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  1. S-Man

    Updates please

    JVS's system was the best overall sound at the show for me. It sounded much better than last year and was possibly the only system where there was a correlation between cost and performance. The DSD versus PCM demo was very interesting. I preferred he PCM for it superior dynamics and timing, however the DSD did have a nice 'analogueness' to it. Serge's experimental omnis were also very interesting. The omni thing definitely does something appealing with classical music. Dean's Snels sounded great as usual, and these along with the system with the old Wharfedales made me realise that there's a lot more to getting enjoyable music than, bass, treble, detail, imaging etc. that some system possess in spades but are somehow rather uninvolving. Thanks to the organisers and exhibitors!!!
  2. My preparations are: Buy a ticket Print off receipt Go out on the MTB all afternoon Shower Meal out with friends(Italian) Set the alarm clock an extra hour early :-( There are some benefits to not exhibiting!
  3. Sorry, I am a lost and lonely goat when it comes to cables - I firmly believe cables change the sound, BUT I prefer the ones most people throw away to any aftermarket cable I tried in my system! I also believe op-amps sound better than valves for line level use, CD is better than vinyl, most toroidal transformers are unsuitable for audio and lot's of other stuff that means I am not even welcome on the lunatic fringes of the lunatic fringe that is the Wam.
  4. No, most Wammers are nowhere near at scary looking as that guy. Although....
  5. You are not permitted to swear or attempt Wam style humour until you have undergone the iinitiation ceremony and exceeded 1K mindless posts.
  6. Those with a high post count and early joining date :-)
  7. There seems to be an assumption that the number of posts and time on this forum is a reliable indicator of hifi knowledge.
  8. Blimey, that was well hidden. Thought about exhibiting this time but it's fully geeked before I even saw the spreadsheet.
  9. In: 6 X 10nF caps in my electronic crossover to customise the rolloff to match my main speakers. Best £1 I ever spent on hifi!!! Auditioned at home, but did not buy: 4 or 5 expensive DACs LS50 P3ESR 2015: Might investigate BMRs. STRs
  10. S-Man

    First Watt diy amps

    I built an Aleph 30 some years ago. I have also tried a couple of Aleph preamps. I have built many 10s of amps and the Pass stuff is the most dissapointing - very "hifi" sounding i.e. super clarity, holographic imaging etc but somehow rather poor at portraying melodies and rhythms. Must admit I seem to be very much in the minority with this view.
  11. S-Man

    Wigwam Proverbs

    Very good! Or alternatively: People who live in glass houses shoudn't throw Shatki Stones
  12. S-Man

    Wigwam Proverbs

    One good turntable deserves another
  13. S-Man

    Wigwam Proverbs

    He who flounces last flounces best
  14. S-Man

    Wigwam Proverbs

    The other thread about what people have learned here got me to thinking it might be mildly amusing to have a few Wam proverbs... 1) At least eight box swaps in nine are a waste of time 2) All that glitters is not Nordost 3) A journey of a thousand systems begins with just one box swap 4) Better to remain silent and be thought a fool that to post and remove all doubt 5) Hell hath no fury like an audiophile scorned 6) If God had meant us to listen to test tones he'd have given us spectrum analysers 7) If at first you don't succeed buy, buy and buy again and my favourite: 8) In the kingdom of the deaf the one eared man is king