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  1. http://pdf.crse.com/manuals/4228705121.pdf Copy of manual here Barry but can't see remote no. My mate has one of these so I can get it from him if no one comes to the rescue.
  2. Fair point Micky, I was harsh saying it was a poor show, I still had an enjoyable day. The numbers seemed to be well down on previous years. Hifi news starting their own show hasn't helped Whittlebury. The organisers need to rethink their pricing and strategy, it has to be worthwhile for dealers / small manufacturers to keep the show going. The big names seem to be staying away which doesn't help footfall or spreading the cost.
  3. Poor show this year, seems the organisers priced the exhibitors out. Enjoyed the Clearaudio system and the fugly ribbon tweeter speaker system. Still managed to come home with a bag full of goodies so not all bad.
  4. Steady on Barry .......... glad you like it. You have good taste Agree, definitely early REM influences
  5. The debut album "You and Your Sister" is maybe more riffy and a bit rougher round the edges, you might prefer that one. Thanks for trying.
  6. Please Panic is the second album from The Vulgar Boatmen originally released in 1992 following their 1989 debut "You and Your Sister" The band was based around Robert Ray and Dale Lawrence who wrote the songs and shared vocal duties. The pair met at the University of Florida where Ray worked as a Professor and taught Lawrence. Lawrence moved back to Indiana but the songwriting continued by exchanging cassette tapes through the post. The album contains some great tunes including the wonderfully catchy "You Don't Love Me Yet" and the single "We Can Figure This Out". Other favourites for me include "Fool Me" and "23rd of September" which has enabled me to never forget my Wedding Anniversary The band ceased after the release of their third and final album "Opposite Sex" was caught up in a major label wrangle which stopped an official release in the US. Spotify link spotify:album:1obe4scFMTOo6uMZlu9QDf
  7. It's a decent venue and a great location if you live in Northants It hasn't attracted as much support as Bristol from the big manufacturers. Worth studying the programme as always one or two interesting things going on. Went to a Classic Album session where they played Five Leaves Left on a decent Audionote system with a Q&A with Joe Boyd Normally a few record sellers there including Diverse Vinyl.
  8. Will be interested to hear how they compare
  9. Wow, your system can do the inky black thing ........... you'll be lifting veils next
  10. I wanted a personal utility pole installed in our lounge but Mrs C wasn't keen
  11. Nice system, the Legend amp is a great partner for the LVs. Chucks out some heat though, keep an eye on your shelf.
  12. Some great choices. I'm hoping to see Maz O'Connor this year
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