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    JJ 2a3 40w

    I never said that changing the 6SL7 would not make any difference I was pointing to you saying a "big difference" though big can mean different things to different people. Why would you infer that I might not hear any difference in digital kit or power supplies? Having three different DACS would not support that.

    JJ 2a3 40w

    OK Fair enough, I hadn't actually checked out the specs

    JJ 2a3 40w

    If the specs of the JJ 2A3 are different to a standard 2A3 tube then because the amplifiers are fixed bias then the JJ's might not be a suitable replacement. If this is the case then I wouln't recommend them.

    JJ 2a3 40w

    As the original owner of these amplifiers I don't believe that this would be the answer. If changing the 6SL7 for another brand made such a difference in your amp then I would say that there is some sort of fault.

    Valve info

    Just recently acquired a pair of Unison Research Smart 845 monoblocks which came with the original UR branded 845 tubes ( which appear to be Shuguang to me) which sound fantabulous but methinks that they must have quite a few miles on them by now. Have been looking at what's available, without taking out a second mortgage. I think I would be happy with the Shuguang but there seems to be a number of different flavours. Can anyone recommend an 845 tube at the "cheaper" end of the scale.

    Valve info

    Strangely enough I was just looking at their website before I bounced back here. I noticed that they have many Brimar branded tubes which I guess are mainly Russian or Chinese. Hopefully they can eventually get into production

    Valve info

    There was a pair sold on AoS a good while back. Some people raved about them but others say they were microphonic and not reliable. It's just a shame that the company didn't survive as they apparently had plans to manufacture 12AU7 and AT7 along with EL34's. Would have been good to have a GB manufacturer but hey ho!

    Valve info

    Has anyone ever had any of these Blackburn produced tubes. A take on the ECC83 but unfortunately went bust.
  9. Loved my MR2 and was really sad to see it go, but I was struggling to get in and out due to a back problem. A fantastic little car.
  10. Just leave it until the mods move it.
  11. Are you sure your WALLS are sloping Nice amp and speakers by the way.
  12. Not really. Paypal just give you a lousy currency rate so you have to factor that in if you want the recipient to receive a certain amount.
  13. What's the point, with that lot you'll never taste the steak.
  14. Use your "crap" cable for all connections and then you won't have this indecision