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  1. Why not loan it out?? The owner gave me a loan of it in the first place. I have only got the one power cable. I wont be loaning out the Usb cable that I purchased from Paul at Perkune. The power cable is a seriously good product that made a significant difference in my system. Paul has told me that if anyone else would like to try it, work away. I suppose he would like as many people as possible to try the cable & he enjoys getting feedback. I am not selling the cables I am not a dealer I am not related to Paul. Just spreading the word of an excellent product, well that was the intention. Thank you all.
  2. Not an Advert. Just writing about an experience with a new product, as many others have done through this forum in the past. Thanks a lot.
  3. No I'm not trading these cable's.
  4. Yes, based in Ireland .And no, I'm not a dealer.
  5. I bought a new Ayre Dac recently & had an interesting experience, the seller ended up being the owner of Perkune Audiophile Cables and after chatting for a bit, Paul Goodwin (owner) asked me to try one of his Usb cables & if i liked it I could purchase. A long story short, I bought it after trying for just a few days. and it replaced my Nordost Heimdall usb cable. A very noticeable improvement .After chatting some more with Paul, I agreed to have him send me on a power cable of his. The Reference cable. When it arrived at my home in its own flight case and upon opening, the sheer scale thickness/quality was remarkable. I must say I have only ever had mediocre power cables, 100-200$ kimber and Furutech, I had always been a little sceptical about the difference these can make on one's system. But looking at Paul's reference cable, I thought well if anything it's worth a try. Put simply I was blown away at how different the music sounded coming from my Proac's. It was already very good & this power cable especially plugged into my Ayre dac made everything sound even better. Just cleaner/clearer with better bass definition & a soundstage that made the music arrive into my living room, as though the speakers were invisible. In all honesty there was such a leap in performance.. I also tried it with my Moon 700i amp and I noticed a significant jump in performance over my kimber cable, but ultimately I felt my system sounded better with it plugged into my Dac .The owner Paul is a gentleman who has a coloured history in the music business hailing from London & now resides in Vilnius, Lithuania where he has set up his own high end audio cable company & is very passionate about all that he does & has great faith in his handmade products. If anyone is interested, have a look at his website here, Where Paul is always willing to chat about all things hifi. Or contact me if you would like to trial the reference power cable, I can post it to anybody interested, on the pretense you will post it back
  6. its.paul

    Ayre Qb9 dsd

    Just after buying one of these & awaiting delivery. Curious on owners opinions, Previously owned a moon 300d v2 dac, so Im wondering how it might compare. Cheers Paul.
  7. Apparat. Lp5 Such a great electronic album, with haunting vocal's. which at time"s can remind me of the late great Mark Hollis
  8. Hi Nathan, £80 offered Inc. postage to Ireland?? A bit of bubble wrap & pop into a Jiffy bag : ) Paul.