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  1. A quick update...I have a Trampolin 2 on order with a local shop. They had to order it in though so I hope I don't have to wait for too long As for the rack...no solution so far, well there are solutions but none that will work for me e.g. a wall mount for the t/t .
  2. I haven't noticed any difference in that respect, however, I generally play lps with the lid up or off.
  3. Yes definite space constraints unfortunately. I'm using a Dynavector 20X2H. It was mounted by a local Linn service tech. He's serviced my t/t in the past (after I moved back to Canada from the UK)
  4. Yes I'm certain that it would not have the corner braces. I did toy with the idea of getting a new plinth but decided against it. For one, I like the old look of my plinth and two, they are not cheap, beautiful but not cheap. :)I wonder, how easy is it to instal the base yourself?
  5. Yes I did read similar comments. However, due to isolation issues I'm edging towards a new base. It's long story...but to keep it short, this started as I tried to find a solution to my isolation issue (can't use a wall rack, can't move the equipment rack either). I'll be trying some new feet but I'll need a better base than the stock one for that. Basically, even when I turn the selector knob on my pre-amp (vintage so it's not a digital dial with a smooth rotation, it clunks to the next option) it can be enough to cause the LP12 to skip. I hear no noise e.g. if I stop the rotation and tap on the rack, etc. But if I tap on the rack near the top it can skip. The story is much longer than that but that is the gist of it. The only other option is to sell the Linn and get a t/t that isn't based on a suspended table design, like a Rega. Although I like Rega's (as one example) I'd like to keep the LinnLP12
  6. Hi All It's been awhile since I visited the linn forums as evidenced by the fact I had no idea the previous forum had shut down! Anyway... I have an older Linn LP12. I'm the second owner and based on the serial number it was originally purchased sometime after 1979 and before 1981. At a guess, 1980. In early 1989 the original owner took it in for a service (I have the receipt) and had the Valhalla and Nirvana mod kits installed, along with a new armboard, bearing housing and a sub-chasis (no other details on that) Then in 2009 I had the Cirkus upgrade installed. It was done at Grahams in London and it was the only upgrade the tech recommended at the time but I did have an Lingo II installed as well as replacing the original tonearm (a Grace 707) with an Ekos. Fast forward to now...been thinking of upgrading the base as it's still the original one from the initial purchase. I know there's the trampoline upgrade offered by Linn and I did some googling myself already but have no idea what direction to go in. Usually I just stick to the manufacturers upgrades but I wanted to see what other people might have gone for. Also, are there any other, affordable, upgrades worth considering. Eddie PS: regarding the subchasis work done back in 1989, would anyone know what upgrade that might have been?