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  1. Guy on pfm selling short mit speaker cables with lucasound type bananas. £35 delivered. Break them or have the 1.8 m cables ready made for almost the same price.
  2. 800 views, i probably looked at them 600 times.....
  3. I have a Tube Technology integrated. I will never sell it....never ever..ever. Never. So don't ask..mine ..its not for sale.
  4. Lummie, I love this album. On CD. One of your five-a-day.
  5. I know where you are comin I know where you are coming from, i was never an optical user at all, it was never right. Somehow it just works, and works extremely well between cd and dac.
  6. I am waiting for some feedback before i pull the trigger or not. I have the Chord and its very good. Bought another on recommendation..cheap...not as good. There are definitely differences in the sq. in my system , toslink is much better than the 75 ohm digital cable i have used..three to be precise. Or maybe i need some better digital cable. Time will tell.
  7. Anyone any experience with this toslink at all?
  8. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Groov-e-Retro-Series-GVTT01BK-Vinyl-Record-Player-Black/402782768659?epid=901256849&hash=item5dc7b94e13%3Ag%3AhNcAAOSwpTxgbelF&LH_ItemCondition=3000 I have no affiliation with the seller of this amazing tt!
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