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    excalibur benz micro
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    Valve phono / SUT
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    Tom Browne Starlight
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    Mirand usb Dac
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  1. A gynaecologist is disillusioned with his job and decides to leave the NHS and look for a job that uses his skill with his hands. He decides to learn to become a car mechanic so goes to college and diligently learns his new trade. Come the practical examination he thoroughly prepares and thinks he has done well. However when he gets a mark of 150% he is quite upset and thinking there could have been a mistake telephones the examiner. "Well" says the examiner" You managed to dismantle the test diesel engine perfectly so I gave you the maximum 50% for that part. Then you put it back together again perfectly so I gave you the maximum 50% for that" After a pause the examiner continued " But I gave you an extra 50% because you managed to do it all through the exhaust pipe. "
  2. Him - I can only cook steak or fried eggs. Her - Which one is this ?
  3. I think its some form of Power Factor Compensation.
  4. Patrick and Michael dug up three rusty hand grenades when digging a road. "We had better take then to the Police" said Michael. "But what if one of them explodes" replied Patrick "No problem, we can make out we only found two"
  5. Exactly. Cant wait for the second dose.
  6. The data sheet we got after our vaccinations, me Pfizer the mrs OZ both listed after effects as "Very common, more than 1 in 10". The doctor who gave my wife hers also highlighted it. From what Ive heard from neighbours and friends etc I think it could almost be 50-50.
  7. Why not cut off the euro plug, strip back the wires and fit a proper UK mains plug.
  8. A pretty young blonde was driving her red sports car when she was pulled over for speeding by a cop who was also a blonde. "Can I see your driving licence please" says the cop and the young lady digs around in her handbag getting increasingly agitated. "What does it look like ?" "It will be square and will have your picture on it" says the cop She digs around a bit more and finds a mirror, looks at it and hands it to the cop. The cop studies it for a bit then says "You can go, I didnt realise you were a cop too"
  9. zeta4

    Home built turntable.

    I was thinking of whether your controller used a tacho of some kind on the motor. I used the commutation spikes on the motor's power supply as a tacho but wondered whether anyone else was doing this. Two trim pots would suggest not, I only needed one. My problem was that the motor I was using started to wear causing occasional drop outs which screwed up the speed control. Im thinking of revisiting this so Im interested in what other's are doing.
  10. Its all explained on the srm-tech website.
  11. My best bargain must the Music Angel 300B set amp that my friend John sold me for £200 a good few years ago but I still love it. I think he only paid £240 for it in the days when chinese stuff was very cheap indeed. It needed some safety attention like provision of a mains safety earth connection and a 220V/240V autotransformer but still has that triode magic.
  12. Found it. It was to do with lifting the motor spindle. Srm-tech.co.uk do the mod for just under £30. Might be worth a try.
  13. zeta4

    Home built turntable.

    I think it will still work well with a DC motor just less need for a compliant drive. With DC motors Ive found that it is the controller thats most important ie how it controls the motor speed and hence the turntable. Out of interest do you know how your controller does this ?
  14. zeta4

    Home built turntable.

    Lovely job. I do like the solid plinth. Looks a lot better than the piece of black painted steel on my Rock 7 ! I think the nylon fishing line will work well with that weight of plinth giving just the right filtering of motor noise (if its an AC motor).