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  1. Thank you. Jordan JX92's /Fountek ribbon plus supertweeter. Cabinets and stands made from varnished birch ply.
  2. Rotten luck. Ill certainly keep an eye open for it and let all those I know in audio know about it. Hope you get it back soon.
  3. System in my upstairs listening room come workshop. Mostly home made stuff. Yeah I know it looks it !, Sorry for the poor pic
  4. zeta4

    Formula 1 2021

    Why did it take so long to come to the decision that the stewards had already seen enough evidence. If that was really the case then it could have been rejected immediately. Anyway thats what it is. I wonder though if it will really change drivers habits. It will be interesting to see what will happen when a driver other than Max or Perez tries something similar.
  5. zeta4

    Formula 1 2021

    First this is to decide whether the incident will be looked at again and only if a review is agreed will it then be. Even if it isnt allowed for some reason they will have to formally explain why. If he does get a penalty, which I think he deserves it could either be 3 place grid penalty or 5 secs added to his race time relegating him to third. The 5 secs will be the best outcome for Mercedes as it will reduce Lewis's gap to Max and increase the manufacturers championship gap. Otherwise knowing his good starts Max could make up 3 places quite easily. So which one do you think it would be ?
  6. Sorry if Im missing something but your car 156 Sportwagon (932) 2.0JTS (932BXA) does have an oil pressure switch. I just put your reg into the buycarparts website and I got a whole list of them. They are nice and cheap but maybe not easy to fit. Maybe the confusion is that its not called a sensor. Maybe just unplugging it and replugging it will clear the fault. Hope thats all it is.
  7. Smps have a potential sonic advantage for audio use over linear supplies ( in one application at least) in their lack of low frequency noise ie hum. Valve designs particularly zero global feedback ones seem to benefit from this, at least in my experience. Ive built valve headphone amps and phono stages using smps for the heaters and HT which show no sign of LF noise on a noise plot unlike linear supplies, nor any downband modulation into the audio band from the switching noise. This is with only a simple noise filter. I think they sound better than my linear supply versions particularly in the bass with no added harshness etc . A power amp is next but not an 845 !
  8. The car must have some form of oil pressure sensor otherwise you wouldnt get the warning. Its a puzzle though that there are no fault codes but it does sound like an intermittently faulty switch. Anyway motordoc.co.uk list an oil pressure sensor switch for a lot of Alfa Models including 156's but maybe not your particular model. What does the specialist say ?
  9. My friend Jon solved this sub woofer/in room size problem by putting his bass horns under the floor. But then he is a architect !
  10. I expect youve already thought of this but is there an Alfa enthusiasts forum ? I got a lot of help from the M3cutters forum for my car including how to get the lenses off etc and eventually a group buy for new lenses. With the rarity of your car I would expect a lot of interest and help with it. I certainly sympathise with wanting to get it in good nick without spending shed loads of money! Bit like hifi really.
  11. Dont know if laquer will work. These lenses are polycarbonate and apparently the milky oxidation is caused by uv light like strong sunlight. The lens makers put a coating on the lens to combat this. I dont know why one lens goes bad before the other but maybe the coating on one side isnt as good as on the other one. So Im not sure if laquer has this anti uv property but I suppose you wont know till you try. If you could get the lens off the car its a lot easier. On the BMW its just a few clips and a gasket. My replacement lens was made by Magneti Marelli and a lot cheaper than the BMW one but looked identical. Its been on the car for at least 3 years and is still pristine. Maybe they do one for the Alfa ?
  12. It depends on how bad the oxidation is (assuming its on the outside). So as advised try the simple light abrasives like toothpaste first then work up to the cleaner kits if you have to. I had a bad headlight lens on a BMW and I was able to get it off the car which made life easier. I had to use wet and dry abrasive paper starting with 400 then 600 then 1200 then finally 2500 and then a good plastic polish, Meguar's I think. Worked well but then I got a new replacement very cheap !
  13. Just seen a possible explanation on another forum for the bulging plastic cap shown. Its been suggested that its caused by the plastic sleeve shrinking over time and pulling the edges of the plastic cap downwards and so causing the bulge. This would tie up with the suggestion to check that the bulging plastic cap can be pressed in. To check you remove the plastic sleeve and cap and see if the top of the capacitor is actually bulged or leaking. Or you could just change it !
  14. Ive seen caps made by Samwha (quite a good make) with a black plastic top like that but never one bulged. Seems suspicious to me. Is there a manufacturers name on the cap? You could contact Sugden for their opinion. Just seen Rab's reply. Yes I would replace it with a good make like Panasonic, Rubycon, Nichicon, Kemet, Epcos, Samwha. Wurth etc
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