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  1. Quick update on the speaker. I changed the Fostex driver and it works beautifully again. Using my Almarro amp... I did not dare to connect the Mac again. That one is going back to the shop that repaired it on the weekend. Thanks again for all the help!
  2. I do indeed hear scraping noises, whereas with the driver of the other speaker, there are none.
  3. Thanks for the help. I will speak to the Mac dealer tomorrow and get it back there for a re-check asap. I don't have spare tubes right now, so cannot quickly try if it was just a tube that failed. Surprisingly, I just found a place in my town that sells the Fostex drivers and lots of interesting full range and horn speakers. So can get the replacement drivers quickly (€129 ea). My next questions is possibly silly and I may open a can of worms: is buying matched drivers required? Or should I just get the one? THANKS!!!
  4. Thanks Mark and Adam! There is a 12 month warranty on the repair of the McIntosh, so I will bring it back to the dealer who repaired it for me.
  5. PS - Only the speakers were purchased new in the UK but shipped to Germany, the amp was purchased used from a private seller. This would be a complicated warranty case as Gemme Audio has a different distributor in Germany and Gemme Audio is broke... And the option of the amp taking it out is still there. Unfortunately the Fostex FE108EZ driver isn't the cheapest for a quick trial but I may do that anyway (have to replace it anyway as it is blown).
  6. Thanks guys for the suggestions! I just did another experiment and switched the speakers on the external box, one of the advantages of having an external 'crossover' box (I am not sure what it actually does as they are full range speakers and should not require a crossover). The intact speaker works on both channels, so the speaker electronics seem fine. It could be the amp (McIntosh Mc2000). I just had it repaired and replaced some valves as one of them had failed and taken a resistor of the amp out , with a similar bang on the other channel... Thanks again!
  7. Hi all, I was wondering if I could ask you guys for some help with my Gemme Audio Vivace V3 speakers. Yesterday, the left channel of my system gave me the big bang and then went almost quiet. Now I only get very little out of the channel, and very distorted, right channel is fine. I initially suspected that one of the valves in the amp gave up but after switching amps, it stays the same. Looks like the speaker (driver) is blown. Does it make sense that the driver goes with a bang when it gives up? It is only a couple years old. The Vivace has a single full range Fostex FE108EZ driver, with a paper cone and a black spiral foam ring around the cone. There is a cut and opening in the foam (see upper part of the picture), which must have happened during the catastrophy. I see no other damage after taking the driver out. There is very little electronics, which is all in an external box (see 2nd picture), and no visible damage on the circuit board. Unfortunately, emails to Gemme Audio remain unanswered. And that's because, as I just found out, they went bust. I bought them from Audio Emotion (still some warranty I believe), so I can check there as well. With >60kg/speaker, I'd rather not ship to them back though and see if I can fix it. Should I get a new driver? Could that have been the cause? Or would you suggest it might be something else? Thanks for the help!
  8. She likes to climb into boxes... Done!
  9. RobsterD, sweet deck! Here is mine! Not finished yet; arms are not in the final positions. In fact, currently at a total stand still because the SME took serious damage from my attacking cat. SME is fixing it right now...
  10. Your setup looks fantastic! I am putting a similar 401 project together and the issues discussed here are the same ones i am facing. I have also decided on a two platform design, very similar to yours. I am using the height adjustable stands below, which can be adjusted ca. 3 cm using the rotating ring (works exactly like a camera lens, up or down without changing the top plate's position). The two adapters below for my Jelco and SME arms are on the top of the stands. Underneath are 5kg brass bases, I have decided to not fix them to the plinth. For me, they allow "on-the-fly" VTA adjustment. The top plate rotates separately and can be locked, so I can perform some of the tone arm adjustment using the stand rather than the arm's adjustments. I can post a few more pics of the setup if there is interest.
  11. From the Tera Website: "For the first time in the history of mankind a pocket size music-player is being offered that delivers super-fidelity sound quality" This statement starts like something Buzz could have said in 1969...
  12. I would gladly do it if you still need somebody.
  13. I have the Almarro 318B as well and tried both the newer and older versions, 6c33c, 6c33c-b. All work fine in my amp. I have quite a few of them now as they are very cheap. I also tried the Svetlanas, and again, no problems and very similar to the newer tubes the Almaro comes with. They drift like crazy though as described in the manual. I really had to re-adjust every hour or so during the first 20 hours, even for the tubes the Almarro came with. They are not really plug'n'play'n'forget tubes... I bought some from Russia for ca. £30 pair (incl. shipping) and fortunately did not get dinged by customs. I also bought some cheaply from a seller in Poland. And I often see a Bulgarian seller on ebay, which has the advantage that it's within the EU, so no customs charges and taxes.
  14. Just discovered this, very similar to the Benchmark DAC...ör&hash=item35b22d09fc