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  1. For Sale is the Discovery Box set of all the Pink Floyd albums except the last one Endless River. (14 CDs) Comes with the booklet, the advertising sleeve that went around box isn’t included. These are “real” EMI CDs not Chinese fakes. One CD sleeve has slight damage except for that in very good visual condition. Sonically perfect. There is some info on the web about this re-mastered boxset. I am after £80 ono which includes postage in the UK.
  2. Bump. - £250 ono. Need to clear some space for the next project.
  3. For Sale. Minidsp Minisharc DSP with DIGI FP input and VOL FP volume control and IR interface, along with associated cables. The components are used but are in full working order. Reason for sale I have upgraded my DSP. Further info can be found at User Manual.pdf. I will transfer the minidsp account details and password for them, for access to the website and for downloading associated software. Looking for £160 ono
  4. For Sale - Hypex subwoofer plate amp. This is effectively new, only been used for testing. 120watts. Can bring to Keworth on Sunday. Looking for £45 ono.
  5. Up for sale is a Nitty Gritty record cleaning machine. I no longer have use for this as have cleaned all my vinyl and don’t really buy LP’s anymore. I got this off the WAM many years ago, I had to rebuild it when I got it as the postal service dropped it. So cosmetically it’s not perfect, signs of glue where I had to rebuild the plinth, it’s better built now than it was originally. It comes complete with a 7” singles adaptor and spare velvet pads. It also has a cover too. Its a 110v version so comes with an auto transformer too, for 230v usage. I am looking for £150 ono accounting for its condition, which I think is fair, especially when people want £50+ for the 7” adaptor on eBay. I am planning to be at the WAM show on Sunday, would prefer to hand it over to somebody than ship...
  6. For Sale Hypex Ncore power amp. Nc400 modules with individual psu’s. Housed in an aluminium case. I have had this amp for a couple of years. The amp is very quiet, even with horn speakers, there is no background noise. Reason for sale I am simplifying my amplification, it wasn’t wife friendly to have to switch on 8 channels of amplifiers. So have switched to a non hypex multichannel arrangement, couldn’t justify the cost of 8 ncore modules. I am looking for £850 which looking online seems to be a fair price, less than the components from hypex. I am going to be at the WAM show a week on Sunday, if anyone wants a risk/ hassle free pickup.
  7. That’s going to be a big horn. My current elliptical ones are good for 250hz and are a 1m across. Still crossing at 350hz though.
  8. The ones for sale are 53cm long with a cut off frequency I think of 300hz
  9. To make the extensions I used a spreadsheet I got off JMCL matching the existing horn and extrapolated it back to a 2” throat. With regards to the fitting it’s a standard 4” PCD. I have used BMS drivers, community and the JBL’s with them. It would be easy enough to drill some more holes in the flange if you have an weird mounting from vintage drivers. I have kept with the le cleach style just gone elliptical.....
  10. Up for sale are my le cleach midrange horns. Only up for sale because I have built so better elliptical ones. The horns were originally built for Lowthers 8” throats. 0.85 expansion rate I used them in this form successfully for a couple of years. I then moved onto using Compression drivers, building extensions to take them down to a 2 inch throat. Hopefully you can see from the photo the extension pieces, which can be removed. The horns are made from glass fibre with a gel coat finish. The main part of the horns are around 22mm thick around the mouth of the horn which is 68cm diameter at the edge of the roll. They are very heavy and non resonant. The flanges are integral to the horn formed in fibreglass, adding additional stiffness to the horns. If you don’t like the brown finish, they can be sprayed any colour. The back of the horns aren’t as cosmetically good as the front, as you can see from the picture. I was using with them JBL 2482’s crossed at 350hz without issue. I will be going to the WAM show at Kegworth in March and can bring them to the show. Pricing ... I think £300 for the pair is a fair price for them. They probably cost me more than this to build them.
  11. Jack, Amplifier has already been sold, elsewhere.
  12. For sale is a 6L6 single ended amp. It's built around a tube labs circuit, on a pcb. The amp can be reconfigured for a kt88 or a el34 if more than 4.5 watts is required. I bought this amp, in a finished state off a fellow diyer. I have used it to drive some Beyma TPL's in my active set up. The noise level surprisingly good, not much back ground noise with 100db efficient drivers. Has a single input and a pot for volume control. A sweet SE sound. As you can see from the photos, the OPT's are from James audio ( very good for their price) with a Hammond mains transformer and choke. Aluminium chassis painted cream (off white) with oak check pieces and front. I have the build instructions and plans for the amp - so opportunity to tweek. I am after £350 Ono, the wound components alone on this amp must be close to £300. I have a box so could post- at cost.