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  1. This ^ should be accurate before making any further assessments. Chances are correct alignment will require the cartridge to not be square. Might explain the channel imbalance too...
  2. aniki

    SUT experiences

    It certainly does seem popular these days for MC users to prefer SUT/MM over MC stages but in my experience there is a degree of 'romance' involved with the transformer and/or valve approach and I don't feel this solution is really representing the true sound of the cartridge. Similarly I don't mean to deny others experiences and at the end of the day, if it sounds good to the user they have achieved their goal. However, personally having tried a million and one combinations of SUTs, head amps and phono stages, in terms of accuracy I prefer a modern low noise MC stage. That said, I also like dip switches as it's a convenient way to switch from MC to MM
  3. As above. After an Ortofon Quintet Blue upwards. Ta.
  4. It could indeed be valid. If you like how it sounds you may benefit further by adding the fluid damper kit.
  5. Supra LoRad 1.5 Power Cable. 1 Metre. Excellent Condition. £27 delivered within the UK. PPG. No offers please. See my other post for Mark Grant DSP cables.
  6. These:- More info High performance three core 2.5 mm fully shielded mains cable. High purity copper conductors. Tightly twisted core construction - more twists per foot than any 'off the shelf' power cable. High quality shielding consisting of clear mylar polyster film, a dual over lapped layer of aluminium foil and then dense tinned copper braid. Extremely flexible high quality clear outer jacket. Fitted with MK silver plated Toughplug and high quality Martin Kaiser silver plated IEC connector to fit most AV equipment etc. Designed to achieve maximum performance at a realistic price. This is a custom designed and built cable, you cannot buy this cable anywhere else. This is NOT 'CY' or 'SY' off the shelf cable, it is a custom design.
  7. Mark Grant DSP 2.5 Power Cables. 1 Metre. Perfect Condition. 2 Available. £40 each delivered within the UK. PPG. No offers please.
  8. The time has finally come to part with my much loved Linto. Truly a revelation when first released and still a staggeringly good performer. Low Output Moving Coil only, Ultra Low Noise phono stage. No original box but comes with original mains lead and instructions. Immaculate unmarked condition and perfect working order. It has the black power button with finger indent. - Serial is 1043*** - SOLD