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  1. Want to get the first pair sold so a price reduction to £1475 Here in Ireland, can possibly sort something with shipping & duty
  2. Selling these for a friend who collects very high end audio, and is having a little clear out. Matched pairs, new in their wooden box. He has 3 or 4 pairs available. Looking for £1700 a pair.
  3. Nice pic. Shame about the Cliff Richard Lp on the turntable
  4. its.paul


    Hopefully, as thats the plan. And as good as new
  5. its.paul


    Up for sale is my Arcam C49 preamp. MM Phono input. Balanced input and output as well as rca's. Headphone input also. Excellent condition. 2745 when new. Looking for offers around 1400.
  6. Reduced to 425. Great bargain as its a top Cd player with added bonus of SACD & DVD Audio. Compared favourably to my old Moon Supernova. Only Reason for selling is that I"m getting rid of my second system. I will also be listing my Arcam C49 Pre amp.
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