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  1. I have tried the newer PI regen and the older version and found that the latest incarnation gave a more detailed presentation but have never had the opportunity to try either the PS or the Purepower so can't make any observation on those. Having said all of that I find that as long as you have a decent mains supply you are better off not using a regenerator. Possibly because that most kit is designed on a standard supply and by adding a different sine wave will add something to the original sound.
  2. Did you use the latest PI 1500S? This was a step up from their original units
  3. Fair enuff, but try taking your amp(s) out of the regen and plug them directly into your wall socket and re-evaluate. Worth a try just to be sure as if you are still using the Gamut I think that it likes a lot of current.
  4. Meile 8Kg machine here for £649 delivered
  5. What was the history with the seller, what other valves had he used and if he had had the same problem at any time. Have you checked your mains voltage if it's on the high side the amp might not like that. Is it a UK sourced amp as Rouge are a US company so was wondering if someone had changed the mains transformer.
  6. Make sure you have all the Covid PPE ready for him
  7. Ah! thanks for that. Not into streaming so it's all bollox
  8. What's different about the PS Audio regen. compared to much cheaper units like the Power Inspired?
  9. Though having no qualifications or even any tutoring I occasionally, as a young lad, liked to draw pencil freehand and this thread caused me to dig out some sketches I did of the Beatles from when I used to watch them pre Cavern days in Liverpool. At that time I was in a cycling club that used the basement of Mrs Best as our club meeting room, yes Pete Best's mum and where they used to practice and were rubbish I've also done some paintings more recently and find it very theraputic.
  10. I think Cummings contrived his story based on what the media and local people already knew to try and make a plausible "get out" and that's why it took a few days before him facing the cameras.
  11. It's not always advisable to run amplifiers off a regenerator as they have a tendency to reduce the performance. Generally best used on source kit.
  12. I don't know whether you have an instruction manual but the Rogue has a bias control and instructions for same. Maybe you could check this is set correctly.
  13. Snakes in the power supply