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  1. I have just seen this album is name your price. An album I keep going back to. https://interchill.bandcamp.com/album/bliminal
  2. An excellent label for chilled goodness. I just received this in my inbox. Use the discount code "interchill" for the next two weeks to get 40% off. https://interchill.bandcamp.com
  3. I found this in the home brew shop. Having brewed several sour beers using kettle souring, this seemed a bit easier to brew with. 3kg Maris Otter 1.5kg Wheat Malt 200g acidulated malt Mash aT 65OC FOR 60 MINS. 30 minute boil with 15g Fuggles added at 30 mins and 500g dextrose at 5 mins. SG was 1060. Fermentation began after 12 hours. After 36 hours, signs of fermentation stopped. Gravity read 1040. This stuff now begins its second phase of fermentation. Tastes sour so far. looking forward to 10 days time, after the slower bit of fermentation.
  4. (My musings) I bought a Rotel RX203 off a local forum and liked the way it improved the soundstage from my speakers. On hearing the Rotel, I felt my Moon I-5 was controlling my speakers (Celestion Ditton 551 from 1978) too well. It was like the Moon had a vice like grip over the bass and the start-stop motion meant the speakers could not express themselves properly. My speakers needed a little more freedom to do their thing. Also, the Rotel allowed the AT440mlb to sound pretty good. Enter the A&R A60 (earliest model) collected as lockdown was beginning. Bought and sounded pretty good, but preferred a Grado f1+ cartridge into the phono stage. Line output was comparable with the Rotel. Closer inspection saw the A60 had over 1V on one of the speaker outputs so this needed to be sorted. I liked the sound of the A60 but felt the output bias needed some attention, even though the sound was not affected. The amp was dropped off at Juancho's after a discussion on what could be done. The plan was to implement many of the DungeonDecibels mods. I was excited to see what the amp was capable of. Next into the ring is the Rotel RX503. Found on eBay, an upgrade on the RX203 and undergone a total recap and service by an hobbyist. This was bout 2 weeks after lockdown. This amp seemed to offer me everything I wanted, the old amp but bigger and it will last longer. The amp was located in Hull and would take some time to transport to London via Birmingham due to corona virus. The amp sat stationary in Hull for 2 months before it began its journey. Two weeks ago I received the Rotel RX503. It sat on my floor as I was away camping. On the way back from camping, I collected the A&R A60. A&R A60 - total cost £120 to buy and £500 to service. Rotel RX503 - total cost £200 Which sounds better? Of course its the A60! I plugged in the RX503 and it did not sound as good as the RX203. I listened to it for about a week, leaving it on when I went out and letting the components settle or burn in. It is starting to settle and is sounding better. But then I thought I would plug in the A60. With no settling in it sounds great. Easy to listen to, spacious, tonality is right, listening to the music, not the hifi. So, why does the RX503 need to be burned in but the A60 does not? Does the burning in of the RX503 relate to cheaper components used to service it? More expensive components were used to restore the A60. Is it the fact that Juancho did the work on the A60 and knows what he is doing so is mer sympathetic to the flow of those pesky electrons? Is it that all new components need burn in but, depending on the quality of the electrical components, some start off better than others? As the A60 components are better quality, they start at a better level? Photos of the RX503 - https://photos.app.goo.gl/VpcKyQnFxJR19hRL6 I need to open up the A60 next. (By the way, the A60 really gels with the Celestions, Technics 1210's, Audio Technica AT440mlb and I am very happy with the £620 total cost of a little old A&R A60. There will be a Moon I-5 to leave this house, as will the phono stage. Both need different companions to live a happier life. Oh dear, are hifi components like relationships, some combinations are better than others?) I have found this part of my hifi journey interesting. What is possible with these old amps? Do old amps need old speakers? Is this how they are designed? And, the most interesting question, was more asked of older amps? They had to amplify tiny MM and radio signals, and that's it. Later they had to amplify reel to reel signals. Now amps have to amplify 2V, much easier, surely?
  5. Will be bottling some mead tomorrow. Brewed last September and should be about 12-13% ABV. One has been infused with raspberries. The large carboy has been stabilised and will be back sweetened with honey. The other two will be made into sparkling mead.
  6. As I share my chilli sauces with colleagues at work, a South African lady brought me this in return. Fully recommended tasty stuff.
  7. Hello stingray, I usually get my stuff from malt millers. They sell some very acceptable ready made mixes but they have been having supply issues recently meaning there is little to choose from. For example, here are a few `I have made several times now. Either they are cheap and tasty or more expensive and amazing. https://www.themaltmiller.co.uk/product/dennis-kings-vic-secret-delight-3/ https://www.themaltmiller.co.uk/product/oatmeal-stout-jon-finch/ https://www.themaltmiller.co.uk/product/son-of-punkie-ipa-v2/ https://www.themaltmiller.co.uk/product/teasel-best-bitter-jon-finch/ https://www.themaltmiller.co.uk/product/two-hearted-american-ipa/ https://www.themaltmiller.co.uk/product/verdant-pulp-vicsecret/
  8. I have found that I the sound of a component is not offensive, keep the component. There will be times that the sound is glorious. The more components you hear, the more you understand what sounds you like. Sometimes a component really improves the sound. Then you get very excited and change another component. Synergy lost. It's a slow climb. Reference tracks are useful. The Peachtree has never offended me. It has only made my smile and I see no need to try another Digital source. There is something comforting about fit and forget. But when I need to fill my time with something like hifi again, this could change. But then will begin the merry go round, again. And sometimes I confuse my big rig with my Acoustic Energy Aego (sub sat) and £20 dac out of my TV. Sometimes there is not much difference. But sometimes, there is no comparison. Big rig wins. At this point in my life there is less time and money for spending on Hifi. But its weird what reading reviews can do for wanting something different.
  9. I have this coming. I will collect it today. https://www.decathlon.co.uk/yamba-900-tiger-khaki-id_8574507.html
  10. Thats interesting. Its always good to try other components on your system. The fact it doesn't change the sound, not too sure if that's a good or bad thing? Anyway, this could be a path to you saving money! I'm looking forward to hearing what happens with the Blu-ray. Someone needs to hold a dac-off vs transport! Oh, did the buttons at the back do much? I find I cannot hear much of a difference with them.
  11. Hurray! Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  12. I'm currently sitting in a dark campsite near swanage waiting for the comet. Just seen ISS go by.
  13. The spinning circle means no signal. Have you tried that output on the CD before? Solid blue means there is a signal.
  14. Don't rush. I can collect another time. It will make me listen to some records. A week or two would be fine.
  15. Now have a Decathlon special ordered. The Cambridge audio equivalent of the skate boarding world. Not the coolest name, not the best you can get but dependable, reliable, consistent and works.