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  1. Some great music there. I’ve got the ones that I’d want from this post, with the exception of Illinois, which i can’t quite justify sadly. Looking forward to the full list!
  2. It’s only giving money away if the seller could countenance selling the items again and keeping Malcolms money. I wouldn’t have done that, because I’m not a d*ck, and I expect most of us would feel the same. It’s taking advantage of other people’s good nature. Upthread someone suggests that it might be a ploy to get the (often collection only) items delivered to him. The thought certainly occurred to me, just so I didn’t have the liability of ‘his’ speakers to worry about.
  3. Yeah, agreed, but as per my comment up thread, I did take time to explain to Malcolm specifically why his behaviour had caused me problems, and he said that he understood, and would take it on board. Clearly he hasn’t.
  4. See up thread. @Bourneyhas met him, and I’ve spoken to him a few times. Based on those conversations I’d say Malcolm knows exactly what he’s doing. Couldn’t tell you why though.
  5. From PFM - Malcolm now also going by the forum name of Crofter, and up to his usual weird behaviour …
  6. Sorry to hear that Frank. You’d had a good experience with him previously hadn’t you iirc?
  7. They’ve been on there for the best part of a year. Interesting that they should sell now, as you post this. Coincidence, or did someone bite?
  8. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/114864555672
  9. Certainly a better looking speaker than the edifier models Martin
  10. @MarginWalker, thanks again for this. Had a really good read through the Buchardt forum now. I do like the way that the team there are really communicative, and very honest about issues. Development of fixes seems pretty rapid too. They come across well.
  11. The Xeo 20 in white might be my best option I think. Reading reviews I think the sound would suit me.
  12. Brilliant, thanks Phil. Reading through, it’s not all plain sailing is it? Quite a few users with problems, and from nowhere by the sound of it … months of good use and then trouble. Don’t like the sound of the mono issue, or the vocal veiling problems.
  13. I like the look of the Dynaudio XD20. I prefer a wood finish with my speakers for choice.
  14. I think so Martin. Just a bit too ordinary.
  15. Cheers Phil. Out of interest, have you had any issues yourself?
  16. I have thought about the AE1s actually, with a Swiss Army knife of a pre, like one of the better Pro-Ject boxes. Another consideration is power consumption, as we don’t have mains electricity at the new house. Oh, and they need to sound good at low volume. So two more boxes ticked for the A500. I can’t help but feel the online output re the Buchardts is a bit ‘curated’ though. A couple of killer YT reviews and, well, not much else. I’ve asked to join to FB owners group but my request has been pending for days. I’d like to join that before pressing the button really, and read some first hand accounts of ownership.
  17. I’m pretty keen to move to an active all in one system, as it would suit my lifestyle and listening space for a few years. Having said that I’m not finding it that easy to make a choice. The LSX seem a bit lightweight, and I don’t like the looks of the LS50w. The Buchardt seem the best fit, and the 45 day trial is great, but they are spendy. Hmmm.
  18. Scratch that. Apparently it’s shite. https://www.avforums.com/reviews/q-acoustics-q-active-200-speaker-system-review.18498
  19. These don’t seem to be going down that well reviews wise. I like the fact there’s a built in phono stage. Anyone actually heard a pair?
  20. If anyone does have any inclination to log in could they be a sweetheart and delete my Jolida Dac ad? I get about ten messages a month about it, despite repeatedly listing it as sold
  21. My old speakers! I shipped them over from a dealer in Germany and loved every minute of living with them. These, with an Almarro a318b, were responsible for the best sound I’ve ever had in my own house.
  22. One good thing about the ADC is that the body is identical on all models, and they pop up relatively regularly second hand. Look for the Pfanstiehl 116Dxx after market models, as they are genuine ADC styli. Model numbers here. https://www.thevoiceofmusic.com/catalog/part_detail.asp?PNumberBase=116
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