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  1. Is this the equivalent to waiting for Liverpool to win the Premier League?
  2. Thought this would fly out the door. This is a very nice sounding Dac in top condition.
  3. If I remember these can be used as a really good sounding Dac
  4. Thank you Mr Bazzer 🤪
  5. Still sounds the same 😂
  6. No No No No No ............Yes
  7. You can also make me an offer of course 😂 I can only say no🤔
  8. For sale a minty Topping D30 DAC in original box and all accessories. Selling for a friend who has hardly used it as he is more into vinyl. It is like new condition. You are welcome to pick up from Runcorn or I will post within the UK £55 delivered
  9. No Nick I find it a bit flat IMO. Maybe I like the more lively presentation of the Roksan DAC in my system.
  10. Bloody hell Mr Fourlegs I've just got bored of waiting for this super test of power supplies and this thread trundling on and off topic. I'm using A Bluesound Node 2i F A board and Ifi power supply playing Qobuz, I would describe the improvement of fine detail. I've had a fair few I have never heard that before moment's. 😂