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  1. I believe 90% of the benefit can be had by simply putting the onboard PSU into an external box - it was definitely my next move when I had the deck, as I'd heard one similar and was just as impressed as I was with one using a fancy PSU (Timestep IIRC). Cheap as chips too...
  2. Look out a S/H Technics SL1200G. Fit 1042, and forget. Enjoy the music.
  3. I'd be inclined to bite RR's arm off for the Jelco, and remove the PSU to an external box. A set of replacement Sorbothane feet (Assuming it's on originals), an Achromat and you'll be good to go. £500 tops, and you'll get most of that back should you decide to move on
  4. I had the 40 (non Bluetooth) and it was excellent. Drove a pair of early B&W Matrix floor standers with ease, ran out of puff at silly levels but very very capable when used 'normally'.
  5. Rega Apollo-R CD player in silver. A lovely, analogue sounding CD player that punches WAY above it's weight sound-wise. Top loading. Analogue and digital outputs. Boxed in excellent condition with all accessories. Asking £325 Can be auditioned in Glastonbury, Somerset. Delivery at cost (around a tenner via UPS, or any other courier of your choosing!)
  6. Wippers, I don't know where you are but I was in a shop in Sussex yesterday, they had a secondhand Arcam Solo Music for £179. Crazy price for a nice bit of kit. CD player inbuilt. Add a streamer of choice (a Teufel Connect for £110 new for instance) and you'd have all bases covered for not a lot of cash. Speaker wise you'll not go wrong with Q Acoustics for the money, but if you can buy SH you open up a world of possibilities... I'll PM you the shop details if you like.
  7. You could buy my complete Rega system - Brio-R, Dac-R and RS3 speakers. I'll throw in a Teufel streamer (very underrated, does Spotify, Tidal etc). Works well. PM me if you want details...
  8. You could consider the Paratrace stylus for your AT, or (less expensive) the LP Gear stylus that is said to be very good indeed... https://theaudiofiles.co.uk/95p-paratrace-stylus-for-at95e-cartridge/ https://www.lpgear.com/product/LPGATN95VL.html
  9. Still available. The possibility of selling with a pair of lovely RS3s may be possible too, for an extra £225... (not available individually yet)
  10. I've not heard the Oberons, but my experience with Dali is that those I have heard (owned Suite 2.8s, extensively listened to Lektor IIs, spent some time with other models up the range) are that they represent great VFM and tend toward being pretty even-handed. The front ported Suites were very easy to place, and worked well with all sorts of amps - valves, conventional SS (both class A and D) - they did just get out of the way. I'm interested in the Oberons for the same reason.
  11. Putting an Origin Live OL1 tonearm and DC motor kit on my LP12. Killed it stone dead in terms of SQ. Lost everything that I enjoyed about the original... and no, it wasn't in any way 'better'. Just awful.
  12. Space and soundstage? AT33PTG over the OC9 I'd say, though I like both.
  13. Jason P


    I used microfibre cloths to remove the Knosti fluid post wash. Worked better than leaving them to dry. Home brewed fluid much, much better in terms of residue. A two-knosti solution better still (one for a rinse). I'll be selling both Knostis soon in favour of a Velvet Vortex...
  14. You may still be able to edit your original post - look for the 'edit' button. If you can't find it, just add it in a comment.
  15. I had one of Yaqin's EL34 based integrated amps for a while... MC100? MC10? I forget. It sounded bloody good though, I love the EL34 sound. Only reason why I sold it was it was a 230v model and I was worried re the voltage disparity. I'd have another, especially if I knew it was pukka 240v.