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  1. I have the Rotel A14 which has the Bluetooth 5 aptX HD option, and I agree with Jerry above, it is pretty damn good. I don't use it very often and when I do it's normally to stream Spotify Premium from my phone. I have found very few issues with it and not encountered much in the way of interference or dropouts. Prior to the A14 I used to have one of these and this worked perfectly. https://www.amazon.co.uk/BluDento-Bluetooth-Receiver-Designed-Amplifier-grey/dp/B07F6ZP5WF
  2. Absolutely loving this 8 disc box set... A word of caution though, if like me you also rip your CDs then there are major issues with this box set. The discs themselves play perfectly on my CD player but the ripped files not so. I have ripped all the discs using dBPoweramp in both FLAC and WAVE format and each disc has had problems with at least one or two tracks per disc. Skipping, sticking, jumping etc. Not unique to me, just read the reviews on Amazon. I've emailed Universal Music to complain and I'm hoping they will send me the WAVE files which someone on Amazon said they would do. The actual music is 5 star, the hardware is 1 star.
  3. I had 6 on vinyl, all now sold on a few years ago when ditching my never played LP collection. I've got the Kate Bush and Sade on CD though. I'm surprised Terence Trent D'Arby didn't make that list. A figure of fun to some but his first album Introducing The Hardline was undeniably good.
  4. Agreed. I only have one recording of his and it appears to be a live bootleg I think. It's called New Morning - Paris 7 Nov 2003, and it's not listed in Wiki so I think it's a bootleg as such. Someone of the old Mojo magazine forum sent me a CDR copy years ago and it's very good. What a speaking voice!
  5. Working my way through the 8 disc Hard Luck Stories box set by Richard & Linda Thompson ( a real labour of love for me ) and I'm currently on disc 4 which happens to be this classic. I just cannot think of or imagine a more beautiful song than Dimming of the Day....
  6. Complete guess but is it Heroes - David Bowie?
  7. I remember a Radio 1 "Greatest single of all time" public vote back in the late 1980's and the single that was afforded the accolade? Bros - I Owe You Nothing".
  8. Followed by another recent CD buy..
  9. Ha, I thought you would get it, far too easy. One day I'll post a difficult one. Well done
  10. It's not very often I get one of these straight away but I knew it was Eric Clapton almost immediately, I've played it countless times over the years. Anyway, here's a nice easy one for you all...
  11. Is it Just One Night - Eric Clapton? Great album BTW
  12. On CD, an all acoustic recording completed only a couple of months before Phil May's untimely death. A quite remarkable album of stripped down R&B music from the venerable Phil May and Dick Taylor. Lovely...
  13. A similar abomination is a version of The Groundhogs' classic and seminal album Split. Someone called Andrew Liles (no, me neither) apparently with the blessing/input of Tony McPhee re-mixed the wonderful Split album and released it as "Split Up - an exhumation by Andrew Liles" I love the original album, it is one of my all time favourites but the Split Up version is just simply appalling, unlistenable. Why people think putting a few sound effects in here and there amounts to artistic merit is beyond me. These are referred to in one 5* review on Amazon as "new textures and contextualizations". Good grief!
  14. On CD, an album from 2009 from the San Diego progsters Astra, who wear their 70's British prog roots firmly on their wizards sleeves. Mellotron heaven..