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  1. Hi Just seen this on the site, shows how often i use my pc now a days. Did you manage to get yourself a Sony 337 ESD?. If your interested i do have one to sell, i'd say 9/10 for condition. Drop me a line if interested.
  2. I have had one of their headphone amps for some years now. Built like a tank, excellent components, excellent sound ,excellent price, if i remember they sell direct.
  3. nomismo


    ok i think i'm lucky and i've got everythng, but i miss the tweekability of having it all in on box. so with lets say the cost ost what i've gor 35K what woulde you buy and why giving benifits better than i have
  4. Hi Spen

    Your inbox is full,

    pm me regardsing Beonicke W8's / arranging time for a listen


    1. Spen ago

      Spen ago

      Thanks Si, will do!!

    2. Spen ago

      Spen ago

      Thanks Si, will do!!

      tried to sort my inbox, it's not showing as full, but still unable to send you a message. Would you mind emailing me on s200smj@yahoo.co.uk

      I'll delete this note later 

  5. Thanks so much for the offer of a listen to your Boenicke’s, just let me know when is convenient

    1. nomismo


      My apologiese,

      This is the first time i,ve visited the Wam for some time.

      If you are still interesed in listening my pair then we can arrange a time.



  6. Hi, i live in warwickshire and own a pair of Beonicke W8's.

    If you would like to come around for a listen please pm me, i did try apm to you but your inbox is full.

    So pm me and we'll arange a meet up


    1. Spen ago

      Spen ago

      What an absolute numpty, only just spotted this message!

      that would be fantastic, please let me know when is convenient and I’ll pop round.

      thank you


  7. I think your inbox is full as trying to send you a PM

  8. wow highly recomended, i've the latest design 5 tier table and can't say enougth about it, £400 is a steal, treat your self
  9. Hi Stidge, How much exacly are you selling the G1 for, as you have two diffent asking prices in your thread. I,m currently using the original Aries full blown, my second unit,(reget aselling the first). I am interested in this, so what is your final price. Will you accept Paypal friends payment? Splodge
  10. roy harper and trrigger steve miller band cap beefheart
  11. Kraftwerk Coventry polytech 1975, Pink Ffloyd Knebworth 1975 Hawkwind, many times through the 70s and 80s Tangeream Dream Birmingham Symphony Hall Mike Oldfield Birmingham NEC Gong 1973 Leicester De Mont hall and many many more
  12. A story for the disberleavers, the mains is a black art?
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