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  1. This will make a great Xmas present for someone. Try making me an offer
  2. I don't have bluetooth on the SU-8s but feed it direct from an Audiolab transport then directly into Adam active speakers via balanced outputs. Im my mind it gives a great representation of what is on the CD.
  3. I've got the SMSL SU-8s which looks identical to your DAC but not sure if the filter settings are the same. I have selected "Tube 2 " and find it give a really nice smooth detailed three dimensional performance.
  4. Just hold your mouse over "tinturkey" and you will see "message" and click on that
  5. mr.me

    I've made a thing!!

    I also made speaker suspension units using the Nobsound spring units. As I have now sold all my kit the units are available should anyone be interested PM me
  6. Just remembered that I had listed this, so BUMP to the top
  7. All SOLD, though speaker isolation platforms amd laminated amp platforms (can be seen under subs) are still available
  8. Very nice but you are in the wrong section, you should be here: Classifieds - Non Hifi Related
  9. Thanks for all your kind comments. Everything still available.
  10. I am retiring from audio. Yes, after many years of Audiophilia my system is up for sale. You can buy any or all of the following items. There will be spare tubes available for the tube kit. Collection would be preferable, especially for the tube kit and speakers. Located in Cheshire. 1. PrimaLuna Prologue Premium Preamplifier + remote control. I have upgraded the tubes on this which was sanctioned by Durob Audio (distributors) to Mullard GZ33 rectifiers and Brimar 13D5 for the small signal tubes. The original tubes are available, unused. This pre is as new and was bought brand new by me only a couple of months ago. £1295 2. Megahertz Reference Preamplifier. This has it's own seperate power supply and is one of the best preamps I have heard using 6SN7 drivers for EL34 output tubes. £1250 3. Gate Audio EL34 monoblocks. These are a superb 25W/channel amps running Mullard GZ32 rectifiers and 12AT7/12AU7 pre tubes. £850 4. Monarchy Audio SM70 Pro Class A amplifiers. There are 2 of these which I run as monoblocks and are damn fine amps. These are 80 w/channel. There is plenty of info on the web for these. £950 5. Audio Addicted Speakers. These are a full range single driver speaker around 98dB no crossover involved and will work with very low and fairly high ouput amps. The speaker isolation platforms are also available for a small addition. These will have to be collected as I do not have the boxes £975 6. Ming Da MC200 tube CD Player. This is quite a rare beast that uses 2 x 5670 tubes and retailed for £1400 £575 7. A pair of REL T-7 subwoofers £499 8. Marantz CD7300 CD Player £95
  11. You could message him through his ebay listings https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/133804610690?hash=item1f27605482:g:xnAAAOSwjydd~lKC
  12. This is still available. I am downsizing my hifi and will have other items listed shortly. I will be listing a pair of Monarchy Audio SM70 Pro Class A monobocks, a Ming Da MC-200CD tube CD player and a very rare Megahertz Reference Preamplifier I will be away from home for three weeks but if anyone is interested in any of these items please contact me.
  13. Argh! I'll miss this as I'm away that weekend.
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