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  1. And for some, their preference defines what is fit for purpose. They, might I suggest, tend to be the happy ones!
  2. I always think of these threads as a chat down the pub. The conversation ebbs back and forth and round the houses. Some people are very earnest in only wanting to chat about one thing, others more freestyle. Sometimes beer is spilt and sometimes someone flounces off in a huff and occasionally the chat ends up in two different bars, or even two different pubs!
  3. I’m guessing that one is paying for the work and time someone has taken to work out how many ferrites, their value, their type - split or not split and inner circumference. Probably needs a fair bit of patience and dedication, a good ear and even, maybe, one of those oscilly thingies. Disclaimer - neither own or have heard the cables under discussion so don’t know whether they are worth the equivalent of about one hundred flowering shrubs for my beds. It has to be said they are better looking than some of the things that come up in my beds...
  4. I always thought it was a wam tradition that after three pages the topic had completely changed .
  5. zzzzzzzzzz, Is this the noise that wave cables cure? No confusion, but you’d be very welcome to bring your ferrite boffin - I’d freeze my credit card in a bucket of ice to save me from temptation! You could perhaps hire a charabanc.
  6. It’s been a lovely day in the garden; the only snag being that I am now too knackered to listen to music without nodding off! When feasible come over to Herefordshire for a glass of wine in the garden with perhaps a few other wammers. I suppose we could listen to some, in this country, slightly unusual speakers and just maybe try your waves .
  7. Everything may be relative but for a meaningful comparison it might be better to consider the inner quartile! As this seems to have become the Wave promotional thread, and no problem with that, why is there a range of cables? Does the dearer one cure more noise? Is there any point in buying the cheaper version? As with all these things hifi it comes down to whether we, as individuals, can discern a long term benefit and whether or not we are sensitive to what the are deigned to cure. If so, whether it is worth the high, for a cable (ignoring outer quartile) price. I’d guess that we w
  8. Yes, it is sad but no one interested can watch four channels at once. These occasions where we are reminded of mortality put me in mind of all those anonymous health workers, amongst others, who have died prematurely in the service of their fellow man. Forgive me if I shed my tears more in their direction.
  9. Yes and no! In my rooms the best location has been close to a corner, but in that position they have needed the most care in integration to get the impact when the recording demands without an indiscriminate boom.
  10. Wash your mouth out ! Seriously though, this is an area where measuring is a useful tool not an ideology for its own sake to berate others choice of equipment. Says he frantically getting out of the quicksands of hifi to drier land to read a verbose subjective review - ah that’s better .
  11. I was just relating my experience of setting up subs by ear and by measurement. I used to use your method but it wasn’t until I was more measured in my setting up that I realised just how good a properly integrated sub could be. As to whether it matters that is down to the user, but given how “careful” people who post here are about the sound quality of their equipment I would have thought it does matter how well integrated a sub is. I take it you’ve set up subs by ear and by measurement? How much difference did you experience using each method? Subs have something of a bad rep for l
  12. Thirty years ago I used to set up a sub simply by ear. The results were OK and in any case at that time we didn’t have the luxury of REW and DSP. Using REW and a MiniDSP to handle crossover and delay has convinced me that it is all but impossible to integrate a sub well by ear, other than final adjustment of gain for taste. I used to end up with a situation where some recordings sounded right and others not. Get the integration right and that doesn’t happen. If not using some sort of additional DSP device, I reckon that a continuously variable 0-180 degrees phase control absolutely e
  13. I sort of agree, but if those technical differences result in a difference to how we hear the music, then surely it is worth keeping them in mind when choosing a DAC.
  14. Now we’ve had the proper answer, may I be allowed to snigger at the back.
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