more that is invested in green energy. The electricity you receive is mixed. But the point is mute when we need to provide all our electricity by green ways asap. This is what the government wants. I'll try to find the news bit on BBC sounds.
  4. Sorry for posting and then disappearing for a few days. My amp does not seem to cool down when in standby. It stays about the same temperature all the time - pretty warm. And, I feel my amp needs to be warmed up before it sounds its best. Cold is good. Warm is great. And so I was considering leaving it in standby rather than switching it off between listening sessions. I thought the idle was standby? The manual does indeed say 40W idle. Still, food for thought for those who leave amps powered on all the time. I know I have done this in the past, sometimes for months at a time.
  5. Hi all, I just checked the cost of my amp in standby. The amp consumes 40W when in standby so, 24 x 365 = 8760 hours per year. This calculator was used https://www.sust-it.net/energy-calculator.php If I was to leave my amp on all year, it would cost me just under £64.96
  6. Great speaker stands and a bargain price. These were great with some proac tablet reference 8 signatures.
  7. I'm happy to chip in a few quid, if others will too, to get the verdict on a blind test on headshell washers. A bakeoff, maybe?
  8. I used to own an arcam a32 with the celestion 551's. When doing pub dj sets, the arcam was maxed out at 100. It could not go any louder so pushing 100W into 91db speakers. Good level to play music in a room for 50 people but I would not dare do the same in my own living room. I think the a32 had some sort of protection to avoid clipping, or I was just lucky. Actually, I still miss the sound of that combo. Maybe I try again some time.
  9. Having the same cd that sounds better than the vinyl pressing.
  10. I'd go number 5. Over time, as you stop looking out for the small improvements you just enjoy the music. However, have you changed anything in the room?
  11. I never used an official stylus cleaner or liquid, just one of those magic erasers (though I do mostly use the blow on it really hard method mostly). If that does not work, the little brush comes out. I have been known to use the green paper when I first discovered these things. Once I invested in a record cleaning machine, there is little crud to bother the stylus. However, I have had a diamond come off my Denon DL-160. One record it was there, then it was not. Maybe the magic eraser? I think just a cartridge failure.
  12. Sorry, no. Earlier input indicated it was obsolete with no real reason for existing except as a door stop.
  13. During hay-fever season, I sneeze on the stylus. Keeps it lovely and dust free. Sort of a puuhhh sound that comes out.
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