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  1. I have been trying the new mat for the 401 and it does the business.
  2. Same old s..t different day, unless its cost is peanuts its poo poo'd. I know Colin D very well, he is well into his hifi and his turntables, I just got the new mat for the 401 off him to try. What we have here is a product that makes the sound better, as with everything its system dependant but also as with everything it can be returned for a refund if its not to anyone's liking. I do not know of many up-grades for the LP12 that cost under £100.
  3. Lumin is a good choice and also Lindemann.
  4. Sorry, having trouble reading what I typed?
  5. I think you may find out soon that Kondo have a new distributor in the UK now. I will have Kondo amps in my room at Cranage this year.
  6. Sorry this is so stupid, one person with a system all from the same manufacturer unless I am mistaken is giving his opinion on the best cables for HIS SYSTEM but is also advising everyone else to throw their ethernet cables away and use the ones he uses. Sorry but what a load of B....OX.
  7. I enjoyed it too, a few photos below for anyone who is interested.
  8. The next Yorkshire Hi-Fi Club meeting will take place Saturday 26th January. Usual venue Brook Audio, Huddersfield. Kick off around 10.30-11.00. This time its bring any kit you want to hear, no particular theme. For anyone who has not been before there is no parking outside the shop but there is long term free parking with a 10-15 minute walk afterwards. You can park for free in Tescos next door but only for 2 hours. The railway station is 1 minutes walk away.
  9. MCRU

    Mains shield earthing?

    Do we really need 5 pages of b...ox the 2nd post on page one summed up this thread!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Mains cable length? As short as possible. I once read Nordost stated it was 4.4 metres well they would say that wouldn't they!
  11. The is no optimum length its bo...ox. 99% of audiophiles have no choice over cable lengths as we all live in normal houses and the speakers have to go where they go! So if someone has their speakers 1 meter either side of the rack they are going to spend 2.5 times more than they need to and get 2.48 metres instead of 1 LOL If their speakers are 3 metres away from the rack then they must listen to their music knowing that it will never sound perfect as the cables are 1/2 a metre too long, what a load of coddswallop!!!!!
  12. Directstream DAC was £5500 now £4600 Directstream Memory Player was £6000 now £4600 Limited stock and the offers end this month so get in touch to secure yours now.
  13. Unfortunately the next meeting will have to be re-scheduled as we have issues in the listening room. Apologies to all concerned, new meeting will be announced early November. To confirm... THE YORKSHIRE HIFI CLUB MEETING ON 27TH-28TH OCTOBERS IS CANCELLED