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  1. Sorry for the confusion. Single wire with an earth through the black box to ground through a plug socket. Exactly as dacattiist said.
  2. I bought these after hearing what they did in a very good system that Cameron (DohRaeME) on this forum put together at a bake off at mine a few years ago. They are in excellent condition as they've just been lying about the room doing very little inbetween amp and speakers. 2.5m long and currently retailing at £1360, I'm looking for the bargain price of £575. Can post at buyers expense. I've lifetd the blurb below to add some tech stuff to this advert... "These cables are multi conductor gold plated copper, each conductor isolated within an air spaced dielectric and each positive and negative conductor fully screened against the effects of RFI present in the atmosphere. Available in either single or bi-wire formats, terminations with the highest quality locking banana or spade connections these cables will open your eyes and ears to what your system is truly capable of. Each cable set has our special earth block fitted which enables grounding into an independent earth, improving the sonic quality of the cable, especially in the low bass region." Sound great don't they.
  3. I've had this for around three years now and it's been faultless. A recent change sees this no longer required so putting it up for sale on here at £650. No marks or scratches, pet free home, etc... No remote with it as it never came with one but my Micromega remote did volume and source and I believe they only came with one of the generic AllForOne remotes as standard. This doesn't have the built in phono stage. Happy to post at buyers cost. Plenty of technical info here if you're unfamiliar...
  4. Hey Phil, how’s yourself? Still chopping and changing your wonderful set ups?
  5. Me too. 7 years now. Don’t (really) miss it...
  6. And yourself. It’s the second forum I’ve been on that’s changed. Some would say for the best but that’s probably a matter of opinion. I’ll need to have a look about to see who’s still here and who’s gone. I reckon I could guess at a few though 😂
  7. Stuart, I don’t think he’s getting them back.
  8. Hello, hope you're all well and surviving this shit of a year. It's been about four years since I was last on here and it looks a bit different. Is it just cosmetic or has it gone all upmarket and la de da? I seem to remember there was a bit of a hoo ha away back then about the forum ownership changing and some of the old guard leaving but that could be my memory playing tricks. John.
  9. Went to see White Denim tonight in Glasgow. Utterly fantastic! There set is a real mix tape of styles, tempos and emotions. From some tastily played hard rock through to some soulful jazzy numbers. Sounds odd but works surprisingly well live. I've had to order a couple of albums to see how the recorded stuff stacks up. If they are playing near you, go and see them!
  10. Now sorted with a cart, thanks for everyone's offers and assistance. John.
  11. Photos on a for sale thread, now there's a novel idea.
  12. As much as I'd like to try the 2M, I'm going to have to stick to my budget. Thanks anyway... And thanks to everyone who has replied so far, it's much appreciated. !f I haven't so far I will get back to you all today.