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  1. No, I didn't say that, more a case of tread carefully and look into servicing options and availability, particularly of older models when buying used. I did have a quick look at the Meridian website, and under support the dsp5000 range isn't even mentioned. For older models the Meridian Unplugged (formerly Hitchhikers) website is a mine of information from enthusiasts. There are one or two independent repairers available. To be fair, it can be much the same with anything, companies cease to trade or obsolete old models. It is great that some long established companies play fair but I can
  2. One thing to be considered when buying Meridian equipment is support. I’m not sure if the situation has improved but a while back they stopped supporting customers directly and insisted you went through their dealers or boutiques as they described many of them. Instead of being able to download firmware from their website and apply it yourself - five minutes and no cost, it became a dealer job at boutique prices. I wanted my dsp5500s updated and had quotes of £250 - £750. They are too heavy to pop in your car and toddle round to the dealer so it is a call out. A little later the power supply o
  3. It’s a few years since I listened to these speakers but my impression is that the 8000 is best suited to a very large listening room. IMO the 7200 was the sweet point in the range; a great full range speaker but if you are after warm, valve sound I would look elsewhere away from Meridian. They are essentially a very neutral, clean sounding speaker. Think monitor rather than characterful. An audition would be essential to my mind.
  4. I have an H360 but wasn’t aware of any streaming capabilities. It’s a perfectly decent, reasonably powerful, integrated amp although the inbuilt DAC isn’t to my taste; just as well really as I can’t get my iMac to “see” it. It’s not that the inbuilt DAC is bad as such, and sounds very similar to a Benchmark DAC1; more a case of not being up to the effortless natural quality of Chord.
  5. I won’t be able to think of you two in any other way now! p.s. Did anyone win?
  6. Ouch; I’ve always regarded you as an online friend, someone I’d be interested to meet in the real world. As such may I proffer fulsome apologies for trying to lighten the mood. If nothing else, this thread has made me grateful for the skills of recording engineers who make my favourite music sound like the real thing in my home. An illusion? Yes. But a damn good one!
  7. Before you get off, give my love to Ermintrude.
  8. Philosophical eh. This thread is driving me to Solipsism . It’s the only thing that makes sense!
  9. I tried the inner tube isolation under my sub and achieved a bit of improvement, measurable even! Under my speakers at the time they made the middle to higher frequencies sufficiently worse that I didn’t bother analysing if the lower frequencies were improved. On the other hand, sorbothane pads under my current speakers seem to work OK. Definitely something to try in ones own situation and not to be universally believed in!
  10. I had a 401 in the seventies. Beautifully engineered but woeful as a turntable; no wonder I thought CDs were the answer to a prayer in the eighties! I really can’t understand why anyone should want one now. A bit similar to the LS3a speakers. Good for their intended purpose and OK for my first house with small rooms but why they have achieved cult status, let alone their prices, I find difficult to believe. Perhaps I’ll be saying the same about an m-scaler in forty years - ah, hang on, that might be unlikely , and not because of alleged failings of Rob Watts understanding of all things digital
  11. Excuseth me! We’ll have no talk of skinning pussy cats if you don’t mind
  12. You are clearly in need of a consultant physician! BTW I used to think as you regarding digital being done and dusted. I was wrong. Thankfully I’ve come to realise that and now enjoy better reproduction of music in my home.
  13. Don’t you do your oversampling elsewhere?
  14. Ah, the penny is starting drop! Not all filters are created equal. The theory relies on a perfect filter. Some do a decent enough job; adequate for many, it has to be said. Rob has developed a filter that is rather better than adequate and many users of his designs have found that equates to better, as in more accurate, natural and realistic sound quality. Try one of his designs, you might find it difficult to go back to another designer. Unless of course your “knowledge” prevented you from being able to hear an improvement.
  15. Indeed, and some of those who purport to favour “accuracy” above all else are very quick to decry his work and products, whereas his aims seem to be to reproduce, or perhaps reconstruct, the recording as accurately as possible. Ironic really, and maybe indicates that their ideas are stuck in past concepts of adequate.
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