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  1. Yes, the core would need to be powered up constantly. But the Macmini, Roon nucleus & I suspect many others are kinda designed to be on 24/7, & use very little juice. The iPad/phone etc Control device needs to “see” the device & if it was in standby/sleep mode it would be unable to do this.
  2. I would definitely not say it is a resounding NO. I use Roon to control my ripped cd collection + my tidal in one room. I have Sonos in other rooms which Roon can control but truthfully, as the Sonos is mainly for the Mrs & tv duties, it rarely gets used for that. However I do agree that it is borderline overkill for this type of use, especially since the recent price hike. Audirvana will do the job well , assuming it is compatible with your hardware, it’s just that in my opinion, Roon does it even better, but at a heavy price. As with a lot of other things in Hifi, whether it is worth the cost varies person by person, which is where the free trial period helps.
  3. I agree that Roon is probably overkill for Dom’s needs, unless he falls in love with it after a trial. Does Audirvana work with Dom’s existing gear? I only used in with a Mac mini & something in my dim brain tells me it’s an Apple-centric product? Happy to be corrected on this.
  4. Hi Dom, I have my music on a Mac mini HD ( maybe about 1000 cd’s) & I use Tidal. I used Audirvana to manage & access music for a good few years. It’s a very good program & pretty cheap. There’s also a reasonable data base/user forum on the computeraudiophile site. Audirvana allows you to search & select Music, has “plug-ins” for EQ, decent graphics & the program is usually pretty stable. I say “pretty stable” only because there was a fairly big update a year or so ago & for reasons I never understood, it completely screwed up my library, splitting it into duplicate albums with only 3 or 4 tracks on each album. After trying to resolve this, reverting to an earlier version etc without success, I trialled Roon. My Mac mini acts as a Roon endpoint so it was very easy to set up & my library was correctly restored. In my opinion, Roon is like a much better, more polished & slick version of Audirvana. It really is an excellent, well thought out offering with superb EQ facilities, the Roon live radio, it sounds excellent & is rock solid stable. It allows for multi-room, multi-system control which I dont really need, so it is a bit of a sledgehammer to crack a walnut. Roon is very pricey compared to Audirvana, but for me it works so well there was no going back.
  5. The whole subject of cables is a firestorm on here & other forums. USB cables even more so! Hey, if you can hear a difference & like the difference, it’s your money, your system, your cables. Go ahead & buy the better ones. Just don’t expect a lot of support on here for your decision. The tech side of the argument goes over my head anyway, I’m just not that clever. So I go buy what I can hear.
  6. Yep, I’ve been using a Project cleaner for a few years now. Bad sounds like a bag of nails in a tumble dryer. Christ knows if it’s the motor or the bearing but surely whatever it is could be better. Good points........ it’s bloomin good at its job, It’s not as expensive a most other wet vacuum cleaners & it’s not as noisy as some of the others. I use the bog standard Project fluid & brush. I’ve replaced the felt pads twice but they’re cheap enough. Unless I was needing to clean a lot more records than I do, (eg on a professional basis,) I’d say the Project fits the bill perfectly. Looks like you’ve had some great results from yours with your dads collection!
  7. Reading through this thread, I guess it just goes to show that when it comes to digital/streaming music, we all have priorities & needs based around the control app. And what works well for one has glaring omissions for others. Whether it’s search criteria, visual layout, music suggestions, radio, price, etc. There’s room for improvement in all the apps. So yea, a nice glass of wine & an LP or two is sometimes very appealing!
