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  1. good price, good cables. Good luck with the sale
  2. did I miss something? What is the price??
  3. apologies, didn't see this, have updated my preferences to notify me immediately. Yes, I have the other parts, these are complete sets
  4. sorry Andy, I didn't see your post, for some reason even though I have ticked "notifying me of replies", it doesn't!? Anyway, no you don't, what it means is a dual mono setup to give you a left and a right channel. Basically, it doubles up the amplifiers, one for each channel, it's like a pair of monoblock's for your headphones in one box Make sense?
  5. isolation, blessed isolation. What price this most glorious of desires… In this case, £125 delivered within the UK. 2 sets of 4, they are what you see. let me know if you need any more information.
  6. SOLD … And like that… It was gone…
  7. SS TP Bloody hell that was quick!
  8. dual amplification MOSFET design, one amp per channel. Drives most headphones on the move without needing mains power. rechargeable battery driven, the size of a cigarette packet but drives whatever headphones you want to put on (well, whatever headphones I put on them, I don't know what you have??) Originally built by a guy called neco_soundlab, these are pretty awesome and no longer available and this is a fully working and virtually brand-new (probably 20 hours on it at the most) version. tested with Beyerdynamics and Sennheiser's, works flawlessly. Music source in, headphone out. fully operational fourth-generation BurrBrown DAC iPod also available if required (at additional cost) £45 delivered. (New these were around £100 with the upgraded resistors (allows for higher volume) )
  9. total bargain, glad you got the sale sorted out
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