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  1. I have a Viva Solistino 845 integrated SET amp that i could part with as I have removed my avantgarde horn speakers from the lounge (on my wifes instruction cries) Variety of valves available including bad boy 6sn7 sounds amazing but it wont get used for a while as my current speakers are 85db / watt
  2. Bought a Fiio x3 for my hols used it with a Chord Mojo takes up to 128gb in micro sd cards so you could just carry around two if you needed extra capacity. Sounded excellent with the Mojo and pretty darn good on its own maybe not as smooth or detailed and with less of a soundstage. Had to buy a cable to link the two which was £40 Fiio x3 gen 2 £160 Cable 4 pole to 2 £40 Used Mojo £300 So within budget and sounded great. I used some Klipsch in ears again these were around £100 and also tried Grado RS1s GS1000 and Hifi Man 560s really enjoyed walking about listening to tunes. Not too big either both devices are small although a little wider when stacked together. The Mojo will power loads of headphones including big over ear types.. Only issue was occasional depressing the Mojos buttons when in my pocket either adjusting volume or turning it off altogether but i quickly resolved this by more careful placement on my body. FWIW when researching the Mojo and Transport was widely reckoned to be superior to the AK 470 ( i think thats the correct model no. ) In terms of outright SQ.
  3. They do a passive version which i have heard and they do sound very good I have an older pair of Unos which to my ears were more open and airy only loosing out to the Zeros in terms of bass extension it has taken me some time and amp swapping to find combinations that are stellar. A lot of amps i tried with the Unos sounded great Viva 845 had amazing presence, Lavardin IT speed clarity. 300b Border Patrol Great tonality. Unexpected superb matches have been a 47 Labs amp which simply makes music fun to listen to and currently a 1 watt Micro Zotl headphone amp with some nice nos valves sounds wonderful to my ears. Maybe one day ill try the zeros at home and de clutter but i do like the tweakability of the older AGs
  4. Hi David,

    Sorry I can't go ahead, funds won't allow. Having posted on your advert I see that there is another wammer asking about it. Hope you have good luck with him.



  5. Hi David,

    Is your Silvercore SUT still available? I'm doubtful, but could you please let me know.



    p.s. I have posted in your advert on the wam. Anthony.

    1. mongeddavid


      Yes it is i havent really tried to push it 

  6. could be interested in selling my illustrious its a mint 3c 12 inch version in black
  7. I have a pair of these upstairs i recall the crossover looked very complex at least in comparison to the speakers i now use. I also have the B and W 801s upstairs which could do with a dust off. Not sure why but i preferred the 105s to the 801s maybe the amps i was using anyhoo i will watch this thread with interest
  8. The Jolida DAC is a good bet i owned one for a few years did the output caps changed the tubes to a different type ( lower output but more linear and enjoyable ) these tubes required an adapter but were very cheap £30 the pair and a big improvement overall. I then went for an Auralic Vega It sounded better to my ears more detailed and layered more nuanced but still musical and involving. Overall a definite improvement but at 3 times the cost it was probably only 15% better if that. I now use a lampi lite 7 again better more organic , live sounding even smoother . Probably 10% better than the Vega but at twice the price. So big outlay can mean only minor gains. The maker of the Lampi only attributes 10% of the sonic performance to the DAC chip the majority on receiver chip power supply and output stages i believe.
  9. Great sounding stylish and compact integrated amp which i bought as a back up for my main 845 valve amp. This is a great amplifier with a sweet top end and almost SET like midrange allied with with fast punchy bass. I used this with my Avantgarde Uno Horns to great effect but i have a large collection of amps now Lavardin IT Border Patrol SET Viva 845 and a few others so this will see little use and it would be better served producing beautiful music for someone else. Its in A1 condition in wooden crate with remote control It has i believe 50 watts. Circuit design has input from Dennis Moorecroft of DNM 4 inputs 2 Balanced and two RCA. Speaker posts have positive negative and ground although i never needed to use that facility. Astonishing amp. Will post or will be at Scalford should someone wish to buy it. These are over £4000 now more like £4500 Asking 1700 posted or delivered to Scalford Hall.
  10. Bought just recently Mk2 arm in excellent condition and serviced bought and never fitted as a 12inch version of the arm came up for sale and i am now using that. Boxed etc excellent condition. May consider PX with a valve based phono stage money either way. £700 posted
  11. Notts Analogue Ace Space Tonearm Silver wired Standard length not the 12 inch version. Excellent condition Very nice sounding unipivot arm £420 posted
  12. Up for sale a superb and very musical DAC lots of info and excellent reviews. Very detailed and powerful sounding without ever becoming bright or fatiguing. Boxed in excellent condition and fully operational. Balanced and unbalanced outputs Class A output stage on Balanced. ASEBU SPDIF RCA and USB inputs Digital volume control etc etc
  13. I have an Albarry MC 11 battery powered Step up stage only used briefly as i sold my amp with the MM stage and had to get a full MC phono stage instead. Adjustable loading and battery powered has excellent reviews