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  1. Interest checks are a No NO in the classifieds. Just sayin'
  2. Maybe this:
  3. Edit to say that this is 1 pair only
  4. I have a pair of Adam T5's and can fully recommend them. with ribbon tweeters and a 5" mid/bass unit they give a superb performance especially when you consider the cost.
  5. A quad usually now sell at around £300 as they are generally unobtanium. Mine are branded CVC Chelmer Valve Company but are obviously EI. I will let them go for half of the normal price so £150 for the four. Steve if you want to try them first you are welcome.
  6. I have a quad of EI KT90's if your amp is suitable, though not cheap
  7. Well every regenerator I have tried certainly altered the sound of my system 😟
  8. Mains regenerators will convert the incoming AC to DC and then invert it back to AC and also reset the sine wave. Most mains supplies are not perfect as regards a stable voltage or a true sine wave but virtually all hifi products are designed and voiced using the normal mains supply so if you place regen in circuit then it's likely it will sound different.
  9. I wonder what's in the adapters other than the pin arrangements to allow the swap?

    isotek syncro

    The DC blocking won't do a damn thing unless you have DC on your mains supply so how a Syncro can improve the sound from your system is a mystery, unless you have DC on the supply.

    isotek syncro DC Blocker £95 so what's so different with the Syncro that makes them £1700

    isotek syncro

    What does "rebalancing the AC sinewave" actually mean and how does the Syncro achieve this. A regenerator will take the incoming AC and convert it to DC and then re-convert it to AC with a true sinewave via an inverter, So if the Sycro is not a regenerator then is it just a DC blocker?
  13. NFL games to be shown on Channel 5 Unfortunately start at midnight
  14. No, it's a PrimaLuna Prologue Premium and yes I am very impressed.