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  1. Cable lifter buyer! Show yourself!!
  2. Cheers Jez, you’re quite right. Now sold.
  3. Sold - Mark Audio 10.2 MAOP - super rare and a bit legendary. These come in their original boxes with unused gaskets, screws and test papers. There’s a tiny indent mark on one and a small deviation on one edge. There’s also a few rubs on the rim where they’ve been fitted (obviously these won’t be seen when in a cab) but apart from this they’re lovely, and they sound great. There’s a mad process to make these, more info here. https://www.kjfaudio.com/2016/11/20/markaudio-maop-drivers/ Sold. £225 inc UK delivery. The mark on the lower driver is the shadow from my phone.
  4. SOLD Selling, as standmounts aren’t ideal for a space with young children. They haven’t knocked them, but I’m worried they will, so it’s back to the chunky, painted XLs, as they’re basically invincible. In the white finish and just stunning. C/w boxes and grilles and in lovely order, bar a scratch on the bottom of one that is obviously out of site When mounted. These are just superb and I have thought of boxing them up until the boys are older, but it would be a shame - they should be listened to. £250 plus UK delivery. There’s a good, accurate review here. https://www.hifichoice.com/content/markaudio-sota-cesti-mb
  5. Certainly not missing too much here. They stop and start so quickly that’s there’s real control and tune to the bass, Which helps for sure. I’m a smitten kitten. Expect me to go on about these for a while
  6. Lovely. I’ve recently bought a Bel Canto C7R and I’m a bit blown away by how good it is. I was expecting detail and control but not the warmth, nuance and flow that it offers. Wish I’d known about it years ago.
  7. Rob, if you’re a single driver fan and looking for smaller speakers at a great price grab a pair of the Markaudio Sota Cesti MB from Stefan at KJF Audio, below, before they’ve all gone. https://www.kjfaudio.com/product/cesti-mb/
  8. Haha - I’ll trust that you’ll believe when I say the cushion fetish is not mine! Happy to take credit for the speakers though, they’re Mark Audio/Sota Cesti MB. Remarkable things, and an absolute Billy Bargain from @orangeart, here. here.https://www.kjfaudio.com/product/cesti-mb/ This review pretty much nails it imo, note the RRP in comparison to Stefan’s beer money price. https://www.hifichoice.com/content/markaudio-sota-cesti-mb
  9. New speakers, and a serious contender. Might this be the end of the three odd year reign of the XL frugalhorn?
  10. Fair enough. They do look fantastic, that’s for sure.
  11. If I may ... price seems awfully close to the RRP given they’re used units?
  12. Great news. I always wondered where you got to with that.