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  1. I invested! absolutely fantastic-Expensive but good decision. Mike
  2. I have decided on a home Demo!!! Thanks for all the comments. I looked hard at Knipester's link but if things go wrong??... I can, of course, send them back, AND my wife may have a view! Although the music system is in a secondary living room, her study is at one end and she hates black. More anon Mike
  3. Hi Phillim Can you clear your inbox?
  4. Thanks guys for all the comments and the PM's. No decisions yet, more thought needed. I could spend a year, and a fortune travelling and listening. It would be fun to do but I doubt that I will be permitted! just spent the day reordering the music room, it had become a tip. Looks good but there's a ton of stuff in the spare bedroom; that will cause problems. New speakers will now fit rather easily, hmmm........... Mike
  5. I am sure that this post will generate some angst! I have been thinking of changing my system. No good reason but there are a number of options that I haven't tried; horns and valves for instance. I posted a while ago about low power valve amps. This afternoon I was in my favourite Oxford dealer talking about the Entreq range of earthing equipment, I have the Tellus silver on trial and to my surprise it really makes a difference, especially in the bass arena, more anon about that. on Demo were the Magico S5 loudspeakers driven by a Musical Fidelity Nu Vista 800 amp. Both ex dem and asking !! £34k. It was just fantastic, quite the best that I have ever heard. The front end was an Aurender W20 and the music was amazing. i am sure that the asking price will drop and I have kit to trade in, but the cost of change would be serious. I am trying hard to resist, it might mean another mortgage, but wow! Not at all what I was thinking of, this could be a sleepless night. Anyone heard the Magico's? Mike
  6. Ben can one mount your 'pancakes' onto the tape recorder for transferring the tape to reels? i have 10.5 inch reels Mike
  7. steelhull

    SOLD ...

    What is your postcode? Mike
  8. Thanks All First I have to find some horns. Working on that. Mike
  9. Thanks, budget is a bit flexible, as to speakers, possibly horns. Mike
  10. Hi Guys, advice please. I am contemplating a new project which would need a valve amp of between 5 and (max) 20 watts. who makes the best ones? Thanks in advance Mike
  11. Hi Pete If you have fitted a cartridge (any) before then you should be able to manage. I have a winfield and I fitted it to a SME arm successfully. Mike
  12. Hi Guys I would love to have a room sitter/helper for a couple of hours. PM me if interested. (Deviate Phantoms, turntable (yes-digitally connected), CD Player and MBP running Audirvana+) Many thanks Mike
  13. I managed to book on Friday, sorry if I jumped the gun. However, beware! The person at Scalford (? Ellen) wanted to take the 'non-refundable' total cost from my credit card on Friday. As this was differentfrom prior years she checked with the manager and only took £15 for the Saturday night supper. Anthony-do we have any clarity on this? Mike
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