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  1. Hi Matt, Unfortunately the Ei factory in Nis, Serbia is closed. It seems that they sold it to Western Electric who is now trying to get the machines out of the country but that doesn't seem to be so easy as expected. Good thing is that there is still stock available like these Happy tuberolling!
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    Tube rings

    From my point of view it is good to try, start with the cheap silicone rings and if you find it effective you can consider to go a step further with Eat Cool dampers or Duende...or just stick with simple rings like i do!
  3. Well tubes are matched on plate current or mutual conductance at that point you will not be checking the noise. Another thing that also comes up in my mind is what tester is used? For example the AVO testers are great....yes about 50years ago. Now they are old and mostly not well calibrated, simply because it is difficult todo and you need special (old) voltage meters to adjust them (you cannot use a modern multimeter for that). Even then these testers do not have any good noise test build in. So if you would like to have a matched or balanced tube you should start withcalibrated test equipment...and that costs money... like
  4. Hi Alan, The Siemens E88CC that Langrex offers in this moment are not genuine Siemens. These are Tesla with Siemens logo printed on it. Genuine Siemens have gold pins and a small metal label/tag inside the tube with a number on it. Also the Tesla E88CC offered at Langrex are without the gold pins, as offered on the Dutch website. So for sure you can expect a price difference there. But both are genuine Tesla from what i can see on the pics. TubeLover
  5. Hi Alan, Personally i have my doubts about the need for matching in the way that you will hear it or not! I'm using Siemens E88CCand i like them very much. I thought about Telefunken E88CC in the 1st place but these prices are going up day by day. after reading some articles on the web i ordered NOS Siemens E88CC at Cheers! Tubelover
  6. About one week before they closed i received two tubes from them, if i had known it before i would have ordered more. Currently it is not wise to submit new orders...
  7. Yeah i don't think it is wise to order anything at there website, since it will be a hazzle to get your money back if they do not deliver anything.... Please let us know if you get any answer/reply from them....
  8. Look what i just read...
  9. I tried to find some nice GEC but gave up on these, got a few from eBay sold as Good/Tested but if i test them in my tester i get lightnings inside. Currently i run with Genalex Gold Lion from new production, so far so good. (Had issues with this brand in sence of KT88) if you like NOS i would suggest to look at 6L6 or 7581 and forget KT66.
  10. Hi, I have a pair of Quad II classics, and tried a lot brands and models that are arround including the Telefunken EF806S, but any time return to these ultra fine maze CV4085 from GEC. For me these are the best. I payed 95Euro for a matched pair at .... There is one tube that comes very close to the CV4085 and will give a very nice bass that i never heard before with my Quad's... Philips E80F this is a EF86 specially designed for HiFi, not sure if you know it prices are interesting arround 20-25 Euro each...the tube is higher/longer in shape and draws more heater current, that is the only reason to be carefull with specially if you are using the old Quad II's that you don't want to burn out the old power transformer.
  11. Check out this one don't see any 300B directly in stock, but you can allway's drop them an email!
  12. Well on the first pictured you see the etched code in the glass starts witha "B" meaning these are Mullard - Blackburn UK made. no doubt about that.
  13. I had a MC275 last year and must say that i was dissapointed about it. It was in very good condition and it was hardly used. Beside it gave me a noise level (102db horn speakers) the sound was missing something, or maybe i was expecting to much from it. So i started to check the tubes, all with original McIntosh logo, some made in USA and some in China. About two of the small tubes gave me minimum measure so i replaced all with Telefunken and that made a difference but it was not still what i was hoping. Then i found out that the KT88 where also not very strong so i replaced them with Genalex Gold Lion and let it burn for 20-40 hours in order not to draw conclusions to early...but it was not the Amp for me i guess. At they end when you think of it the design is to complex, to many tubes....i prefer a simple and open design....Quad II Classic was my choice..
  14. I still prefer a good NOS tube above any new production (sorry). For me also number one for sure is Telefunkenhen Mullard/Philips or Amperex. But also RCA is not bad. Currently i have a nice pair Telefunken installed that i ordered in Holland The detail that you find in Telefunken is great, till now i did not find that in anyother brand.... TubeLover