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  1. zeta4

    Formula 1 2021

    Did some research and found out a little more about what's going on. Apparently Aston Martin gave notice of intent to appeal and they have 96 hours to decide if they actually will. In the meantime the FIA have impounded the car to prevent the team from altering anything on it. Apparently this happened before with Ferrari so the FIA are taking no chances. So nothing is being done until AM decide to appeal. If they do then its likely that they will request that another lift pump can be fitted under supervision. Watch this space.
  2. zeta4

    Formula 1 2021

    Could be but "them's the rules". I would have thought we would have had the answer by now ? How long does it take to dismantle a fuel tank.
  3. zeta4

    Formula 1 2021

    I believe the FIA know exactly how much fuel is put into each car at the start and the FIA mandated fuel flow meters very accurately measure the amount of fuel that is used by each car. Apparently there should have been 1.44 litres of fuel in the tank at the end but they could only get 0.3 litres out. That's why its gone to the FIA facility so that the tank can be dismantled under supervision. However if they know all that why the need for the rules to insist that 1 litre must be available ? Perhaps they need that much to test for illegal fuel but that seems unlikely.
  4. zeta4

    Formula 1 2021

    I understand it could be due to a fuel lift pump failure. I think the car has gone to an FIA facility under parc ferme where they will try to prove the required fuel amount is in the car. Until the outcome is known the results are still provisional. Hope they succeed as its a stupid reason for disqualifcation
  5. zeta4

    Formula 1 2021

    I wonder what the "allegations" are all about. Apparently the FIA would only be "concerned" about them if they were about FIA officials etc and not the team or driver. All sounds like a rehearsal for a hollywood block buster. Spa and Zandvoort are next up after the summer break with hordes of dutch fans. Put your tin hats on Mercedes !
  6. zeta4

    Formula 1 2021

    I believe that drawing is the guidance given to teams about what is acceptable when overtaking. For some reason its not shown in the FIA sporting code so its not publically available. Those that have seen it say it shows what is acceptable for a car overtaking on the inside. It shows what is meant by substantially alongside. I believe Merc pointed out that Lewis was very substantially alongside at the point where they begin turning. The guidance also mentions cleanly but Im not totally sure what that means. I think its this that RB will challenge ie that Lewis was out of control and not just a bit hot. However drivers like Ricciardo and Alonso that have seen the video as well as those watching closely behind like Leclerc just say they think Lewis went into the corner a little hot due to it being the first lap, heavy on fuel etc and it was fairly normal. No mention of "a chuck it down the inside" manouver that CH wants the stewards to believe happened. He was far too far alongside . But thats why I think they are trying to use GPS data on the entry speed or maybe they have something else. I suppose RB have nothing to loose so are "chucking it down the inside " to give it a try! We will see.
  7. zeta4

    Formula 1 2021

    It can only be reviewed if new and relevant evidence is brought before the stewards that wasnt available to them at the time. RB say they have that. They have been talking about GPS evidence that they suggest shows that Lewis entered Copse faster than he did at any other time of the race and further suggest that he deliberately caused the crash. Mercedes refute this. I think RB are trying to get Lewis banned for at least one race so as to "correct" for his win at Silverstone. I cant see Lewis having the mind set to deliberately crash into Max but he may well have gone in a bit too hot. I thought thats what he was punished for. But maybe RB have something else up their sleeve. We will know tomorrow.
  8. Thats right it could happen with cheap old steel but not with nickel but even then its easy to correct. Nickel has very low remanence unlike steel . Its often mentioned as a danger but wrong. Even Sowter say so in their FAQ. I mentioned it because I dont want to stop anyone checking out their SUT, TVC/AVC or whatever for continuity. But yes its irrelevant in this case. Ive not had a lot of experience with cartridge loading as Ive not had a lot of cartridges !
  9. Sorry Rabski but thats not true about magnetising SUT's with nickel cores. I do it all the time but your right about the measuring the reflected impedance. I should have known that. That's what comes of trying to do too many things at once.
  10. If you do settle on the 12R setting gain wise you can then adjust the actual cartridge load to an optimum value you might want by adjusting the value of the 51K jfet gate to ground resistor (if your into DIY and you can find it !). Its only 51K for the standard MM load. A lot of phono stages have switchable resistors here for that reason. These EAR SUT's dont seem to have a need for a resonance control zobel network which is a sign of how good they are. So changing the resistor value should not give you problems. But you might like it as it is.
  11. Yes I would think so. Thinking about it your 4R setting might be 1:30 after all which would give you a slightly smaller load and more gain. No wonder you said it was too loud !
  12. Just found some information on the EAR MC4 SUT which has settings for 3R/6R/12R/40R. Interestingly it also gives the step up ratio's. For the 3R setting its 1:30, for the 6R its 1:24, for the 12R its 1:18, and for the 40 its 1:10. Its highly likely that your sut will be the same except your 4R setting will be about 1:28. So your 4R setting will provide about 65R load, the 12R will be 157R and for the 40R 551R. Gain will be 7.84mv (5cm/sec) on the 4R setting, 5.04mv for the 12R setting and 2.8mv with the 40R. So the 12R setting looks to be about optimum. How does that tie in with what your hearing ? ps Just seen Lurch's suggestion which is good. Will be very interesting to see if you get anything like the above.
  13. I thought the 40R setting might not suit your cartridge because I assumed the 40R setting would mean a lowish step up setting on the SUT like the 912. That would mean a highish reflected load something like 51000/ 10x10 which would be 551R which doesnt sound right. But without knowing what the step up ratio's actually are its just guesswork. With the different settings how is the gain ? You said the 4R one was too high what about the others ? This might give a clue to the setting values.
  14. zeta4

    Formula 1 2021

    Just seen that Toto has said "He feels that it is his responsibility to see that Bottas gets a good drive" which is a near certain admission that George Russell will get the Mercedes drive assuming no last minute change of heart. If it happens Im pleased for George but a bit sad for Bottas. Then I think he's Alfa Romeo bound rather than back to Williams. I suppose Red Bull might be a very remote possibility but I cant see that happening
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