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  1. I think the Trios were a bit narrower tham HB1s and the badges were at bottom middle, so I still think these are late model HB1s
  2. Hi Bill, Would you say this type of cable is any more or less robust than the stock HD650 cable? I have had my 650s a good few years now and I have just broken the 5th cable recently, mainly because I forget I have them on and decide to walk away lol
  3. spamnap

    Linn Ikemi repair

    I did that this morning, he no longer repairs them
  4. spamnap

    Linn Ikemi repair

    I have just acquire a Linn Ikemi player which when I got round to testing it is not reading discs. The mechanism seems fine, quiet and smooth but it tries to read disc for a bit then it says "no disc". Can anyone help with info regarding repair, I assume it's a laser assembly replacement job but I have no Tech skill so I don't know. I have contacted Class A in Sheffield but the no longer fix them. Any help would be gratefully appreciated
  5. I just recently bought a pair of black ash ES11s with Epos stands and front plastic covers locally, all in immaculate condition and for a very nice price. Always wanted to try a pair of 11s 0r 14s because of the way people described the sound, anyway itch scratched and they sound sweet with my Naim 202/200 combo. I'm still experimenting with positioning and bung options but I think I will keep them and maybe see if I can find a decent pair of wood finish ones as I am not a big fan of black speakers, also tempted to try some ES14s now. can anyone tell me how they sound compared to ES11s?
  6. Colin, could be your name giving that impression?
  7. Hi Doug, I have a pair of old shape mk2sin cherry that I am reluctantly about to put up for sale. They are in minty condition with boxes and packing. I am in Teeside so am guessing postage only. PM me if interested.
  8. Ukrainian band, amazing, don't let the cover put you off lol. Check them out on you tube
  9. Arab Strap - Mad For Sadness Miserable and pretty cool and fab live recording
  10. Hi, I am looking for a replacement bass/mid driver for Heybrook HB2. Made by Audax I believe. I would consider a single or a pair of tatty complete as I have a mint pair with a non working driver. These would be from Mecom Acoustics original model. Thanks, JW
  11. syep2001 I agree but they are like rocking horse sh**
  12. Yep, but not easy to find, Epos no longer do them, Target no longer exist and some are very very expensive. Been scouring ebay but geography is killing me every time unless I wanna drive a couple of hundred miles, not many people prepared to post stands
  13. Those look good, what are they and do I need a second mortgage?
  14. Hi people, I have just bought some mint used 11s and am now searching for suitable stands. Has anyone used open frame stands like Epos 12i or possibly Heybrook Hb1s? Not sure if these would be better than solid high mass type, any suggestions or experience to share? Thanks