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  1. Many Meridian owners log on to There are many very helpful, friendly and knowledgeable people there should you have any queries or problems setting them up. Duncan’s Meridian Info on that site contains a wealth of useful information. Best of luck and hope you have many years enjoyable listening.
  2. Nice to see a mention of Serge who I much enjoyed meeting at the 2016 Wam Show. Yes, he did take quite an extremely objective view and he could get a bit frustrated but mostly he was polite in his answers. That was the point, he didn't just troll his views with statements, questions and links, but backed up his views with a wealth of knowledge which informed his views and answers, and was an invaluable resource for anyone with a technical question. Oh that some of his imitators could, let alone do the same thing.
  3. If you can identity reviewers and forum friends and members who are on the same wavelength than opinions can be very useful. I even bought a pair of speakers on this basis and have been very pleased with them. Objective can be useful but only if everyone correlates measurements and hearing in the same way, and let’s face it, whilst we hifi nerds may like a graph or two I suspect most us don’t fully understand them and limited knowledge is a dangerous thing. In the last analysis it isn’t a case of objective or subjective but balanced use of objective and subjective, ideally culminating in lengthy listening in ones own room, although this isn’t always possible.
  4. The visual interface for selecting either ripped or streamed files. The sound is fine in that there are no irritations, but there is always the thought as whether it could be improved, by how much, and to what degree would I, personally, appreciate it.
  5. The streaming built into the SHD convinced me that I would like to stream Radio 3, and Qobuz or Tidal but I found the user interface very frustrating and on my internet connection, at least, cover art was taking an age to load. I find the Node 2i interface pretty slick but for my own ripped files it is no competition for JRiver with JRemote for my largely classical library.
  6. Any answers please? Very interested in the thoughts of those who have been doing the pimping. apologies if I have missed an answer within the debris of the hoo hah.
  7. Take your point, although thread wander has always been something of a Wam tradition and I’m surprised we haven’t wandered from power supplies for our hifi to power supplies for our pacemakers and hearing aids (not that I have either... yet ) .
  8. A manufacturer’s words on their own product linked to by one of their dealers may be worth reading but it is hardly impartial. I see they make their case by comparing with their DAC 1, a piece of equipment that I bought and found to be one of my most disappointing hifi purchases for listening to music although it was OK for monitoring sound tracks for video. Also, wouldn’t measurists claim that the noise they are writing about would be inaudible in both cases anyway.
  9. Some might say that you’d need a barrel of whisky to cope with Stravinsky . But if you are going to have a fetish Stravinsky is as good as any, and less harmful than many I couldn’t think off, allegedly...
  10. Camverton

    Sub Success!

    I have no experience of acoustic damping panels other than filling a room with carpets, books, and very heavy curtains. They may help a Little bit with bass but is of most use in controlling secondary reflections further up the frequency range. Having moved from a house with a smallish room to one with a much larger but more lively room I think I am a fan of “natural” damping. Curiously, in the old room I had to slope the bass up much more than in my current room to get the same sort of bass sound as measured in REW. To get the final balance for my wonky ears I use a few particular tracks where the bass is very a very low pulse and have the bass level such that it is an underlying subtle, pulse rather than a boom (Gavin Bryar’s Double bass concerto with Charlie Haden is very useful as is a lot of music by Philip Glass, he being very fond of a very deep underlying pulse). I started using DSP in earnest with Meridian G68 pre/processor which incorporated Meridian Room Correction. It was pretty effective but not as versatile or effective as Dirac applied after careful integration. I suppose I find the idea of room EQ easier than installing acoustic panels, and apart from anything else you probably end up seeing acoustic panels, whereas you don’t see EQ. To do EQ well does take quite a lot of research and time and isn’t just a case of downloading REW. I certainly wouldn’t blame anyone for not wanting to go down that route, but it’s quite fun if you have an interest in that side of audio. One thing, I feel, is for sure and that is that one still has to do a lot of careful listening; as Martin said upthread it is easy to muck the sound up!
  11. As I use a node 2i I am very interested in everyone’s findings on this subject of changing the power supply. One thing mentioned up thread is that at least some of the improvement may be due a LPS not chucking so much rubbish back into the mains. My question is, to get the improvement would I have to disable all my other SMPSs? I’ve lost count of how many I have dotted around the house but phones, Philips Hue, routers, chargers, network switch etc, etc use them.
  12. Camverton

    Sub Success!

    Nope, of the three pairs of speakers I am using at the moment all are passive and none have boundary adjustment other than physically moving them. I do have, stored away, a pair of elderly active Meridian dsp5500 which include rudimentary boundary and corner settings but employing those settings was never very useful in my setups. None of the other speakers I have tucked away have any form of boundary adjustment.
  13. Camverton

    Sub Success!

    Perhaps it depends on the particular brand and type of speaker. I was thinking of my entry level MBLs compared to their midrange model and their second from the top of which I am quite desirous! Thinking of my Meridian dsp5500 which is big and blousy I think it does a sense of scale well but at the expense of the refinement of their smaller speakers, so in that case You are probably right; a smaller model with a sub. Come to think of it I prefer the four panel Quads to the six panel Quads so you might be right! Of course, such comparisons do come down to the skill in deployed in integrating the sub.
  14. Camverton

    Sub Success!

    Thank you for comments, and apologies for disrupting the subject of the thread. I used the word “allude” as there was no reference to a product by name so much as by type. This was the comment I was referring to “The best option would be modern loudspeakers with boundary filters ( filters which adjust bass output according to position)”. A clear reference to a type of speaker he sells. As an isolated example it matters not a jot but it is part of a trend that is causing discord and disruption in numerous threads. Imagine what would the forum would be like if all dealers did this. Thankfully most dealers seem to stick to their area of the forum where folk can seek out their views knowing where they are coming from. Back to the subject in hand (at last I hear everyone cry ). Yes I agree it is far better to have main speakers that not only cover the bass frequencies but in a way that conveys a realist sense of scale. For me and my particular choice of speaker that would involve spending close on £50k with trade in! So sub it has to be. Enjoyable results can be achieved fairly easily but really good integration takes a lot of time and probably more expertise than I’ll ever have! I use miniDSP SHD, careful positioning of speakers, matching levels and delays, tweaking crossover points and slopes and then applying Dirac for final optimisation. Quite a procedure and involving a lot of listening and checking with REW, which in itself takes ordinary people a fair old time to learn to use effectively. Is it all worth it? For me yes but I can understand why many wouldn’t want to bother. I still think a bigger pair of mains would be better though, if only they weren’t so darn expensive. I have tried lower priced alternatives in the last year but only Quads were of a comparable overall sound quality and even then I still find the need for a sub with them.
  15. Camverton

    Sub Success!

    Is there a guide to posting multi posting when a bit tiddly? I just want to point out that Keith was alluding to D&D and Kii in this thread, something he sells so is, not unreasonably, in favour of. Damn, I’ve given him a chance to do some editing .