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  1. It would be good to meet sometime. The reason I diverted from MBL to German Physiks was because I couldn’t get a home dem of MBL 101s. I was offered a highly subsidised visit to the factory in Germany to have a listen though, which whilst it would have been interesting but wouldn’t have told me how they would work in my own room. I can understand why a dealer wouldn’t want to order in a high priced item and spend a couple of days away demming it, but on the other hand is it reasonable to expect a customer to spend £50k on something without hearing it in their own room? It’s a tricky one… possibly! It’s turned out well for me though because I like the sound of the German Physiks very much and whilst I’m not that keen on how they look I think I would have been even less keen on the look of big MBLs in my room. The German Physiks home dem wasn’t by a dealer but by German Physiks own international sales chap because I didn’t have a reasonably local dealer. He guided me through the process of ordering and importing direct from the factory.
  2. “Immediacy”, that’s the perfect way of describing it. Oddly enough that is why I used to prefer Martin Logans over Quads but my tastes have changed and I now prefer the slightly less immediate presentation of Quads, mind you the Later Quads, 05 on, sound much better to my ears than the old 63s. Mind you some of the classical music I listen to is so damn startling I need a safety zone!
  3. Good points, although I thought our rooms are approximately the same 7x4m size (?). Of course I haven’t lived in mine as long so there is, maybe, less “stuff” in it! One thing I have become aware of is that a larger room takes a lot more filling with sound, both because of its larger volume and a tendency to listen louder when we have more space around us.
  4. Yes, they are the Borderland mk iv. My MBL 126 standmounts worked very well in a room 5x3.5m, but not in my new 7x4m room. That is either because of the small size of the woofers or that they are side firing. The omni drivers go down to 600 Hz before handing over to side firing woofers. By contrast the German Physiks “top” cone goes down to 190 Hz handing over to a down firing woofer located in the base which fires in all directions. To get omni below 600 Hz on the MBL range you have to go up to the 101e at an eye watering £56 RRP. I listen to the speakers down the room as I want an impression of the music being played “over there” rather than too up close and personal. Jerry fires his MBLs across the room which gives a different and very impressive presentation, perhaps more dynamic sound, but as ever it comes down to taste, neither approach being right or wrong and those side firing woofers, perhaps, need a lot of space to the side although they did work well 800cm from the side walls in my former smaller, but heavily damped room. As with Martin Logans, either a lot or a little space to the side. Good news that there is another MBL dealer; they deserve to be heard. I had good service from German Physiks, particularly as I didn’t have a dealer within reach. No, not heard the Dueval although I would like to. Certainly a much less expensive option but with omnis it all comes down to how well they interact with the room.
  5. I still have the MBLs in use upstairs. I have the baby MBL stand mounts and the bass just didn’t work when I moved house and now have a larger more lively room. I had thought of moving up the MBL range but with no chance of having a listen in my own room, the dealer a long distance away and in any case without stock, I turned to German Physiks. Fifteen minutes after emailing them their international sales chap who lives in the UK offered to drive over with a pair for me to listen to. Quite a trek for him, five hours drive each way. Anyway, I liked them so put in an order with the factory in Germany. Thankfully they arrived just before the end of the brexit transition period. I believe they now have a London dealer. The way they fill the room with sound, the precise imaging (subject to recording of course), the real sense of having a performer playing music in front of one, is similar for both makes. To get the sound I like, they do need to be about 2m from the wall behind them and a metre from the side wall, so rather dominant in the room. In some ways they have that sense of realism you can get with electrostatics or other dipoles, but the image of the performer is more three dimensional.
  6. Well, at least until Tuesday .
  7. That explains it - spirit levels are for measuring horizontals
  8. Splendid speakers and they look very good in your room, and I bet they sound great as well.
  9. My neighbour’s comment on first seeing them was “I see you’ve gone from Daleks (MBLs) to flying saucers”!
  10. Clifford Curzon - wonderful pianist.
  11. p.s. I hope my previous post doesn’t mean that Flash chap calling me a Chord Fan Boy . I’m far too old for that!
  12. Currently trying an Ultima 6 Chord amp. It goes very well with their digital front end in that it is incredibly detailed and without any added colour. The neutrality does take a little bit of getting used to, but on switching back to my other amps I discovered that I didn’t want to go back to them! Rather like using Chord DACs, at first they sound almost too “perfect” but there is no going back to more traditional designs. Whether the detail and neutrality is down to the power supply I don’t know. Of course, everything depends on how they match the speakers they drive and the taste of the listener. Could the Chord amp do with a touch of 2nd harmonic distortion? Maybe, but hearing music so cleanly reproduced is certainly addictive.
  13. Actually, it’s usually a manic cat in pursuit of his latest mouse!
  14. He sits there a surprisingly long time but turns his ears back for Shostakovich going full blast but adores Bach - strange choice for a cat .
  15. I think so, in that they don’t sound so much like a hifi speaker as having performers making music in front of the curtains and book cases. I must confess that I don’t much like the look of them or that they need positioning so far into the room but needs must when listening to music is concerned!
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