  8. Dom, I’m pretty sure your Altair G1 is Roon ready, so you wouldn't need a computer in your Lounge. Essentially, your Aurelic is exactly that. Yes, the people who get the most from Roon are those with multi room, multi system set ups, & having your music on an HD + tidal etc just for one room is not utilising all Roons facilities. However, that is how I use Roon, purely as an (admittedly expensive ) music library management & selection device. It has other features such as built in DSP etc but that’s for another thread. It’s certainly not for everybody, especially if you’re happy with your present control app,whether it’s Tidal, Spotify, Naim, BluOS or whatever does for you. But for someone with frustrations regarding their current library app, it’s worth a go. I’ve been using it for just over a year & despite me being familiar with some of the other apps I’ve mentioned, nothing comes close for my needs. Another (much cheaper) alternative is to try Audirvana+, which may do the trick for you. A couple of my mates use that, I’ve done so in the past & it is also very good.
  9. I never look at Tidals recommendations. For the same reasons the OP doesn’t. Sadly, it just reflects Tidals owners genre. Roon would cure the OP’s 2nd & 3rd issues, ie selecting a favourite album from an artist search & it has a home button to take you back to the main music selection page.Yes, Roon is certainly expensive but your gripe is one of music library organisation & Roon does what you want. ( although I don’t understand the thinking that because it’s “only” software surely it should be free) but it is by far the best at what it does that I’ve seen. Get a free Trial & see if it works for you. Likewise with Qobuz, especially if your music taste is primarily classical &/or jazz. Get a free trial, see if it’s right for you. Can’t quite see why switching from your Aurelic to a Node would be an upgrade, even though you’d be using the BluOS app instead of the Tidal one. Unless I’m getting confused with the Aurelic range, I would think the Altair is a step up from the Node, even though I think the Node is excellent for its price. So try the cheapest options first, ie the free trials of Roon & Qobuz & go from there.
  10. On a very basic level, if you watch Netflix, YouTube, catch-up tv bbc iPlayer etc, then you are already streaming. A Hifi streamer is a tool to enable you to access music Using the internet in your home. You connect it to a Hifi amp in the same way you would connect a CD player, tape deck or tuner. It can access music stored on your computer such as an iTunes library if you have one & play that through your Hifi. Additionally if you subscribe to a music streaming service, such as Amazon Prime, Spotify, or better still Tidal or Qobuz, you will essentially be joining a music library with instant access to literally millions of songs. £10 a month or so, but there are often discounted deals & they also all offer a free trial period to see how you go. Extending the library analogy, you will never own the book, but you can read it any time you like. Same with can listen to albums as many times as you like but you don’t actually own a hard copy of it. So assuming you have a Hifi amp with a spare input & internet in your home, you need a streamer such as a Sonos Port, or Bluesound Node2i. Plug it in to the mains, an Ethernet cable from your router to it ( is preferable, if it’s possible) or alternatively it will work off your WiFi network. Attach it to a spare input on your amp with a regular rca phono lead. You download the control app onto an iPhone, iPad, kindle etc. This is essentially the remote control for the streamer. This is how you will select the music. Sign in with it to your Tidal etc account & off you go. OK, there’s a little bit more to it than that, & like any new tech there’s a learning curve, but with products such as the Bluesound Node, the app is pretty easy to get to grips with. You certainly don’t have to be a computer geek to understand it.
  11. Well “better” mains cables are always a bit of a hot topic, aren’t they. I wouldn’t expect massive improvements. If you could get one on a sale or return, or a home trial basis, then by all means give it a go.
  12. On the cool side of neutral, I’d say. But completely in keeping with its price point, or actually a bit above it.
  13. Some CD players will tolerate discs that others won’t. They will apply more error correction, where as others will just reject it. On the down side, alternatively it may be a sign that the player is not reading the discs TOC & so maybe the player is getting a bit leggy. Well that’s my ( limited) understanding, anyway.
  14. Yes, the HFN freebie plastic protractor. It’s years old but has seen a lot of use.
  15. I don’t think when they upgraded to the i series they talked about big upgrades in the basic SQ. More & better facilities & a circuit board outlay redesign ( to keep noise from the PWR supply area down I think?) was what I remember them saying about it. It was & still is a very respectable unit & certainly if I was in the market for such a device, Bluesound in general would be very high up the audition list.