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  1. Hi Michael, 

    I would love to sell you the stands separately, but I think I stand a better chance of selling the speakers quicker with their original stands. I may, however, consider your offer if somebody comes forward offering to purchase the speakers without stands.

    anyway, thank you for your offer



  2. I bought these used recently from a dealer, to set up a 2nd system. A turn of events has dictated that my son, who has been attending Uni living at home, now has to move to the university residence. Owing to the high cost of this change, I am compelled to suspend my audio project and divert funds to meet this new need. There are many positive reviews of these speakers from both users and professional reviewers. They play well with all genre of music and are sensitive to boot, at 91dB, and so can be used with low powered amps. They come with dedicated adjustable stands and all packaging. Price £1850.00
  3. Hi Keith, I’ll have it. Regards, Sipho
  4. Hi, Do you still have this cable? where are you based?
  5. I am not aware that they are to be discontinued. They still appear on the manufacturer's website under the hologram reference series. I am also not aware of any V2 version, unless you mean the 'Turbo' version, of which mine are.
  6. The recommended distance is 18 to 36 inches from the wall. I have them set up 32 inches from the back wall and 23 inches from the side wall.
  7. They are a serious speaker package, robustly built and they very ably communicate music. I am eyeing the Statements, which are a step up from M1s The speakers are heavy but, yes, can be couriered. Here's a taster of how they sound:
  8. These are an open dipole design, in immaculate condition. The designer, Clayton Shaw, was the founder and designer at Emerald Physics, which he later sold to start Spatial Audio. I've had these speakers for over a year now, and can say that they are great value and of exceptional build quality. One of their special qualities is how little they interact with the room and therefore work very well in untreated rooms. Not only that, they also seem to well in both small and big rooms. They are very sensitive at 95dB, and so work well with low power amplification. The sound: Before hearing Spatial Audio’s Hologram M1 Turbo, I’d pretty much given up on ever hearing deep, powerful, accurate bass in my small room. Well, I’m glad to report that now I’ve found one speaker that can not only dig deep, but do so with adequate texture, definition, and finesse, while offering adequate immunity from placement woes. Couple this with the Spatials’ expansive, open, airy soundstage, and throw in their staggering dynamics and smooth treble, and the Hologram M1 Turbos are one of the best models I’ve heard in this price range and beyond. If you’re looking for speakers that will give you nearly full-range sound while exciting the fewest room modes, that will throw a wall of sound while “disappearing” into the soundstage, and that will be easy not only to drive but also on the wallet, then I present to you Spatial Audio’s Hologram M1 Turbo. - Soundstage.com I would be happy to demonstrate these to anyone interested. Price: Sold
  9. The EAR was/is an excellent pre. I was perfectly happy with it and thought it would reside in my system for a long time. However, hearing the J Wood pre paired to the J Wood amp in my system, everything just fell into place. I parted with the EAR happily. - - - Updated - - - PM answered.
  10. For a limited time only, I am offering this preamp up for sale. IMHO, this is a stupendous vfm piece of kit. I sold my EAR 868 line stage soon after acquiring this pre and neve missed it. It matches and synergises very well with my J Wood valve amp (a keeper). The pre uses four ECC81 and one 5AUG (rectifier) valves, has three independent outputs and four inputs. Price £700