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  1. Photo of actual item and location is required unless you want the rath of the mods to descend upon you.
  2. My point is that if someone forced you to walk in that fashion then I'm sure no one would think what you are doing is natural regardless of how "skilled" you were at doing it and would question the person making you do it. Would give Eddie Izzard a gold medal for his dressage
  3. Just like they used to enjoy whipping in horse racing mmm!
  4. You might well be correct though I've not had chance to talk to a horse about it so I don't know whether they love it or not.
  5. I have no respect for this "sport" and to force an animal to do something that is not natural to it, reference dressage, is bordering on cruelty.
  6. I am presently driving 80w/ch Monarchy SM70 Pro monos with the PrimaLuna and have to use 20dB attenuators but my speakers are 99dB efficient. So if you are using B&W 801D which are 90dB I would think you would have no problem. Most amps have a sensitivity that means they are easily overdriven by a preamp meaning the volume control seldom get much passed the 9/10 o'clock position before the music becomed too loud.
  7. I have a couple of tube preamps so should you be interested I have a PrimaLuna Prologue Premier I could let go. Only about 50 hours on it from new. The original tubes are brand new and if you wanted the upgrade tubes I could let you have them at an additional price. PM me if interested.
  8. Hi Andy, some interesting kit there. I think the MODs might be asking you for photos and location as per the AUP
  9. Yes, I specifically need the preamp section as I need it to drive my balanced monos. Niether of my tube preamps have balanced connections.
  10. It's an sp/dif design fault so it's going back for a refund
  11. Wow! thanks Ian, I think you have nailed it.
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