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  1. I've been on the lookout for someone who can do accurate cuts, can you share who this is?
  2. Tannoy 3142 drivers, 97dB/W . Drop these into 100L cabs for a response good to 50hz then place them close to a wall.... no affiliation.
  3. cooky1257

    driver failure

    For them all to fail at the same time I'd be looking for the cause-that isnt normal 30 years old or not.
  4. It may well impossible to recreate a live gig at home but its fun trying to get close. Sensitivity and headroom dont come cheap or small, try playing a bass guitar through most hi waf hifi speakers...on second thoughts dont' bother/risk it..the conclusion is obvious re live band at home.
  5. Butt cheeks or Dollys.
  6. There you go.
  7. That'll be me. I have a Quad 521f and a 520f for sale. The 520f has just been serviced by Quad.
  8. Unscrew driver and rotate it so it's in shadow and less visible. There's a strong chance it's stretched and any attempts to flatten it will make it worse.
  9. It's reassuring to see British Heart Foundation, Roy Castle and Oxfam now valuing their donated kit more realistically and/ or using eBay-still great bargains to be had but the funds raised better reflect the intention of the donors.
  10. So you are offended by the fact I'd get uncomfortable profiting from charity donations? I can't do much about that.
  11. it's great picking up bargains in Cash Converters or junk shops but I'd personally get uncomfortable if my gain was Cancer Research's loss -the clue is in 'Charity' Shop.
  12. That's very decent of you Bob Thanks Frank