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  1. Get ready for tomorrow's post on how I knocked my loudspeakers over whilst moving them while tanked up on beer and wine 😂
  2. Is this the equivalent to waiting for Liverpool to win the Premier League?
  3. Thought this would fly out the door. This is a very nice sounding Dac in top condition.
  4. If I remember these can be used as a really good sounding Dac
  5. Thank you Mr Bazzer 🤪
  6. Still sounds the same 😂
  7. No No No No No ............Yes
  8. You can also make me an offer of course 😂 I can only say no🤔
  9. For sale a minty Topping D30 DAC in original box and all accessories. Selling for a friend who has hardly used it as he is more into vinyl. It is like new condition. You are welcome to pick up from Runcorn or I will post within the UK £55 delivered
  10. No Nick I find it a bit flat IMO. Maybe I like the more lively presentation of the Roksan DAC in my system.