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  1. Gosh Jerry I missed this. Wish I still had my pair of Podiums
  2. Something like these would probably do the trick: As suggest by bencat
  3. Mmmm! some good reviews and some not so good but a very good price. Anyone have other recommendations for decent, not too expensive beans (not Heinz )
  4. Gosh, I bet you get a large coffee out of that
  5. Would be good if you would give location and whether the price includes postage.
  6. Be careful about "upgrading". I had a basic DeLonghi manual machine and was getting a good cup of coffee with a decent crema and thought that I would upgrade to a DeLonghi Autentica Plus semi auto machine and have never been able to get anywhere near close to a decent coffee.
  7. Brilliant! but why? Does this mean that it has failed completely. I mean no noise, it doesn't move have you tried calling 111
  8. Not sure but I think the power halves when using the 4 ohm tap. I'm sure someone more knowlegable will be along to explain.