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  1. Apologies mate, the crack was for with my hd600s. Still haven't got the hd800 yet. Got outbid on a few but i have a couple of months.I was getting mixed up. Taken what you said onboard. Can you specify the Burson opamps for the Whammy or do they come as standard. I was looking at the mojo and hugo but a preloved mark 1. Any experience with the Hugo? If so, how would you rate the wammy against the mojo and hugo and your hd800. The amps i have available at the moment are smsl200, Topping D or E 90 and Epiphany Acoustics 02.
  2. Laughing, just saw how old this is!
  3. I have the 990 and to me they seem pretty neutral. Many may scoff at the thoughts of equalisers, but if it is part of your amp then i would definitely give it a go. If you look on audiosciencereview, the main man there is a big believer in eq, esp if it has to go through the eq anyways, you have nothing to lose. Set the gain so that you are listening about a third to half way around the volume control..are your cans the 80 ohms or 250 ohms. With filters etc, i would simply recommend that you set it either without or at filter 1 and listen for an hour, then change filter and see if u prefer the sound. When you decide which you prefer, listen again for an hour to the preferred one then switch to another. The filters are for different types of music listening i thought, so what may sound good on rock may sound rubbish on classical....so many choices. Its all about personal preferences.
  4. The bottlehead is what i am going for, its just finding one..if push comes to shove ill get one from the usa. messed up, the bottlehead was for my hd600. I am losing the plot.
  5. I too have the smsl200 and its a cracking amp for the money..its a cracking amp full stop. Buy one pre loved as Above ...Reg..and it will hold its money. You cannot ho wrong. I also have the same dt990 pro 250 ohms and it drives them with ease.
  6. May do..not in a hurry though, its not my birthday until March...,! Cheers though
  7. Keith i will defo be coming and tormenting if i get an invite. Massive congrats..where does the time go? by the way, i have now been retired for nearly 9 years..really where does the time go.....
  8. Cheers mate , hope you and the mrs are both well!
  9. And well done Keith and Greybeard ....
  10. Well done Bencat. I will be a knocking on your door to have a listen to this setup when the covid gets booted....
  11. I apologise then for my naivety. And yes, they are great cans...i would highly recommend the other cans Jerry owns the PSB, which just arrived yesterday. Different from the dt, but in a really good way.
  12. Roger, I've been putting the ‘laughing one’ on posts i like lol. Theres going to be a kick off...good job I've been training...
  13. Should i be putting hearts instead of smilies Jerry or wha?
  14. Heres a photo of the dt’s along with a pair of 60 quid psb i just bought and a smiling Buddah..not laughing i may add. Lol. Oh, and the amp i recently bought off Jandl for 60 squid. Feel free to put smileys next to my posts. Dont you get some sort of positive feedback when someone likes a post?